Instant scratch-offs and Cash 5 bring big prizes

4:23 PM


This week, lottery players across the state won more than $21.6 million in prizes including five prizes from $138,486 to $750,000. Let's start this wrap-up and meet some of those lucky winners.

Jamie Godfrey of Carteret County said that "It was like time stopped" when he learned he'd won $750,000 playing Jumbo Bucks. “This money is a blessing and I’m going to make it work for me," Godfrey said as he collected his winnings.

Martin County EMS volunteer Kevin Riggs plans to make home repairs with the $250,000 prize he won playing $250,000 Cash Money.  “I’ve always felt like a big win was coming my way, but it was still unbelievable,” Riggs said. “This feels wonderful.”

A pair of Cash 5 winners came forward this week, including David Feligno of Wake Forest who won $228,464 in the April 12 drawing and Charles Grayson of High Point who won $138,486 in the April 1 drawing.

Finally, James Hamby of Morganton is the latest winner to claim a top prize in the $200,000 Grant game. “This makes life easier," Hamby said as he collected his winnings on Wednesday.

Here are this week's instant scratch-off winners:

Heather Harriet of Old Fort won $50,000 playing Gold Bar Bingo.
Blas Sanchez of Dudley won $50,000 playing Junior Big Ol’ Bucks.
Lisa Campbell of Kernersville won $10,000 playing EZ Money.
Brenda Carmichael of Knightdale won $10,000 playing Jumbo Bucks.
Jerome Church of Trinity won $10,000 playing Millionaire 7’s.
William Daniels of Shallotte won $10,000 playing Millionaire 7’s.
Kimberly Davenport of Aberdeen won $10,000 playing $120 Million Cash.
Joshua Durant of Mooresville won $10,000 playing Green & Gold.
Gregory Fox of Liberty won $10,000 playing $4,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular.
Adhame Habtemariam of Charlotte won $10,000 playing $120 Million Cash.
Demarques Manley of Fayetteville won $10,000 playing $250,000 Cash Money.
Jacqueline Newton of Clinton won $10,000 playing Mega Money Multiplier.
Costel Popan of Taylorsville won $10,000 playing $120 Million Cash.
Herbert Sidden of Clemmons won $10,000 playing $4,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular.
Noah White of LaGrange won $10,000 playing $4,000,000 Multiplier Spectacular.
Steven Wynn of Brevard won $10,000 playing 50X The Cash.

That's it for this week's wrap-up. As always, have a safe and lucky weekend!


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On 5/22/2014 12:58, AFRT04 said

I said it before, but it bears repeating. PLEASE bring back the raffle!! I realize that last time you had a hard time selling all the tickets, but you did it wrong! If done right, the raffle will bring back excitement to the game, reward those of us who play a lot, and you will sell the tickets if you ADVERTISE and sell them, like other states do, for $10 instead of $20 per ticket. For instance, MN sells $10 tickets (600K of them) and 2 people win 1 mil - meaning it's a 300k to one chance of becoming a millionaire for $10. They have many other prizes, and they STILL come out ahead, as well as bringing back excitement to their game. Anyone out there agree??? Just look up the minnesota lottery raffle and see. AGAIN - PLEASE try it again!!!! Thank you

On 5/16/2014 04:40, Buster said

i agree, with ezmatch the computer can just "pick" non matching numbers. it should pick the 5 #, print and then print ez # a moment later. woudnt seem so fishy thenLucke-Zone RepliedJust like with an instant game where you try to match winning numbers to win prizes... the matching is really just the storytelling of your win. The reality is a scratch-off is either a winner of a certain amount, or it isn't; just as with EZ Match. Except instead of printing all the tickets at once, prizes in EZ Match are won in "real time."

On 5/04/2014 08:45, cash5man said

cash 5 new EZmatch game , I play 2 set's of #s and the first set, show's up on the second ezmatch #s and the second set show's up on the first ezmatch and they are big win's , sure would like them to match together, never know it anyone win's. (just saying )

On 5/02/2014 02:10, Player said

can ncel let us know when the winners of top prizes for powerball, mega mil and cash5 are quick picks or numbers pick by the players. Lucke-Zone Replied We don't track that information, but it's all the luck of the draw. Both ways to play have the exact same chance of matching numbers in any drawing.

On 5/02/2014 06:31, drell9 said

What is the average points of winners in the second chance drawings like the 10 points for a week or like 50 points for a month drawings Lucke-Zone RepliedHow many points Lucke-Zone members who have won prizes use to enter drawings is information that they would have to volunteer to share.

On 4/29/2014 08:41, luckless said

Congrats to the ONE player in southeastern NC that won $10,000.....

On 4/29/2014 09:55, 1rock2king said

4-23-2014 Powerball was won in Florida"Surprise"????? You noticed that too BKEARNEY220! So far 2 from California, which I knew would be more winners from there once they joined last APRIL 2013. ONE in Missouri, now another big winner from Florida!!!! 4 big Powerball winners so far! Now who's next? Good Luck all!!

On 4/28/2014 03:51, turbo said

It took a yr. and half. My honey said I was wasting my time. But she sure did enjoy that steak dinner last week!!!! Now if I could only win the big one. Cheers, babe!

On 4/27/2014 08:23, Player said

Hey,tubro,Thank you for posting you won the 5 for 500.00.At one point I was going to give up playing second chance lottery. This let me know you have to hang in there and don't give up.I been playing over a year. It's going to happen.

On 4/25/2014 01:18, LBrown said

Just an observation, but it appears the regular web site posts more real time news than here. Congrats to the $3 Mil. winner from Statesville. ps My birthday is next month too... ;-) Lucke-Zone Replied Yes, the big winner stories go up on the website right away, then everything is wrapped up on the blog. Happy upcoming birthday!

On 4/25/2014 11:30, Player said

next month is my birthday hope its a win.

On 4/25/2014 09:19, marie8222 said

Congratulations to all the winners! I'll keep trying. however it's impossible to win if I cant enter any tickets. my account has been permanently locked out for "too many incorrect code entries'. are u guys kidding me?!!! first, I enter a lot of tickets so I am ultimately going to make a honest mistake while typing. but to be locked out?! permanently?! for real?! give me a break!!! we can't "cheat" entering tickets and that certainly was NOT my intent when I made mistakes entering codes. anybody else in the zone going/been thru this unwarranted dilemma? I have been locked out from entering tickets but they definitely did NOT ask me to stop Buying scratch offs or playing the lottery! come on NCEL! thanks Lucke-Zone Replied Not sure why this is happening, so you may want to call 1-855-767-1863 and let them know what's going on.

On 4/25/2014 04:53, MissV said

Is there anyway you can show lucke zone players how many incorrect tickets were entered before we get locked out of our account? Last year was my first time getting locked out of my account. Sometimes I mistakenly enter an 8 instead of the letter B or enter the letter M that should have been the letter N. I thought maybe the luck zone player can be warned with an email or we can actually see how many was enter incorrectly in advance. Lucke-Zone Replied Please call 1-855-767-1863 and let them know what's going on. They should be able to help you.

On 4/24/2014 07:57, gorams15 said

Purchased 40 dollars worth of the Big Ol Bucks nothing but o winnings. Bad tickets in Thomasville NC.

On 4/24/2014 07:28, Player said

Waiting for the day to hit the big Jackpot I can feel it in my bones.

On 4/24/2014 07:28, bkearney220 said

4-23-2014 Powerball was won in Florida"Surprise"?????

On 4/24/2014 03:02, michael924 said

WRAL is advertising a segment on potential crooked lottery retailers tonight at 5:30pm. Will have to watch.

On 4/24/2014 11:39, Player said

Will you include ez-match and sum it up in the subscriptions? I hate having to go play out in town everyday Lucke-Zone Replied There are currently no plans to bring those features to our subscription option, but we will send your feedback along to that department. Thanks!

On 4/24/2014 08:33, bronxhigh said

When are we having a BIG second chance promotion? Can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 4/24/2014 05:51, brooke said

what would happen if n.c. actually had-live drawings on pick 3- pick 4-and cash five 5 ? instead of recording them and playing the results back ? and actually randomly send out wining packs ? we know and understand why. just like to see it done for a few weeks . thanks Lucke-Zone Replied The drawings are streamed live on many stations throughout the state. If your local station only reports the results, give them a call and request that they carry the live drawing.

On 4/23/2014 10:10, mic/dave said

60,000 points no win yet....maybe it'll rain with APRIL SHOWERS

On 4/23/2014 10:01, Player said

I believe in dreams and I had a dream about me hitting lotto it will come to pass just you see!Lotto get really to gave me my money!In Jesus name!

On 4/23/2014 08:23, akeelab said

What's up with quads and trips??? Its been a year since a quard number has came. Lucke-Zone Replied Each drawing is completely independent of the others and odds of quads coming up are 1 in 1,000. If you looked at drawings as a whole, then quads would come up once every 1.3 years. But in reality, they have the same chance of coming up every time. We love trips and quads, just as our players do, and hope to see another instance of them soon. Good luck and thanks for playing!

On 4/23/2014 08:22, Tbone64 said

i am sure this is the wrong board however here goes if you should happen to win one of the second chance trips is there a cash option or do you have to take the trip . thanks and congrats to all the winners i just know my day to hit it big is coming soon Lucke-Zone Replied There is no cash option for the Las Vegas trip. But a trip to Vegas ain't so bad, is it? :-)

On 4/23/2014 07:52, player said

The NCEL takes more holidays than the federal govermennt.Who pays for this? Lucke-Zone Replied The NCEL offices are closed in observance of New Years Day, MLK, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This schedule falls in line with other state government departments and commissions.

On 4/23/2014 04:42, Pam said

My day to win is coming very soon!!!!

On 4/23/2014 03:43, PittsfieldGirl said

What would really be nice, is if we can search the blog for answers! Another item, it would be nice if we could see the total scratch off tickets printed along with the decreasing amount daily per prize value! Lucke-Zone Replied We're always working to improve our website and the Lucke-Zone, so we appreciate your ideas and will make sure they get to the appropriate departments. Thanks!

On 4/23/2014 01:22, Player said

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the winners

On 4/22/2014 08:27, Player said

Wow you guys, thats awesome! PWB

On 4/22/2014 05:15, turbo said

Congrats to all the winners! Well after a yr.1/2 of entering these 2nd chance drawings, I got an email from NCEL today. I won $500 (tax free) in last weeks (4-16) 5 for $500 drawing. It could not of been easier to collect. One simple phone call was all it took . Thank you NCEL and Lucky Zone! Lucke-Zone Replied You're very welcome! Congratulations and best of luck in the future!

On 4/22/2014 11:10, Player said

Tired of losing.odds got to be wrong.I wish NC never got the lottery,just losing way more than I should.please stop selling tickets to me.I can't stop buying and losing.yes I need help.need to move to Utah no lottery there.I quit smoking after 18 yrs but I can't stop buying losing tickets.need a win Lucke-Zone Replied The lottery is supposed to be fun, so if you're not enjoying our games anymore it may be time to take a break. If you need help, please contact the problem gambling helpline at (877) 718-5543 or visit We really do care about you, so please look after yourself and know that the help is there if you need it.

On 4/22/2014 09:53, Player said

Congrats to all winners its truly a BLESSING to win this kind of money and at the same time helping schools.I travel alot and every city i go to that has Lottery i play from the Lottery to about all the favorite scratch off tickets. I feel that my LUCKY DAY is coming.

On 4/21/2014 01:51, sanderspd said

one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 4/21/2014 07:57, 1rock2king said

sorry !! don't post my half post before this one, something happen and it went to "thanks for posting. Here is what I want to post. I had my first experience yesterday at this store run by people from another country. She was looking at my EZ match ticket, I said to her did I win! She said nothing and handed it back to me. I wonder what would have happen if I did have a win on it! To me they should just run the ticket and hand it to me without looking at it! The other stores I've been into does that! Guess what! I didn't have a win on it! The last six draws I have played EZ match on, no wins! Guess you cant win all the time! My time and day will be here soon!! GOOD LUCK ALL!!!

On 4/21/2014 07:49, Big Mike said

It's all about being in the right place at the right time, and believing you will win. When it's your day it's your day! Congratulations to all the winners...hope to join them soon!

On 4/20/2014 10:14, QUEENTEE said

Congrats, remember your places of worship, schools and and friends. Blessed to be a blessing!

On 4/20/2014 12:34, Kaybell said

My blessing to all,my day is coming.......

On 4/20/2014 10:40, jean said

when a scratch game ends and top prizes remain unsold, is it possible that those tickets where never sent out to retailers ? still sitting in the warehouse ? that's why I think its important to disclose where unsold top prize tickets were after the game ends. be transparent would make us all feel better about the lottery. Lucke-Zone Replied Yes, it is possible that some big winning tickets never made it to the dispenser before the game ends. Some games aren't as popular for whatever reason and are pulled to make room for more offerings. The NCEL doesn't know where the winning tickets are located until they are claimed by a winner, so there's no possibility to report where the winning tickets were after the game ends. Thanks for the question and best of luck!

On 4/20/2014 10:17, Player said

Congrats to you all! I played those same scratch off and haven't won that big as of yet! Be glad when my time comes! Well again congrats to y'all!

On 4/20/2014 09:41, 1rock2king said

Wow!!! Look at all them scratch off winners! Aberdeen is the closest county to me! Hope my day is a coming! Congrats to all the winners!! Now all you losers, Good Luck!! This includes me too!!

On 4/20/2014 09:32, Synseer7 said

Raleigh is very rarely on the winners map...what gives NCEL?!?!?!

On 4/20/2014 08:48, 1rock2king said

Well the powerball drawing has taken place last night! No 1,000,000 dollar winners at all, and NO jackpot winners either! There was 55,819 winners in the state of California and 56,321 winners in the state of Florida, NC had 17,097 winners! There was a total of 575,895 winners in all across the states that play powerball. There had been two Jackpot winners from California so far, and one Jackpot winner from Missouri this years. Since California joined Powerball in April 2013, they have already had 2 winners from that state this year. I believe there will be many more too!! Passing NC jackpot winners!! Good Luck everyone who plays the lottery!

On 4/20/2014 08:05, Beachman said

Does the Easter Bunny leave Lottery Tickets with the colored eggs?

On 4/19/2014 07:16, Player said

Same here! My lucky day is coming very soon!

On 4/19/2014 05:50, DEGUZMAN said

I made several comments and not even one of them was posted....I just wonder, the citizens here in the rural Northeastern NC will never have a chance to win if all the good winning tickets are being supplied to big cities and the western side of the state, is that correct? Lucke-Zone Replied Winning tickets pop up all over the state. When you see multiple winners in a certain area, pay attention to the population as compared to your area. More people playing and purchasing tickets means more chances to win. The lottery doesn't "supply" winning tickets to any certain areas. Tickets are ordered by retailers and sent out randomly from our distribution center. Employees have no idea what ticket packs include big winning tickets. Best of luck in the future. We'd love to have another big winner from your area soon.

On 4/19/2014 03:26, Player said

My day will come soon.congrats to all the winners.

On 4/19/2014 11:34, Player said

if you live down east, your chances are significantly greater to win as compared to the west side of the state. the lottery officials will say its based on population and sales. but if they know where the big tickets are being sent, it would seem they know most are being sent down east. but, they have a way of "explaining" it that is like a set of talking points that sound good but the facts are what they are. if you live in the west end, then slow down the buying because you most likely aren't going to strike a big one.

On 4/19/2014 11:07, Gailadair said

I know one day I will win big. Cant wait till that day happend for me and my family.

On 4/19/2014 12:39, Player said


On 4/18/2014 05:53, Player said

My lucky day coming SOON!!!

On 4/18/2014 04:47, Player1 said

god bless you all. maybe one day he will bless my family and I. I wish.

On 4/18/2014 12:15, Player said

Happy Easter to all

On 4/18/2014 11:08, chris said

so on unclaimed money like on cash5 bonus bucks, half goes back to ed. fund, the other half at least 25,000.00 will go back in the bonus backs drawing for june maybe a few more 5k draws or 1k drawings, something like that would be good for the players, dont you think?

On 4/18/2014 08:59, Player said

Congrats to all the winners.My Blessing is on the way.All you have to do is believe and claim your Blessing.

On 4/18/2014 04:45, Joseph said

Who won the top prize on the $120 Million Cash game? I noticed the prize count had changed the other day but no announcement of who won.. Lucke-Zone Replied Just announced! Look out for our new wrap-up blog for more info.

On 4/18/2014 01:15, Player said

NCEL is a ripoff!!

On 4/17/2014 10:51, MamaWon said

Congrats AJ from Shallotte. I heard about you from a friend. Wish you had my number, I would have taken you to cash it in!!! Spend wisely friend:)

On 4/17/2014 07:02, Player said

way to go guys someday that will be me !!!!! I hope

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