As Powerball jackpot grows, two tickets win big

8:51 AM


There was no perfect ticket in Wednesday's drawing, elevating the jackpot for Saturday night to a $228 million annuity ($139.6 million cash).

But two tickets sold in North Carolina matched four white balls and the Powerball to win big prizes. The winning numbers were 4-11-39-45-48 and 9 for the red Powerball.

A $2 ticket sold in Brunswick County won $50,000. It was purchased at the Kangaroo Express on Main Street in Shallote.

The other lucky ticket had the $1 Power Play feature added. Because the Power Play multiplier was 3X, the $50,000 prize tripled $150,000. That ticket was purchased at the Circle K on South Memorial Drive in Greenville.

Winners have 180 days to claim prizes.

The $50,000 prize can be collected at any of the state's six regional claims centers. The closest one to Shallotte is the lottery's Wilmington office. The $150,000 prize must be claimed at Lottery Headquarters in Raleigh.

We'll have big checks waiting for both winners.


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On 5/24/2017 12:40, Player said

The Powerball odds to win are 1:290 plus million !! It's one of biggest long shots in life. Better odds of being run over by same bus in month. Play on and dream as they TAKE YOUR Cash!!

On 5/23/2017 06:01, Davidearl84 said

The lottery is rigged... its no way the numbers are random... i believe we are being lied to... i have played the pick 3 for 6 months and played alot of my numbers daily... 10 or more numbers daily.. and i havent won anything.. im always one digit off or some bullcrap like that.. i think you guys need to be fair with people.... we spend our hard earned money and yoir ripping us off!]!]

On 5/22/2017 09:45, juilo said

Just an observation on the online drawings the online drawings you have to use your entries for. I went from present day back to 12/2013 and only two people from Rocky Mount, NC were winners. Out of how many online drawings maybe a thousand, not sure. Most were from the triangle back towards the west and a small amount down south. Just thought that information was worth mentioning.

On 5/20/2017 10:06, hamofaguy said

Well yea its 228,000,000 million but you wont win anything in North Carolina it will be California . You wait and see !!!!

On 5/19/2017 12:40, Player said

I'm waiting patiently for my BIG DAY!!!

On 5/19/2017 12:26, Player said

I entered my numbers for a second chance game. do I have to enter again the points in a special spot to be entered?. I do not understand the second chance game. Lucke-Zone RepliedPlease call customer service between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 877-962-7529

On 5/19/2017 10:08, Falkor said

Good morning LZ! It's a beautiful day in NC! Congratulations winners! And good luck to all us hopeful players. Don't give up. Can't win if you don't play!Lucke-Zone RepliedGood morning to you too. Good luck!

On 5/19/2017 09:49, Player said

Congratulations to the winners...I'm next in line??

On 5/19/2017 09:29, Player said


On 5/19/2017 09:26, Raleigh919 said

Hey NCEL can you tell me if anyone has ever won the Cash 5 on a $2,$5,or $10 QP? Lucke-Zone RepliedNot sure how we would be able to research that. Can assure you with absolute certainty that the chances of matching numbers playing Cash 5 are exactly the same whether you Quick Pick or choose your own numbers.

On 5/19/2017 09:03, ncbunny127 said

Congratulations to the winners! My dream is to win enough to buy a House with room for all my rescued Animals! Maybe someday! ??

On 5/19/2017 08:03, Player said

God Bless. I would love to win enough to buy me a home because i have never had one. I also would like to do something to make someone elses dream come true.

On 5/19/2017 07:47, treeperson said

Having lots of fun playing

On 5/19/2017 07:29, Player said

I thought the drawing date for the $30 extreme million lucke-rewards was May 5,2017?Do you draw for all the second chances at one time or different dates?ThanksLucke-Zone RepliedThe drawing was held on May 3. Most of the prizes have been claimed. The lottery holds second-chance drawings on different days, but the dates are always published on web pages.

On 5/19/2017 06:35, Player said

buah! where is the pick 3 and pick 4 online game ? and bla bla bla.... why delayed too long to show the winners on the promotions games ???? and bla bla bla...

On 5/19/2017 02:22, QUEENTEE said


On 5/19/2017 12:36, Sweetteanc said

I can't wait until I win! I have so many things I need! A home a car and to start my own business!!!! I've been struggling for a long time! I play NC lottery alot and sometimes I go in the whole by playing and loose lots of cash. But I still have high hopes that one day I'll receive my blessings!!!!

On 5/19/2017 12:02, PlayerX said


On 5/18/2017 11:34, gt said

Congrats!Enjoy the big win.

On 5/18/2017 11:14, Player said

Yeah!! ????????????

On 5/18/2017 10:40, lynn yancey said

Congrats to the N.C winners. Thankful We have the opportunity To PLAY!!!!!

On 5/18/2017 09:51, Chaz said

Have there been ANY subscription winners? If so how many?Lucke-Zone RepliedAlthough sales last year for games available through subscription were less than 1% of total sales of those games, we have had a $5,000 Lucky for Life winner, a $15,000 Mega Millions winner, a $20,000 Powerball winner, and a $149,970 Cash 5 jackpot winner. You have the same chance of winning playing through subscription as buying a ticket at a store. Good luck!

On 5/18/2017 09:33, larry said

something is fishy with this lottery, from what i can see on the winners section on the lottery home page are winners from the big city's, few if any in small city's let alone a small neighbor hood. congrats to the winners!!!!!!!

On 5/18/2017 09:15, Metro411 said

Congrats to the winners. I am just waiting for my time to pick up one of those big checks ;-)

On 5/18/2017 07:06, Player said

Wish it was me!!!! Congratulations!!!

On 5/18/2017 06:51, Peacock22 said

I will win one day real soon!!

On 5/18/2017 06:11, Teresa3 said

When will the winners for the May 3rd Extreme Millions be announced?Lucke-Zone RepliedThe lottery has announced the winner. Here's a story about the win.

On 5/18/2017 04:40, Laura said


On 5/18/2017 03:38, KAPsi86 said

How long will the webpage be down for maintenence? I can't enter drawings. Or is it just me & my bad luck?Lucke-Zone RepliedUp and running this morning. Please try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

On 5/18/2017 03:35, Heather said

Yayyyy! Glad to hear this!

On 5/18/2017 03:08, Player said

Patiently waiting for my turn! But congrats to who won!!

On 5/18/2017 02:31, Player said


On 5/18/2017 12:46, Player said


On 5/18/2017 12:28, Player said

good luck to all who play the NC lottery

On 5/18/2017 12:27, Gregory said

Congratulations to the winners. I wish I could win something. Retirement soon need some big money. To help me pay some bills and fix my house. Are buy a new home

On 5/18/2017 11:11, elma said

Congrats wish it was me. Not giving up my blessings is coming

On 5/18/2017 11:01, deanna said

happy for you.

On 5/18/2017 10:15, Mrs. Nichole said

Sweet! Congrats to the winners!

On 5/18/2017 09:49, Player said

Who won the second chance drawing for May 17 2017.Lucke-Zone RepliedYou can view the results of past drawings by clicking on the LUCKE-REWARDS tab, then clicking on WINNERS. Two of the five winners in the $500 Quick Cash drawing held yesterday have already claimed: Paul Bigelow of Greensboro and Robert Hess of Dallas, NC. Winners are announced after they complete the claim process.

On 5/18/2017 09:08, Player said

When are they pulling winners for the $30 tickets?Ultimate Millions and Extreme MillionsLucke-Zone RepliedDates have not yet been set for either of those drawings, the second one for Extreme Millions and the third and final one for Ultimate Millions. As soon as dates are set, we share them with everyone.

On 5/18/2017 08:58, charma said

I hope I win one day

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