July Promotions: Play before they go away

8:58 AM


July is flying by and so are your chances to win. Entry deadlines are coming soon. For a chance to win great prizes, enter now before it’s too late.

$1,000 Quick Cash: There are two more $1,000 weekly giveaways left in in July. To be eligible for the final $1,000 weekly give-away this month, make sure to enter your Lucke-Rewards points by 11:59 p.m. on July 30. The last drawing is scheduled for August 2.

Red, White and Blue Bucks: This patriotic promotion gives one Lucke-Rewards member $10,000. For your chance to win, enter your points before 11:59 p.m. on July 31. Stay tuned because the drawing is scheduled for August 9.

Cash 5 $100K Days: The popular promotion is back, and lasts for the entire month of July. Cash 5 jackpots start at $100,000 and grow until one or more tickets hit the jackpot. The final daily drawing will be on July 31. Don’t miss out!

X The Cash Second Chance Promotion:
Two winners have already won the $50,000 grand prize in this exciting promotion. Entries for the next drawing are due by 11:59 p.m. on July 31. To play, you must be registered as a member of the players’ club. Go to the Enter Tickets page and follow the instructions provided. The drawing for the third lucky winner is scheduled for August 9.

Jeep Second Chance Promotion: We’ve already got our first two winners in the Jeep second-chance promotion. Want your chance to drive one home? Enter before 11:59 p.m. on July 31.  The next drawing is scheduled for August 9.

Winners are typically notified by email within 48 hours after a drawing. If a winner does not respond to the email notification, we will call or send certified mail.

Remember, you can view the winners page here. It’s updated as winners claim prizes. Good luck!


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On 7/31/2017 05:01, Player said

Good luck everyone

On 7/30/2017 09:08, Player said

Congratulations everyone!!!!!!

On 7/30/2017 02:11, Plmills said

I will continue to play the Lucke Zone games! After all if u don't play u can't win!! Thanks.

On 7/30/2017 12:53, PlayerX said

Thanks for the reminder

On 7/29/2017 05:26, Player said


On 7/24/2017 02:56, Player said

Thanks I hope I win

On 7/24/2017 12:04, Player said

Sure would be nice to win!!! Congratulations to all who have one!!

On 7/21/2017 09:01, NotSharon said

ok, thanks for the info...did not see where '87 asked that here. Like I say , I see it with some other winners too but her lack of information just kinda stuck out like a sore thumb, considering how many prizes she's won. had me wondering about any/all winners that show up without all the info. If I'm ever in Denver guess I should make a stop at Sam's Mart on NC 16 or, then again, maybe not :)

On 7/19/2017 10:05, NotSharon said

I'm picking up on who Turbo and SG are speaking of, WOW ...what luck that gal has had, eh ? Curious...why are MOST of her winnings not mentioning the town or store where her winning ticket purchases were made ? There are some more winners where that info . is not mentioned either , why not ?Lucke-Zone RepliedWe researched the question for 87SUPERGLIDE. The answer is that the one ticket, as displayed, was sold at the Pit Stop in Conover. All 13 of the other tickets were sold in the winner's hometown of Denver, NC at the Sam's Mart on N.C. 16. That store underwent a change of ownership that was effective in May. When stores change ownership, the retailer IDs used to populate winner info on the website become inactive and right now there is no mechanism in place to reconcile that data connection. We passed along that you had a concern about it. There was no decision made to withhold the information, it was purely technical.

On 7/19/2017 04:10, greg said

I passed through ahoskie and bought a 30 dollar extreme scratch ticket. when I get home next week I will go to Raleigh and collect my 1000 dollars.who says small cites do not have winners!? right place right time

On 7/19/2017 11:11, turbo said

@87SPG.... DANG!!! This buds for you man.

On 7/19/2017 08:42, NotSharon said

I checked over the winners boards some too on the scratch offs...I've been playing for many many years and have yet to win over 50 bucks, 2x now total. I see soooo many people that have won 1K or more several times..makes one ponder.

On 7/19/2017 07:50, 87superglide said

Turbo, they won 31 times before the $4M win. Maybe they were rich before the winning streak began...

On 7/18/2017 01:25, turbo said

@ 87SPG. **** Fortune teller, no just rich. Like $4 million rich. When your entertainment budget is that high you can afford to buy 10 full packs or more of $30 tickets everyday. I bet the store they are buying their tickets from is loving them. I guess $4 million wasn't enuff, guess they're going for the $10 million.........

On 7/18/2017 01:00, Player said

i just want to know where all my points went i like see my points history and want know is there any thing wrong with my account why i can't catch a win in luckzone is really worth my time or not.Lucke-Zone RepliedIt only takes one entry to win. But if you do have questions about your points please call 1-855-767-1863 and someone should be able to help you.

On 7/18/2017 10:27, 87superglide said

Turbo said "I absolutely agree LZ. I won on a $30 scratch in Dec & again in Jan. I mailed both tickets in April." I don't doubt folks may hold tickets until they can cash them in. My observation was that a person has "won" 17 times this year and further research shows they won an additional 31 times in previous years. 48 wins is quite impressive! Keep in mind these are only $1k and above that were claimed, no telling how many lower tier prizes were won. That person needs to be a fortune teller!

On 7/18/2017 08:34, Player said

I had entered one of the jeep 2nd promotion tickets but it never showed up? Good Lucke-Zone RepliedIf you have any questions about your ticket entry you can call 1-855-767-1863 and someone should be able to help you.

On 7/18/2017 01:22, Player said

Will not give up day w ill come.

On 7/17/2017 07:03, Gregory said

I have been waiting for a call or email nothing. Just like buying scarce offs.Have not won anything. Wish I could win something. In Ahoskie nc. Please.

On 7/17/2017 04:27, Winner2B said

ok, thanks.

On 7/17/2017 04:00, Player said

Waiting for my email that I won ok

On 7/17/2017 01:29, turbo said

I absolutely agree LZ. I won on a $30 scratch in Dec & again in Jan. I mailed both tickets in April. It appeared on the winners board like I had won them both on the same day. That's why we as players should not jump to conclusions and assume someone has won 6 times the same day. It could have been over a 6 month or longer period. Lucke-Zone RepliedWe understand why folks have questions about how things work :-) Thanks for sharing your experience with this as a player.

On 7/17/2017 12:25, Winner2B said

Something real Strange??? noticed on the scratch winner board there were two girls from different towns going to different locations and towns winning $1000. on the Same day, seventh of July on Big Ticket items. Real Strange extraordinary luck???? Lucke-Zone RepliedJuly 7 is the date of claim, not necessarily the date of purchase. It's possible that the players won prizes over the course of weeks or months before claiming their winnings. Players statewide win millions every day in prizes. Without knowing how often someone plays, it's impossible to say how much luck factored into their wins.

On 7/17/2017 11:43, Player said

Can you tell me if my entry's have through correctly. I think there was some confusion about my IP address Lucke-Zone RepliedIf you call 1-855-767-1863 someone should be able to help you.

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