Carolina Cash 5 ‘EZ Match’ feature starts Sunday

4:45 PM


Back on March 10, Lucke-Zone members were the first to hear about a new play feature coming to Carolina Cash 5 called EZ Match. Starting Sunday, you can add EZ Match to a Cash 5 play for an additional $1 – and win up to $500 instantly.

In the preview blog, our goal was to give folks an idea of what they could expect when EZ Match begins. But we got a lot of follow-up questions about how EZ Match works, which makes sense because the lottery has never had a play feature quite like it. Some things will make much more sense once players get a chance to fill out a play slip and see what a Cash 5 ticket with EZ Match looks like.

Based on your questions though, we realized that we could have done a better job providing clear and accurate details about how EZ Match works. So, we appreciate the chance to give it another try.

First, play Cash 5 like you usually do by picking your own numbers or Quick Pick. If you fill out a play slip, just check the EZ Match box. You can also just ask a clerk to print a ticket for you with EZ match added.

The fun begins instantly. For each Cash 5 play, five EZ Match numbers are displayed, with possible prize amounts assigned to each number. If any of your EZ Match numbers match any of the numbers on your corresponding Cash 5 play, you instantly win the prize shown – between $2 and $500.

But whereas you win a Cash 5 prize based on the outcome of the nightly drawing, an EZ Match prize is an instant win. The computer determines at random if your EZ Match ticket is a winner. If it is a winner, the computer then randomly determines your prize. EZ Match always gives you a chance to win up to $500.

Just as with a scratch-off ticket, the prizes displayed on an EZ Match ticket will vary. The matching of your EZ Match numbers to your Cash 5 numbers is where the fun and suspense comes as you find out if your ticket is a winner – and, if you’re lucky, the amount of your prize.

The approximate odds of winning the top EZ Match prize of $500 are 1 in 84,000. The approximate overall odds of winning a prize playing EZ Match are 1 in 4.71. To see the odds of winning each of the prizes in the EZ Match game, read the “How To Play” page for EZ Match.

If you win an EZ Match prize you can cash in your winnings immediately at a retail location and an exchange ticket will be printed for that evening’s Cash 5 drawing and for any upcoming drawings still active on the ticket. If you claim an EZ Match prize before the Cash 5 drawing or drawings on your ticket, be sure to ask the retailer for the exchange ticket.

Thanks for reading and giving us the opportunity to tell you more about EZ Match starting Sunday. If you have more questions, check out the Cash 5 FAQ page. Let us know if you give EZ Match a try and good luck to all.


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On 6/03/2014 11:20, yeahbaby said

I had heard about the EZ Match,but never bother play it till tonight and now I'm still confused about it. How can you know, you win instantly (before getting ticket)?Lucke-Zone RepliedPlease take a closer look at this blog to see if it answers your questions, or call player customer service at 877-962-7529

On 4/16/2014 08:10, Player said

The odds are of winning on 1 out of every 4.71 ez match numbers are incorrect. I recently purchased 2 $5 cash 5 which were $10 with ez match and had no winners. That's 10 ez match numbers. This must be a case of nc lotto math at work. Lucke-Zone Replied We're sorry you didn't have a fun experience this time, but the odds are calculated for the overall game, not per transaction. Best of luck to you in the future!

On 4/16/2014 05:09, cato9tales said

The description statement "The computer determines at random if your EZ Match ticket is a winner. If it is a winner, the computer then randomly determines your prize. EZ Match always gives you a chance to win up to $500." is not a true random selection when the program has to look at our numbers to make sure it doesn't give out more than $500 on a set of numbers or a multiple amount that is not listed as a prize. Will stick to playing straight Cash5...

On 4/13/2014 02:21, Player said

1 for 20 in ez match..u got me hooked nc lottery

On 4/12/2014 09:54, cato9tales said

The description for the EZ Match and the comment on my CASH5 ticket state that the prizes are from $2 to $500, yet there is a possible match printed on the ticket for $1. Either your description and comment need to be corrected or your number generator needs to be corrected for the dollar amounts generated. (False advertising???) Lucke-Zone Replied Multiple $1 denominations can add up to the minimum $2 prize.

On 4/07/2014 03:48, MissV said

Wow! I know what you mean about the clerks looking at the ticket before you. I started going to the vending machine because I was tired of them looking at my tickets telling me either I won or not a winner before the ticket was given to me. I know what would stop them, I wonder what would happen if you tell the clerk you no longer want the ticket if they tell you that you are not a winner BEFORE they hand the ticket to you!! I wonder!!!

On 4/07/2014 02:47, Lucke-Zone said

Thank you for all the great feedback regarding EZ Match. We work hard to make sure that extensive training is done prior to a new game or game feature launch, but please remember, it's a new game for everyone, including our retailers. We will continue to pass along your concerns and comments and appreciate your continued support of our games and our beneficiaries.

On 4/07/2014 08:26, Brian said

This is a gimmick. Whether you play Quick Pick or pick ur own numbers, the computer knows what numbers NOT to EZ Match, heck, why would the lottery want to give money away, plus you need to pay $1.00 extra for this feature, what a rip off.

On 4/06/2014 07:52, oldmansoul said

can i cash ez win next day and still get a new set of numbers? Lucke-Zone Replied Certainly!

On 4/06/2014 07:47, oldmansoul said

I purchased a ez match took it home and then looked at it and won two dollars took ticket to the same store next got my two dollars and machine didn't re-print numbers ,,, so I lost out nothing inrules say anything about that lost my dollar. Lucke-Zone Replied You should have gotten an exchange ticket for that. You are welcome to call our security division to report your experience and where you tried to claim your win: 1-888-732-6235

On 4/06/2014 10:27, Player said

can i cash ez win next day and still get a new set of numbers? Lucke-Zone Replied Certainly!

On 4/06/2014 09:44, deliver said

I'm still waiting on an answer to my questions I'm wanting to know why most of the big winning are in the northern part of the state, you cannot till me that you have no control of were the most winners come from.I'll be checking to see if you have an answer for me. Lucke-Zone Replied Our big winners come from all over the place. Check out our news section to see for yourself.

On 4/05/2014 09:16, EricHSmith said

I've played it and will add it to my weekly ticket of 7 draws. It's only a buck and supports my fellow union brothers and sisters.

On 4/05/2014 07:48, MV said

I've played this new EZ match twice, but I wish the clerks would quit looking at the numbers to see if the ticket is a winner before I do!!! And always watch to make sure the ticket is printed when you ask for it!! If in doubt, check the time on the ticket. I've heard where a clerk was trying to sell pre-printed EZ cash 5 ticket & I bet it wasn't an instant winner either..

On 4/05/2014 01:24, Player said

0 for 2 sunday 0 for 2 Monday 0 for 2 Tuesday 0 for 1 wednsday 0 for 1 Thursday and 0 for 1 Friday on EZ match.don't worry i'll donate at least another $! 2day

On 4/05/2014 09:47, Player said

I'm also having problems with cashiers at convenient stores reading my ticket before handing it to me and telling me I haven't won. What crap they get by with this. I like one conveniet store in particular because I win pretty regular on scratch off tickets there. Seems like there should be some sort of reprimand for unscrupulous cashiers.

On 4/05/2014 07:58, Player said

The first time my wife bougt EZ match tickets she had to explain to the cashier how to play it. My wife spent 6 dollars and won 4 so that was better than nothing. Also, she had an EZ match ticket that had three 500.00 prizes on it. Unfortunately, she didn't win either prize but I'm sure she will keep trying.

On 4/05/2014 07:02, bronxhigh said

We need a better promotion like a 2x to 5x win (like south carolina) for the cash five. I play ez match and won just a few bucks. the odds are way better with pick 3 and pick 4!

On 4/04/2014 09:54, grischwo said

I bought and lost too. I think a much better idea is to have the ez match numbers pay if they were drawn by the lottery. It is too easy for the computer not to pick the same numbers I picked (duh)

On 4/04/2014 02:36, Mary said

I have noticed too that almost every clerk has looked carefully at the ez picks. Maybe someone from the Lottery Office should alert the clerks that they are to hand the ticket to the customer and not stare at it. There are a few clerks(at the grocery store) that do not bother to look at your ticket, but there are those at other stores who have studied it carefully. Some of the clerks are looking just to make sure the dollar amount is correct and that does not bother me. It is only the ones who study the ticket that concerns me.

On 4/04/2014 10:58, Red said

if a cashier is telling us if we have a winning ticket or not before handing us our ez match ticket... then why not have scratch off tickets that are already scratched off.... hehehe

On 4/04/2014 06:28, John said

Absolutely horrible game. I have purchased a $10 ticket each evening since the launch of this game and have yet to even get one number bellow so that I can remotely have a chance to win. I am regular player, but have to say that your settings in this one are set to "scam".

On 4/03/2014 11:21, Player said

Why is it that on the lucky draws never in concord, Kannapolis, charlotte always up by Raleigh do you pick from just one area thanks mm

On 4/03/2014 01:14, MoreMoneyThisYear said

Yep, spent $30. just on EZMatch that's "30" tickets" by its self, not even nothing in return, now I hope my cash 5 numbers maybe pay-off??? maybe hold my breath too?

On 4/02/2014 04:26, 1rock2king said

I finally got a win on the EZ match game! Won 4 dollars, on my ticket. Now just waiting on the higher amount win next! It's a fun game! Now hoping for a big win, next time it prints out! Plus having a chance to win the cash 5 tonight! Good Luck all!!

On 4/02/2014 10:48, quick64 said

I just want to be clear on this new EZ Match. One of the comments someone had complained about not having a $500 chance on their ticket and you all responding by saying there could be multiple $500 on the EZ match, but realistically EZ Match will only pay a total of $500 at any given time. I also wanted to add once again I won $4 on my EZ Match and the clerk told me before I even got the ticket. This is a problem.

On 4/02/2014 09:40, gorams15 said

Well, I can say I did try last night and I won $3. I will and another dollar and play 2 tonight. I just can't hit a jackpot yet or on pick 3 or 4 games. I will take 4 cash 5 numbers to night please.

On 4/02/2014 04:13, MissV said

Thanks Player! I went to the vending machine yesterday for my cash 5 ez match. Now I can be the first one to see my ticket!!

On 4/01/2014 10:56, vmdd2011 said

Thank you for the reply to my question. I actually read the rules again and found the answer, and then looked at my ticket and had won $2 on my first purchase. I trust the place i buy the tickets from but being that i cant see behind the counter, I have decided to pick my own numbers and apply ez match. i did that today. i played 2 numbers for 3 days, and I got changed $8.00. I thought the prize would be $12 because with the extra $1, it would be $4 total for 3 days, but the price came out to be $8. Did I miscalculate. Lucke-Zone Replied No, $8 is correct. You only play EZ Match for that one transaction. So you purchased two sets of numbers for three days, which would come out to $6. Adding two lines of EZ Match would increase the total by $2, making it an $8 purchase.

On 4/01/2014 02:15, Player said

can we enter losing tickets found at stores? losing tickets giving to us? losing tickets given to us by cashiers? in the lucky zoneLucke-Zone RepliedYes, as long as whoever bought a ticket discarded it, whoever finds it is welcome to enter it here in the Lucke-Zone for Lucke-Reward points :-)

On 4/01/2014 12:31, Player said

I got EZ match in the vending machine...worked just fine. I won $10 for playing $6 and still had my drawing #s.

On 4/01/2014 10:19, 1rock2king said

The EZ Match prize amounts are drawn completely at random. You also have a chance to have multiple $500 prize amounts on one ticket. Hey, I did have a ticket with two 500 match on them, but none of my numbers matched any of them. So what you are saying that if you have a ticket with 2 numbers on it with the 500 amount beside it, then you will win 1000 dollars there on spot, without coming to Raleigh to claim and pay taxes on?Lucke-Zone RepliedThe EZ match numbers are a visual representation of a non-winning or winning EZ Match play. So, the maximum EZ Match win is $500 ;-)

On 3/31/2014 10:27, HUSS said

EZ MATCH IS A RIP OFF. I'VE SPENT $130 IN TWO DAYS WITH 5 PICKS ON EACH TICKET. I WON A GRAND TOTAL OF $9 I'M VERY DISAPOINTED WITH THIS GAME.Lucke-Zone RepliedSorry to hear it sounds like you did not have good luck with the new feature; please remember that with games of chance, sometimes you win more or less depending on random chance.

On 3/31/2014 05:08, baddcatt326 said

I bought my first EZ match Sunday night,I used the ticket checker to see if I won & I did $3.So I checked my ticket b4 I gave it to the cashier.Lucke-Zone RepliedThat's great! Congrats!

On 3/31/2014 04:30, MissV said

Thanks KATHYC and MAMACATZ, and ZIEGLY and any other player who agrees with me, I thought I was in this alone. I went to the store on my lunch break today to get my usual cash 5 numbers and once again the cashier print my ticket and told me I am not a winner. It took the fun right out. This is the most exciting game for me ever!!!. I wish there was a vending machine that can do the ez match. Lucke-Zone is there an easy way I can tell the cashier not to tell me if I am a winner or not because this cashier literally was holding my ticket and searched through my cash five numbers and ez match and told me I wasn't a winner before the ticket was handed to me. I am calling the security hotline right now.Lucke-Zone RepliedWe recommend doing just what you say: Ask the clerk not to tell you anything about what they see on your ticket so you can find out for yourself! :-)

On 3/31/2014 03:54, yeaken said

Please make it right. How can anyone win up to 500 bucks if 500 is not on ticket. I bought 3 EZ MATCH today and if I had matched every number I would have won total of 65 dollars, and that was biggest one. Other 2 were 57 and 36. Give us a break. Every EZ MATCH ticket should have at least one $500 chance on it. Please fix tickets that way or reword how you can win. I called hotline to please address this concern and she said its a game of chance. Very DECEIVING. VERY DECEIVING. Lucke-Zone Replied The EZ Match prize amounts are drawn completely at random. You also have a chance to have multiple $500 prize amounts on one ticket.

On 3/31/2014 03:42, LBrown said

I had lots of fun playing today...just kept putting in the EZ match wins for more Cash 5 EZ Match tickets until all of the one dollar bills were gone. The promo at BusyBee in HP was fun too! Very nice people! Still looking for a job, so I hope my new tickets or exchange tickets win tonight! :-)

On 3/31/2014 11:37, uuuubstrds said

player, is a lottery shill. ive had over 1500 second chances to win on luckyzone n havent won a dime.noones luck can be as bad as mine. and winners NEVER post here. hmmmmmLucke-Zone RepliedThe screenname "PLAYER" is the default when you sign up for the Lucke-Zone. Hundreds if not thousands of members have that screenname. As for entering Lucke-Rewards drawings, tens of thousands of entries are often made into each drawing; having even one entry gives you a chance to win.

On 3/31/2014 11:28, quick64 said

I have already played this and I had the same thing happen to me. The clerk looked at my ticket before me and said you did not have a instant win. Next time I matched two numbers and both had $1 so i guess that is my $2 minimal prize. I wish the lottery would make this more interesting by allowing us to win something. If I play $2 for a ticket let me win $3 minimal or something. Give us a game we can WIN!Lucke-Zone RepliedIt takes luck to win the lottery, no matter what game you play! Prize money comes from non-winning wagers... that's how it works in North Carolina or anyplace else... good luck!

On 3/31/2014 10:11, mamacatz said

The EZ match is not very easy but possibly could match all 5 numbers for a home run. I think it's worth the extra buck. As for MissV, you are right on about cashiers. Some of them are very alert and slick when cashing winning tickets, especially when the customer does not have a clear view of the scanner or the digital result. They could very well pay out $25 on a $100 ticket if the customer didn't know the value it!Lucke-Zone RepliedPlease give your biz to places that give good service and you have a right to hold your ticket in your hand and sign it.

On 3/31/2014 09:59, Player said

Yeah it kind of sucks that the lottery clerk sees the ezmatch results before the player/buyer. They have to look at the ticket to know the cost of the ticket. I'll just need to be more conscience of where and whom I buy my ticket from.

On 3/31/2014 06:45, Player said

Bad idea. Those that have played the same numbers for a long time will now be diluted by the flood of newbees. Thanks for the slap in the face NCEL!Lucke-Zone RepliedWe respect our players very much. Please do not take the introduction of a new play feature personally! Your odds of winning the jackpot playing Cash 5 remain the same :-)

On 3/31/2014 05:37, ziegly said

I agree with Miss V about security of winners being kept by retailer clerks and giving me another ticket. I also noticed this on my first purchase because the clerk told me "Oh, You won $4.00." Took the fun out of looking for winners myself!!!Lucke-Zone RepliedPlease give your business to places that give you good customer service. If you ever see anything that you think should not be happening, please call the security hotline number on our website.

On 3/31/2014 02:58, Player said

I will be giving it a try. I have not had any luck playing thus far. EZ Match sounds interesting - can't wait to play. As we know, it is all by fate! Someone is going to win - maybe we will all win some day soon :-)

On 3/30/2014 11:30, KHYYAMM said

Bought a couple, but didn't win. The odds are extremely bad for winning if you check it out. I still like the concept and will play a few. When it's your time to win, the odds don't matter. I wonder if it will be added to subscription play?Lucke-Zone RepliedThe appx overall odds of winning are just 1 in 4.71, and EZ Match pays out 63% of what it brings in - higher than draw games. Also it won't be added to subscription. Promotions, esp those that involve extra ticket printing/entry slips, are only available at retailers.

On 3/30/2014 10:44, Player's said

Love it hit on my first tryLucke-Zone RepliedAwesome!

On 3/30/2014 10:37, LottoPlayer said

When I first opened Lucke Zone account I tried with Hotmail. Hotmail filters email so I never received verification email. I used Gmail instead. I have never logged onto the Hotmail account with Lucke Zone but I always see message about having more than one account. I am concerned I enter drawings, win and then am disqualified because of the Hotmail account I have never accessed! Does everyone see the warning message? I have sent several notes about it.Lucke-Zone RepliedThat message displays to everyone, not just you. But please feel free to call technical customer service to verify that the other account was never activated: 855-767-1863

On 3/30/2014 08:25, Player said

I played ez match on Sunday. I picked one set of my own numbers. And two quick pick. I didn't win anything on quick pick. I won 2 dollars on my own numbers. I'm thinking I might should use my own numbers .I'm not saying something wrong with the computer .I'm hoping for a big win.It did feel good to win the 2 dollars.Lucke-Zone RepliedGlad to hear you won a little something extra, EZ-style! :)

On 3/30/2014 07:28, vmdd2011 said

so i bought 2 of these tickets today, and i am excited because even if i dont win with the cash five numbers, i may win if my ez number come out. is this correct? i just want to make sure i got it right..good luck everyoneLucke-Zone RepliedThanks for the question. Actually, your EZ Match numbers have nothing to do with the nightly drawing. The way you win with EZ Match is by matching an EZ Match number to one of your Cash 5 numbers. If you do, you win the prize shown :-)

On 3/30/2014 07:16, turbo said

Very interesting comment Missy. All I can say is Don't do EZ match if you are going to do a multi day draw!!!! I got my usual 7 day draw for $7 today, then got a $10 ez match and two $2 ez match tics. All losers! I usually try to refrain from negative comments on here but... I went back 8hrs later, the ez match was the hot item and selling like hot cakes. Surprise not one single winner. I know and trust the employees of this gas station and they are as perplexed as I am!Lucke-Zone RepliedWhat you're describing sounds odd. You are welcome to call our security division to explain what you saw and where: 1-888-732-6235

On 3/30/2014 05:28, dreamer10 said

Wow, cant wait to play hope I win and Good Luck to everyone

On 3/30/2014 05:05, luckyme12b said

It sounds interesting. I am wondering if I would play the cash 5 more just to play ez match, as I play it more for the bonus drawing. Interesting.

On 3/30/2014 05:00, Player said

I've read the "How to Play" page, but I'm still unclear about one thing...I always play one set of Cash 5 numbers for 5 draws. So, if I also choose the ez match, does that mean I'll pay an additional $5 and have 5 ez match numbers, or will I only pay an additional $1 and receive 1 set of ez match numbers since I'm playing only one set of Cash 5 numbers?Lucke-Zone RepliedGreat question. The answer is one EZ Match play per set of numbers. So, the answer is $1.

On 3/30/2014 04:45, KathyC said

MissV thanks for pointing that out. I've actually had cashiers set aside the Cash 5 bonus slip hoping that I wouldn't notice that I didn't receive it. Those stores I never returned too lol. With that in mind are the in store vending machines outputting the EZ Match? Also, I will often play the same two numbers for 3 days. What is the default when I add EZ Match? Does it give me the EZ Match for the first day of play or does it give me separate games for each day. Hope that makes sense.[replyKnow your rights as a player! If you see anything that looks wrong, call our security team. You can add one EZ Match play to each set of numbers you play.

On 3/30/2014 03:42, angryangel2 said

Can you ply EZ match if you run a multi play ticket?? I usually play my Cash 5 tickets for 7 days.Lucke-Zone RepliedIt is our understanding that if you buy a Cash 5 ticket with one set of numbers for seven days, you can add EZ Match to the ticket, but you will get just one set of EZ Match numbers for an extra $1, not seven sets of EZ Match numbers for an extra $7. :-) Let us know!

On 3/30/2014 03:40, Player said

This sounds great cant wait to try it.

On 3/30/2014 03:16, DEGUZMAN said

Am so pleased with the new game, I already bought my easy pick and hopefully I'll win some money. Never received or won any yet...but this might be my lucky day...crossing my fingers...thank you...and more power to the Lucke-zone.....and of course to the Cash "5"...

On 3/30/2014 03:15, Anias2146 said

I don't like the sound of this one. It seems to me it makes it too easy for the clerk to possible keep a winning ticket and print you out another one.Lucke-Zone RepliedWhen you buy a Cash 5 ticket, you have the right to hold it in your hand and decide for yourself if you have won or not. Play responsibly for yourself, and if you ever see anything that doesn't look right to you, please call the security hotline on our website.

On 3/30/2014 02:48, Joseph said

I don't see this feature being anything more than a way to generate more money for the lottery's bank. I'll continue to play Cash 5 without the EZ match.Lucke-Zone RepliedActually, since EZ Match is an instant game, it pays out 63% of what it brings in - higher than with draw games that pay out at 50% over time. The choice is yours :-)

On 3/30/2014 02:45, 1rock2king said

oh! I forgot to mention, if you do happen to win a big amount, like 100.00 or 350.00, maybe the 500.00 dollars.There are Some stores won't pay out, because they will say, they don't have that much on hand right now! Best bet is a grocery store! Take your ticket there!Lucke-Zone RepliedGood advice!

On 3/30/2014 02:34, 1rock2king said

Just bought my first EZ match ticket! 10.00 dollars worth and guess what NO MATCH on any of my numbers!!! There was a 500.00 dollars on my ticket too!! No match! The lady said what's this! She didn't even know about this until I explained it to her! Then I showed her how to win if any of your number match, none of mine did not match! So now can only hope to win the 50,000 for tonight's drawing! Won't be buying this much tomorrow!Lucke-Zone RepliedThanks for helping spread the word + good luck on your next ticket!

On 3/30/2014 02:08, LBrown said

OK so I just played two sets of 5 for this game. Once won $3 and the other $2. The exchange tickets are exactly like the originals. Fun! Fun! Fun!

On 3/30/2014 01:00, LBrown said

I tried it and it is fun! I had to use a pick slip and the clerk helped me on reviewing the numbers for the instant win. Not this time, but hopeful. :-) Have fun every one!

On 3/30/2014 10:53, Player said

cant wait to try this.... i never play the cash 5 but with a paly like this i would try it more for sure.... now that is how you keep a game inytresting and making that jackpot bigger .....

On 3/30/2014 09:47, MissV said

I want to express my concerns about ez match. After it was introduce for starting March 30th, I wondered when the ticket was printed out, would the cashier look at the ticket before me. My concerns were right!! I went to a store and the cashier ran my cash 5 numbers, the cashier looked at my ez match numbers checking them before they were giving to me. I wonder what would have happened if it was a winning ticket. She had an expression on her face looking at the ticket. There is another store, I wouldn't go too because the lottery machine is on the far right and you can't see anything the cashier is doing. The cashier could resend the ticket through the machine without your knowledge and keep the winning ticket. I am going to keep my eye on the cashiers at all times. Anyway besides that, I am so excited for playing the ez match!!!!!

On 3/30/2014 08:42, 1rock2king said

So tonight The game begins! Good!! Maybe I can win some of my money back I have put in playing cash 5 every night, since it has started! So The old play slips will be discontinued? Will play tonight! Hope to have some numbers matching! Good Luck everyone!

On 3/30/2014 04:55, bobby m said

To me it sounded very confusing until I read and viewed the actual instructions in the "How To Play" page. The pay slip is the answer to understanding the new game. I can't wait to try it. Bob

On 3/29/2014 11:03, Jequette said

I need to win!!!

On 3/29/2014 07:46, Player said

Sounds like a winner.

On 3/29/2014 05:32, Player said

EZ Match! it sounds really good to me.

On 3/29/2014 01:49, Bob R said

I find it somewhat disappointing that they are adding this feature to the cash 5. The odds are stacked against you for the 100% premium they want for each ticket, and the potential return is dismal.Lucke-Zone RepliedYou have to look at the odds at every prize level; the game has approximate overall odds of 1 in 4.71 of winning something.. and EZ Match pays out 63% of what it brings in, which means lots of prizes :-)

On 3/29/2014 10:36, LottoPlayer said

The odds of getting 4 numbers in the Cash 5 (3387)and wining the $50 of the 'EZ Match'(3360) is the same. Given the higher payout of the Cash 5 it makes sense to stick use that dollar for a quick pick cash 5. It looks like a way to get Cash 5 players to spend more to get waaaaay less. Good going - that's why its called the MisEducation Lottery.Lucke-Zone RepliedFirst, we appreciate players have helped us raise more than $3.2 billion for education. Second, you have to look at all the odds of winning something playing with EZ Match, not just at one prize level. EZ Match pays out 63% of what it brings in, which means lots of prizes.

On 3/29/2014 09:30, aicram62 said

Can you play EZ Match and SUM it Up at the same time?Lucke-Zone RepliedEZ Match is only available for the Cash 5 game, which does not have SUM IT UP as a play feature. So, no. :-)

On 3/29/2014 08:57, Player said

WoW!That sounds interesting. Can't wait to try on Sunday. You never know. This might be my lucky day.

On 3/29/2014 06:58, 1rock2king said

So you will win instantly if any of your numbers match any of the EZ match numbers on your ticket! Cash it in on the spot and then get your exchange ticket for the cash 5 drawing for that night! The money you win, you can buy some scratch off's or a POWERBALL or MEGA MILLIONS ticket with, or buy another Cash 5 ticket. Might just win again there in the store again. Still have a chance to win Cash 5 for that night drawing too! Sounds good to me! Good Luck everyone!

On 3/29/2014 12:44, goddess said

Why not offer ez match online? What's the difference?Lucke-Zone RepliedPromotions aren't available via subscription. Especially since things like EZ Match and Bonus Bucks require unique tickets or entry slips to be printed.

On 3/28/2014 08:29, ronnie22 said

Sounds interesting, looking forward to playing ez match :)

On 3/28/2014 07:47, luckless said

Great, another "computer generated" easy win....

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