At $815,000, Cash 5 jackpot largest in 12 months

9:49 AM


That escalated quickly. The Cash 5 jackpot leaped from $647,000 to $815,000 for Wednesday's drawing. That makes it the biggest Cash 5 jackpot up for grabs since Jan. 12 of last year.

As a jackpot grows, so does the excitement about winning it - and that means more of the possible numbers that could win are being played. That, in turn, increases the chances that more than one ticket will match all the winning numbers. So it would not be a surprise to see the jackpot split among multiple winners.

But sometimes luck would have it there is just one perfect ticket. And if that happens in Wednesday's Cash 5 drawing, the prize would rank fifth among the game's all-time biggest jackpots awarded to one winner.

The largest Cash 5 jackpot ever hit by a single ticket is $1.1 million. It was won by Homer Buffaloe, a farmer from Zebulon. The biggest Cash 5 jackpot ever was $1.35 million. It was split by three lucky tickets that matched all five numbers in May 2011.

What do you think will happen in Wednesday's drawing? Will the jackpot be hit, split - or get even bigger?


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On 1/15/2017 11:46, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (JWEST) - We understand your frustration with the $2.00 prize being printed on a non-winning ticket. We responded to one of your previous comments and apologized for the fact that it is true that -- only for the $4,000,000 Platinum Payout game -- there were tickets printed that had this problem. Because we were not in real-time communication but rather replying to your comments in the blog, we did not understand exactly what you were saying. We encouraged you to call customer service so that someone could work through this with you; we do our best to provide customer service in the blog comments but it is not ideal way to communicate because we can't talk in real time. And, although the blog moderators contacted the Prize Validation department that receives thousands of mail-in claims, we were not able to communicate with them about your letter until after they had already mailed it to you. We will e-mail you directly this week with more information.

On 1/13/2017 09:11, notsolilbit said

I received your letter today concerning the matter of the $2.00 prize amount on the platinum payout tickets in which I sent you. No there was no multiplier on either ticket nor was there multiple $2.00 spaces. I totally understand that the least amount which can be won on a $20.00 ticket is $20.00 but what I am asking and so is Elobosha is why is there $2.00 on spaces on a $20.00 ticket which has no multiplier or multiple spaces. Yes I agree people DO NOT like this but what is your answer it certainly is not in this letter I received. I think I may need to go talk to someone in Raleigh about this or maybe see an attorney concerning this matter because I feel it is a rip-off and I feel the most you guys could do is reimburse my money for those 2 $20.00 tickets. No I am not happy and it is going to take more than a school kids letter to make me happy. I will not play NC lottery after all this is resolved if it takes me getting Monica Lucke-Zone RepliedPlease see our full response below.Laliberti involved.

On 1/12/2017 09:43, Player said

Bought five $20 Ruby Reds in a row and again nothing. That's the same story for a lot of scratchoffs these days. It's not worth playing anymore. It used to be fun. I think the odds don't mean anything. There's no explanation for it except very few winners are being printed.Lucke-Zone RepliedHello LS, we have read so many of your comments over the months (years?) that express this feeling. And every time you share one we do our best to share with you that most lottery tickets do not win prizes. The advertised odds are accurate but it takes luck to win whether you buy one ticket or five. There is never a guarantee of winning back more than you wager. If you are not enjoying yourself, please do what is best for you and take a break from playing. We appreciate our players very much but who you are as a person is more important to us.

On 1/12/2017 01:18, notsolilbit said

The cash 5 jackpot will be hit tonight because I will win it and 2 other people also. We all want to win but whoever wins I hope they will use it wisely. Good luck everyone.

On 1/12/2017 10:16, Player said

Would be nice to win a little of this need a new a/c heat unit in our house. Good luck NORTH CAROLINA players

On 1/12/2017 03:33, Player said

I'm a HIT, I'm going to HIT!!!!!!

On 1/12/2017 02:24, Player said

I have never won over $25 on scratch off tickets in Rockingham Co. I maybe unlucky but have played odds as tickets state and haven't won. A good example is overall/breakeven is 1:3.33. I have purchased 10 tickets. All the same and consecutive for $50. I won $5. I will just play pick games in the future. And most of that will be in VA. Lucke-Zone RepliedThe odds of winning in an instant scratch-off game are set at the beginning when all the tickets are printed. Winning and non-winning tickets are distributed throughout the entire printing run of the game. Being many consecutive tickets in a row does not increase (or decrease) the odds of winning more than what you have wagered. Sometimes it just takes one ticket to win. Good luck!

On 1/12/2017 01:55, InDueTime said

Hope i win...blessings to all

On 1/12/2017 01:04, Player said

I will Win this...

On 1/12/2017 12:45, Player said

I really could use lump sum of money ??. Really hoping I guess right ??????

On 1/11/2017 11:38, Player said

Id like to see more winners in Roxboro. Got a list of previous wins and amounts from the past?Lucke-Zone RepliedIt's not easier or harder to win the lottery in Roxboro than anywhere else; there are just lots of people across the state taking a chance to win, and only a fraction of them live in your town :-) This is by no means a complete archive of winners from Roxboro, but a Google search of our website turns up many winners:

On 1/11/2017 10:57, KWW5 said

Thanks for the response LUCKE-ZONE and good luck everyone!!!

On 1/11/2017 10:41, Player said

Lord I sure could use a blessing, 2 children graduating this year , no help from the father. Lord I need a breakthrough

On 1/11/2017 10:38, Tajrobbow said

HIT because Im going to win it!!

On 1/11/2017 10:37, wjames24 said

I just like 2 say where's MY $? Will pick IT up on Monday** Thank You.

On 1/11/2017 10:06, Kemp919 said

That jackpot is mines,already filled out the back of my ticket.and it's nestled safely under my pillow.

On 1/11/2017 10:05, Garden suns said

What are the statistics for online winners? I haven’t seen any online winners at all over a few dollars. Can you give us the data on how many people win here? Beginning to think its a jinks!Lucke-Zone RepliedWe've had a $20,000 Powerball winner and a $15,000 Mega Millions winner through subscription purchases. It's not easier or harder to win depending if you buy online or at a store, the odds are always the same. It's just that the number of subscription players is very, very small compared to the vast amount of tickets that are sold in stores. Good luck!

On 1/11/2017 10:05, Player said

how is scratch off ticket pick, is it with the one that has the most points.Lucke-Zone RepliedWe don't understand your question. Please call customer service between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 877-962-7529

On 1/11/2017 09:48, mssking said


On 1/11/2017 09:00, Player said

Im gonna get this Hit

On 1/11/2017 08:36, Don said

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I have been playing now for two years and still no big win. I play every night and the most I've won is seven dollars. Someone help!Lucke-Zone RepliedYou aren't doing anything wrong -- No matter what numbers you choose, you have the same chance to win as anyone else. Whether you've played 100 times before, 10 times before or it's your first time playing, every time you play a game of chance you have the same chance to win. It just always takes luck to beat the odds to win a prize, big or small.

On 1/11/2017 08:35, Trevor G said

Fingers crossed in Wayne co!

On 1/11/2017 08:32, jenlil said

Hit!! I'm praying that someone that needs it will hit!

On 1/11/2017 08:26, Player said


On 1/11/2017 08:14, rocketdog said

My turn...

On 1/11/2017 07:16, Ms E said

I would be so happy to wake up tomorrow on my birthday as a big winner. I could really use this and have several friends in need that I would love to help too.

On 1/11/2017 07:09, Player said

Its mine. My family needs it.

On 1/11/2017 06:59, Player said

Truly would be a blessing for a single mom with a very sick child.

On 1/11/2017 06:50, donna said

In to to win..Maybe its my turn this time aroumd...we will of luck to all!!!!!

On 1/11/2017 06:44, Player said

Hopefully some blessings will come to Hertford, Elizabeth City, or Edenton NC!! I seems like all the winners are in the Raleigh area!!!

On 1/11/2017 06:43, Mslula said

I have a mom and dad I want to make sure they are taking care of they both are 87 years old Gods got a blessing with their name on it

On 1/11/2017 06:39, Player said

Send some blessings in Hertford,NC. I have never seen anyone win in this area!!

On 1/11/2017 06:20, Robbee123 said

Over the million

On 1/11/2017 06:14, Player said

I will definitely HIT tonight on Cash 5... I'm claiming that $815,000.00... I could definitely use it and help some people that really need it. It'll be a Blessing.

On 1/11/2017 05:53, Player said

The Lord already got my name on it

On 1/11/2017 05:37, Turtle said

Please let me win!!! God Bless

On 1/11/2017 05:36, chris28411 said

I'm confused why the high jackpot payout and only about $213 for matching 4 of 5 numbers in last nights draw. I really think this ought to be re-examined, at least for matching 4 of 5 and 3 of 5Lucke-Zone RepliedThe way the Cash 5 prize pool is structured, 12% of the prize pool for a given drawing is paid out to winners who match 4 out of 5 numbers in a drawing. Because the jackpot is so high, there are a lot of people playing for a chance to win. By virtue of the sheer volume of number combinations in play, that means it's more likely that more tickets will match more numbers in the drawing. There were 133 tickets that matched 4 out of 5 numbers in last night's drawing. Compare that to 59 tickets that matched 4 out of 5 numbers in Monday's drawing. So, typically, the bigger the jackpot gets, the more lower-tier prizes are being split among more winning tickets.

On 1/11/2017 04:57, Player said

Every time I tried to scan tickets your side says down for maintenance it's been down for over a week when will it be fixedLucke-Zone RepliedThe system is working. Try clearing the cache from your browser and either restarting the app or refreshing the page. If you ever run into this or another technical problem, please click on the HELP link at the top of the screen and fill out an ONLINE SUPPORT form.

On 1/11/2017 04:27, turbo said

On 1/11/2017 03:48, AMCZORN said Why does it take 7-10 days before the funds are deposited into your wallet acct? ***** That's just the way checking account info works. Don't waste your time going to a regional office or calling a CS#. Moderators aren't real players like the rest of us & don't always have the exact answers. Best I can tell you from my own experience is. Register & use your debit card for instant transfer of $$$.

On 1/11/2017 04:16, charles said

May god be with u all and may he answer all ur wishful blessings. Good luck to everyone. Bought a ticket

On 1/11/2017 04:16, turbo said

To the player having trouble with subscription. You may be over $$ limit & not no it. I got this for ya. *** After the player has received and responded to the account activation email, in order to finalize the registration process, the player must set a weekly spending limit at an amount between $4.00 and $70.00 per week. This spending limit may be changed at any time by the player; however it may not exceed $70.00 per week. If the spending limit is increased, it will not be effective for 24 hours after the change is made. Weekly limits are defined by Subscription Plays occurring each week, not the full value of the Subscription Purchase. *** Player, go to subscriptions then click on "TERMS". I think it was paragraph 6 sub. par. 4. I hope that helps "player" since you don't have a handle.

On 1/11/2017 04:15, Player said

Hoping and praying!!

On 1/11/2017 04:11, Player said

It will hit!!! Good Luck to all!

On 1/11/2017 04:08, sandy said

Why can't we scan only 75 cards a day. I would like it if they change it so we can scan more cards each day. Like 150 a day. Please look into this. Thank you.

On 1/11/2017 04:04, Player said


On 1/11/2017 03:48, AMCZORN said

Why does it take 7-10 days before the funds are deposited into your wallet acct? Second, can I make a cash deposit directly into my online wallet acct at the lottery hq location on w t Harris blvd in Charlotte?Lucke-Zone RepliedWould you please call our customer service team to discuss the answers to your questions? They are available Monday through Friday, betwen 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at 877-962-7529

On 1/11/2017 03:48, Player said

Get Bigger

On 1/11/2017 03:44, angelheart1021 said

I think it grow a little bit more. But if not, and I am one of the lucky winners,I would be more than happy to split it with other winners :)

On 1/11/2017 03:43, KWW5 said

Why hasn't any winners been published from the January drawing? I had tons of entries in both drawings and i am just wondering what happened to the winners. 12 winners for $2500.Lucke-Zone RepliedHey there :-) So, as is the case with all Lucke-Rewards and game-specific second-chance drawings, we can only announce winners after they have formally claimed the prizes. You can read more here:

On 1/11/2017 03:36, Player said


On 1/11/2017 03:31, Big winner said

Haven't won much on cash5 maybe tonight is the night! Trying to win it all!

On 1/11/2017 03:23, nclui01 said

Good luck to everyone! It would be a true blessing if I win this time, because I am battling Stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and can't work.

On 1/11/2017 03:19, Suzy said

I will be the lone winner!!! ??

On 1/11/2017 03:15, Player said

I havn't even played the numbers from last night & system is saying exceeding purchase limit. Please advise! MR2Lucke-Zone RepliedIn terms of blog comments, we have not seen other members running this issue -- but anytime you have a technical problem, please click the HELP link at the top of the screen and fill out an ONLINE SUPPORT form and call one of the customer service #'s listed - that is the fasted way to inform our team that something might be wrong, and to get the help that you need.

On 1/11/2017 03:13, turbo said

I hope my luck continues, I'll be more then happy to split that big jackpot with 1,2 or 3 people or more. I got extra tickets today on house money. Tue. I went out to buy 3 extreme tics. My new lucky retailer didn't have any in the display, so I just got 3 ultimate tics instead. All 3 were winners, 30,50 & 100. Tic#s 14,15,16. It truely is all about walking into what ever store at any given time . Good thing I went to Wally World for some cold brews b4. Clerk told me today the person b4 and after me got 4 each & didn't win anything!!!!Lucke-Zone RepliedGlad to hear you had good luck - hope you have more!

On 1/11/2017 03:11, Player said

The subscription service is saying it can't process transaction due to being over purchase limit. How do I correct this so I will be able to buy more cash 5 tickets for Wednesdays (01-11-17) drawing? Thanking you in advance. MR2

On 1/11/2017 03:09, Cam761 said

Wouldn't mind splitting with others. #StillInIt2WinIt?? #PaySomeForward ????

On 1/11/2017 02:09, Player said

Im just trying to think positive but good luck to everyone.

On 1/11/2017 02:03, Player said

I'm all in waiting on my blessing tonight and good luck to all NC rocks

On 1/11/2017 01:46, Player said

I claim this win

On 1/11/2017 01:06, Kuna said

Ready to hit

On 1/11/2017 01:06, Dmoney546 said

Win tonite thanks in advance Lord

On 1/11/2017 01:04, Tiger said

I need this for my family and church I'm out of town how can I play on line please help me

On 1/11/2017 12:59, ZolasMike said

Why can we still not play our numbers online? What gives? Have you been hacked? Is our money safe? I can't get out to play my numbers because of sick spouse, so I rely on the online option!!!!Lucke-Zone RepliedThere is definitely no security issue with the site. Not sure what technical issue you're running into, but it might help to clear your browser cache and either restart the app or refresh the page. If that doesn't work -- anytime you run into a technical issue, please click the HELP link and either fill out an ONLINE SUPPORT form or call one of the customer service numbers. We do our best to answer questions here on the blog but those are your best resources for tech support :)

On 1/11/2017 12:55, Jantz said

Please send some luck to the piedmont area! Hardly ever a winner in salisbury,concord! Would be a true blessing!Lucke-Zone RepliedOh, but we have had lots of winners in your neck of the woods! Good luck to you - here's some info about winners near you:

On 1/11/2017 12:12, Player said

Bigger and better,,!

On 1/11/2017 12:11, Boss said

Winning is all we do.

On 1/11/2017 12:10, Mindy48 said

I am ready for my blessings, all $815,000.00 of them now!

On 1/11/2017 11:48, Player said

Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!! ????????

On 1/11/2017 11:43, LBrown said

To answer your question, I'm not sure. I have a few tickets and would consider this a great blessing if any of my numbers are perfect!

On 1/11/2017 10:51, 5XChamps said

Since the scratch offs have become totally unplayable, I decided to spend a buck a day on Cash5. Don't say you are giving away more prizes than ever, sure you are as you are selling more tickets than ever. That an easy out for you folks. You baited us early on with winners, masters of the old bait and switch tactics used for many, many years. No worries, no one held a gun to my head. I just quit playing them like many have. Good luck to the Cash5 players and to the scratch off players, my condolences.

On 1/11/2017 10:32, grama123 said

I will win it

On 1/11/2017 10:30, Player said

Lord please

On 1/11/2017 10:26, Player said


On 1/11/2017 10:11, jscalf24 said


On 1/11/2017 10:08, Player said


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