Six players win $100,000 to $1 million this week

4:37 PM


Every week people ask us about geography and lottery wins. Well, this week is a great example that id doesn't matter if you come from a place big, small or in between: Everyone has the same odds of winning.

Two players each won the biggest prize of the week - $1 million. One went to a Vietnam Veteran from the state's largest city, Charlotte. Matthew White, Jr. was comparing his Mega Millions ticket to the winning numbers in Tuesday's drawing when a coworker noticed they matched all five white balls. “Congratulations, you’re a millionaire!” the coworker said.

Our other $1 million winner this week hails from the small town of Roanoke Rapids, in Halifax County of Eastern North Carolina. For Leigh-Ann West, a tax preparer, April is often a busy month. Now that she won $1 million playing the new Millionaire 7's game, April is her lucky month, too.

Cross back to the other side of the state in Cabarrus County, and we had a $200,000 instant winner - Shital Shah of Kannapolis. She purchased the lucky $5 ticket at the C & E Food Mart on Dale Earnhardt Boulevard in Kannapolis.

Three players took home $100,000 this week. Adiran Jones of Haw River in Alamance County said he'd the prize money he won playing $120 Million Cash to invest for his future. Peggy Barbour of Bunnlevel in Harnett County won playing Mega Bucks - the first time she had ever played the lottery. Josue Molina-Duran of Fayetteville also won playing Mega Bucks. He purchased the lucky $5 ticket at Food Lion on North Reilly Road in Fayetteville.

Other winners or winning tickets this week of $10,000 or more came from the following places:

Blowing Rock
High Point
Holly Springs
Kings Mountain
St. Pauls

Between the $5.9 million in draw game prizes and $19.1 million in scratch-off wins, lottery players statewide won more than $25 million in prizes this week.

Until next time, have a fun and safe weekend. See you soon here in the Lucke-Zone.


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On 4/17/2014 03:10, lady said

I am going to win big

On 4/17/2014 02:36, Lucke-Zone said

Lucke-Zone Replied Big winners pop up all over the state as the tickets are shipped at random when the retailers place their orders. Due to the randomness of the shipments and in some cases the population, some stores have multiple big winners. As for winners in your home town, Mars Hill has a $10,000 Mega Millions winner and four instant scratch-off winners from $5,000 to $50,000. Best of luck to you in the future!

On 4/16/2014 07:48, Player said

I have been playing the lottery for years, and in NC since it started. I do both big drawings, but the majority of the time I play scratch offs. I have been playing the $20 tickets avidly favor the past several months. I have been closely watching winners' names, towns, and stores. I have a question... I have noticed that there are a handful of people who keep winning the scratch tickets over and over-some from the same store on the same day. My guess is they may be store owners? Nonetheless, how is it that certain people are winning over and over? It is also over an expanded period of time. I buy approx. 15 $20 tickets a month... Just curious... Have only seen a handful of winners from Mars Hill, NC. I enjoy playing but after doing much research, I am becoming reluctant to do so. Thanks for any info and reassurance you can give:)

On 4/16/2014 05:07, baddcatt326 said

Is there gonna b another Hot Summer drawing? Lucke-Zone Replied Stay tuned!

On 4/16/2014 03:48, Lucke-Zone said

To everyone asking about how many entries are in each drawing, just keep in mind that we have around 300,000 active members in the Lucke-Rewards program. Since there are multiple drawings all the time, you always have a chance to win and many ways to spend your points. Best of luck in future drawings!

On 4/16/2014 01:44, Red said

connie .... its just dumb luck if you or I win. so many other people are entering tickets that makes it hard to win.

On 4/16/2014 01:26, casper said

how do u determine "sum it up" winnerz & how do I enter? Lucke-Zone Replied Add SUM IT UP to your Carolina Pick 3/ Pick 4 ticket and if the sum of the numbers you select matches the sum of the numbers drawn, you win. Copy and paste this link into your browser to learn how to play:

On 4/16/2014 12:39, HAROLD said

the lottery takes a lot of money from brunswick county. and its one of the lowest pay out in the state. i don't think we ever had a million dollar winner. i heard about a ticket that was stolen in oak island . did the lottery recover that money? Lucke-Zone Replied Actually Brunswick County has quite a few big winners, including 13 instant scratch-off winners from $50,000 to $1 million, nine Cash 5 winners from $50,000 to $731,836 and three $200,000 Powerball winners. And yes, the money was recovered by the lottery. :-)

On 4/15/2014 12:39, Player said

it was the feb 9 2014 deadline drawing on feb 12 2014 2500 winning wednesday drawing. it saying the winner notified \ tba well who was it don't know it april 15 2014 that should be a enough time to post someone name by now. what about someone who has one yet not the same old names, by the way spread the winner all over the state not just friends in the big citys. Lucke-Zone Replied The winner has claimed their prize and it's now posted. Thanks and best of luck to you!

On 4/14/2014 10:42, connie said

I enter tickets for the second chance drawings all the time thinking this time lol, always in some other part of the state the winners are in , guess im wasting my time entering these tickets I haven't won nothing in like 5 years or so I had so many entries I was sure id have luck on one of them fat chance lol

On 4/14/2014 08:12, connie said

I have been entering in second chances drawing for a very long time and not once in years have I won anything on them , seems like everyone that wins is in a diff part of the state what a rip

On 4/14/2014 04:10, baddcatt326 said

Is the scratcher code all3 letters or jus 1 of them? Lucke-Zone Replied All three, but they aren't used for all prizes. It's just another way to help validate smaller prizes.

On 4/14/2014 03:40, Player said

One can go online and see the daily drawing for Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash 5, Mega-millions, etc. Is there any way to go online and see the lucke-rewards drawing? Lucke-Zone Replied Certainly! Just copy this into your browser and you'll see all the winners thus far.

On 4/14/2014 12:21, Player said

One day someone in Western NC in the area of east of Asheville will win big.... Seems like it is on in the Charlotte or Raleigh Durham areas that win.

On 4/14/2014 09:34, ZolasMike said

I have played Carolina Cash 5 since it came out and now you have the EZ Match game! How come I have played this new EZ Match and NOT one of my picked numbers has yet to match any of your EZ Match numbers? With this happening, Why play the will never win? So, I have quit playing EZ Match and a LOT of my friends have too! You need to change this real quick or you won't have too much participation! Just a thought!

On 4/13/2014 09:32, deliver said

I'm wondering when you post the winners of any of the winners like the Wedendays 2,500 winners, the drawing was on 4/09/14 here it is the 14th and still no posting. Lucke-Zone Replied We can't post winners until they claim their prizes, which can take some time. Best of luck!

On 4/12/2014 04:49, Player said

According to the rules, winners are notified via email, telephone or certified mail. If I win and Luckezone tries to contact me by telephone and I don't answer will I be notified via email or certified mail? Lucke-Zone Replied Yes. We will do our best by all three methods to contact you about your win. Good luck.

On 4/11/2014 04:25, Lucke-Zone said

It's your choice, just like with the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots. Winners can claim the $1 million prize as an annuity over 20 years or take the lump sum payment. We used to only offer the annuity prize, but players kept asking for a lump sum option so in some instant games you now have a choice.

On 4/11/2014 09:44, Deep1 said

Why are these scratch off tickets saying 1 million dollars, then only pay $600,000 unless you take the money over 20 years. It makes no sense to me. If I win a million bucks, I want my million bucks.

On 4/09/2014 09:35, Player said

what is a scratcher code? Lucke-Zone Replied A three-letter code of letters that can be found randomly in the scratched play area of a ticket. For instance, some tickets that win $5 will have the letters F/V/E somewhere in the play area.

On 4/08/2014 06:13, earl2212 said

on the weekly drawings for five for 500d each wk.why give up the same amount of points as you would for the 2500k each wk that just ended or the 10pts for 2k drawing at the end of the month. to win 500d you should only have to give up no more then 5pts or less.who wants to give up 10pts at a shot for 500d when you can put that ten towards the end of the month. do the math and odds

On 4/07/2014 12:48, Player said

hey lucke zone where was the winner from on the 2\ 12\ 14 drawing and there has not been a winner in Reidsville area on second chance drawings or no big winner at all. Lucke-Zone Replied What drawing are you referring to?

On 4/07/2014 09:40, PlayerVITO said

no one in Brunswick, Co ever wins.. WHY?????

On 4/07/2014 08:35, Player said

i want to win somethig , anything ,please !!

On 4/07/2014 08:15, Player said


On 4/06/2014 11:07, yiyi44 said

Congratulations ...I hope soon to win

On 4/06/2014 06:50, Player said

Would love to win anything for my poor family its hard for us right now

On 4/06/2014 06:05, leehr2 said

as usual no Statesville winner, we like to win also.

On 4/06/2014 04:36, earl2212 said

bless those whom have won. as for me i have never seen so many non-winning tickets in my life! i know that i have paid for a classroom in a new school building by now. i would love to have our family name place on the wall as a donation from me! and i am not kidding!!!

On 4/06/2014 04:25, Player said

I'm hoping before my b-day next month.I will get a chance to go to one of the lottery location and claim a big prize.

On 4/06/2014 02:10, Player said

Congrats to all winners! Good Luck to all players! May prosperity come to all soon. Many Blessings.

On 4/06/2014 01:12, shanaja said

The lottery is for fun. Though we all play in hopes of winning the "Top Prize" one day, we have to remember to not take it personal when we don't. Good Luck to everyone, may our dreams become a reality! Lucke-Zone Replied Great outlook! Best of luck to everyone!

On 4/06/2014 10:35, brown eyes said

Congrats to them I won big myself $500 on powerball lastnight.

On 4/06/2014 07:31, Player said

Nothing in buncombe.

On 4/06/2014 05:13, Player said

Did I win?

On 4/06/2014 02:29, luckyme said

No one ever wins in New Bern NC. Why is that?

On 4/06/2014 12:42, Player said

why are 90 percent of all winners east of charlotte n c

On 4/06/2014 12:11, pick 3 said

when will I ever win!

On 4/05/2014 09:15, PETE123 said

One day I will have some GOLD in my pockets; but the Lord will have to bless me with it!!!!

On 4/05/2014 08:07, drell9 said

The winners for second chance drawings what are they averaging point-wise to win?

On 4/05/2014 04:58, Ms. C.J Chadwick said


On 4/05/2014 12:41, Player said

I've noticed that sometimes the name and city of big winners are posted here and other times only the city is posted. If you are a big winner can you request your name not be published on this site? Lucke-Zone Replied We will listen to any request, but the law in North Carolina is that the names of lottery winners are public. We also think players like knowing who the winners are.

On 4/05/2014 11:39, Player said

Again, out of this week's winners, there were none east of Highway 17???

On 4/05/2014 09:28, shelly said

wow, mega it again fri.evening in california, lucky people out there at odds of 1 in 259 million!

On 4/05/2014 09:19, Mary said

Congratulations to the winners. Love reading this!

On 4/05/2014 07:41, Player said

I think it's about time I win,but i still want to say congrats to all the winners!

On 4/05/2014 07:26, Joy1965 said

Wow I am really glad for them all but we really need a big winner in Winton, NC.

On 4/05/2014 06:02, Debbie Cochran said

Oh, boy. Best wishes to all who won! You're truly blessed, I know my blessing is coming soon.

On 4/05/2014 05:08, Just Looking said

****WARNING***NC LOTTERY will lock your account without warning for 24hrs if you submit to many incorrect entries. I am sorry my ticket got wet, but I still want my points.

On 4/05/2014 12:30, sandra said

Very few coastal eastern Carolina winners.

On 4/04/2014 11:50, player said

good luck !

On 4/04/2014 10:10, Player said

I would like to know when will there be a on screen Keno and Racetrak game coming to North Carolina? Lucke-Zone Replied No plans at the moment, but we're a young lottery still with lots of new games to look forward to in the future.

On 4/04/2014 09:23, MoreMoneyThisYear said

From playing, Carolina Cash 5 Bonus Bucks Drawing, It would be nice to have a 2nd drawing, You would let us list our tickets on line too! This 2nd drawing would be used if no one claims their money!!

On 4/04/2014 08:29, Player said

Where do I get information on Bonus Bucks Drawing for 06/11/2014. Thank you. Lucke-Zone Replied All information on Bonus Bucks can be found here:

On 4/04/2014 08:08, Waterkatbird said

It's very nice that they all won big...I can't win for nothing!

On 4/04/2014 06:31, Player said

Hi.. how do you know the scratcher codes for NC? Can someone tell me? THANKS SO MUCH ;;;))) Lucke-Zone Replied We don't really post them, but they're easy to figure out. They only go up to $25. :-)

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