Green & Gold first ticket to offer 'Back Scratch' feature

2:52 PM


A new instant scratch-off game, in stores starting Tuesday, will give lottery players more chances to win a prize by offering a “Back Scratch” feature that lets players try their luck on the back of the tickets as well as the front.

The $5 game, Green & Gold, begins with five $150,000 top prizes and more than $16 million in overall prizes. Players can win more than 13,000 prizes from $100 to $10,000.

Three additional games will start popping up in stores on Tuesday. The new $3 game, Gold Bar Bingo, starts with five top prizes of $50,000 and more than $5.9 million in total prizes.

Looking for the luck of the Irish? Lucky Clover is a $2 game that starts with four $20,000 top prizes and more than $4.9 million in total prizes.

Finally, the new $1 game, Gold Coins, begins with more than $3.7 million in total prizes and 12 top prizes of $4,000.

So what do you think of the new “Back Scratch” feature?


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On 3/14/2014 11:50, Player said

Thx nc lottery for the double would not believe the winners that are just thrown away.people dont realize if you match 3 of the prizes u also win

On 3/02/2014 08:33, KNK said

I play every now and again, never won anymore than 50..... I think more tickets should hit too. How may are actually winners on any given roll? Lucke-Zone RepliedWinning tickets for instant scratch-off games are distributed at random. If a game begins with 1 in 4 odds, that means 25% of tickets win at least a break-even prize. You can take a look at all the prize totals at every level for every game on our website. It takes a lot of luck to win a big one! :-)

On 2/28/2014 11:13, Player said

I am really getting back into the spirit of the lottery with the new games. i really like the new green and gold because it gives you two chances for the price of i dont feel so bad about spending five bucks...Good luck to everyone!

On 2/21/2014 06:17, davidkeith said

Sorry about the spelling on my earlier post.Sometime my fingers don't cooperate with what I am trying to say. Look, it is great to have a forum like this to express thoughts and concerns about the lottery. I have said some wrong things about the way people win beside me,,well wasn't that about silly. The Noel had nothing to do about my not winning big. The bottom line is a am glad it's here, now when I play I don't have to drive to another state. Thank you NCEL , for helping the schools and all else. Good Luck To All.

On 2/18/2014 03:49, davidkeith said

I was just kidding about getting loosing scratchers of the store disposal can,lol got a few out today and I'll be darn,minlooked them over and I seena member that matched the top bombers, looked at the bottom and the ticket number wax still covered,hmmm. This one was not checked I uncovered e number and it was $20.00 I took it back in and it paid off. Well my lucky day, somebody wasin a hurry and trashed it, the ticket numbers was barely uncovered,hey I'll take it any day,still looking for the big one, it will come. Good luck all.

On 2/18/2014 06:48, sladeinu said

The green and gold tickets are the hottest tickets I have seen in while. Stores just cant keep them in stock. Its nice to see people winning again but the key to winning is reading the ticket. I have found more winners that people throw away than I have bought. They have only been scratching the front and not the back Thanks for the free money. What is the deal with all the account lockouts? is their a glitch like the one putting up the same name as winners in gams. Lucke-Zone RepliedPlease give technical customer service a call to explain the lockout experience you've had 855-767-1863

On 2/12/2014 11:18, hopeful said

If a person holds on to old scratch offs, can the total amount of them be deducted from a big win? Just wondering. Thanks for an answere. Lucke-Zone RepliedYou may be able to fill out what's called a W2-G form when you do your taxes to claim gaming losses. We recommend getting advice from a tax professional.

On 2/11/2014 08:48, TBone75 said

Thanks that's going to be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 2/11/2014 10:28, Lucke-Zone said

@ SYLVIA + @ MOREMONEY - It's all a matter of luck... sorry to hear you didn't have better luck on those particular tickets!

On 2/09/2014 08:52, TBone75 said

I have a question. If I play the pick four and my numbers match in the exact order, will I be paid for the number of tickets that I have bought? Let's say that it's 100 tickets, that $500,000. Will I get paid for all or will the lottery center only cash in a few. Also will it be consolidated into one check or will I get 100 different checks? Lucke-Zone RepliedOne (big) check ;-)

On 2/07/2014 11:35, baddcatt326 said

Seems like the winners would tell us how many entries they put in.

On 2/07/2014 02:29, MoreMoneyThisYear said

Well I tried my luck on Green Gold tickets I have 10 ticket in a row, spent $50.oo bucks. Knowing I should have 1 or 2 winners!. But I don't even have not 1 winning ticket! I was hoping I over looked a winning ticket & so I logged them in for points & for sure they all went in for points. not 1 winning ticket! I would have better off taking a female out on a date than, well you get the idea. Good luck to others!

On 2/06/2014 08:13, Sylvia said

Where the heck are the winners? I bought Fifteen of these tickets and all I got was $25 in all those tickets. I like to new ones when they first come out cause they usually have at least $100 winners, but these are not good.

On 2/06/2014 04:16, mamacatz said

We can only wish that all government facilities were as efficient with our money as NCEL!

On 2/06/2014 03:40, davidkeith said

Hi all,just checking in to see what topic is going around. I like the new backscratch,need all the chances ncel will give us to win.i spend $5 win $5, have won prize packs in here,that was fantastic,just can't seem to get a winner In lucke rewards, show me the money. Question... Are there any lucke reward winners here, if so how many entries did you enter for the lucky draw? Just curious,,I have entered 2 to 50 just no draw luck. Will keep looking in store cans for loosers, hey it might be the one,free entry. I'll take it. Have fun all

On 2/06/2014 03:31, daddymax said

Brought two tickets, one in the afternoon and one at night at the same store and won $25.00 each time. Going for the big prize next. Lucke-Zone RepliedGood luck!

On 2/06/2014 11:01, MLMainor said

With my luck in the past, it just sounds like I can now lose twice with the price of one. Oh, boy.

On 2/06/2014 07:12, bronxhigh said

Love playing it all!!!!! Also, love playing the second chances and entering non winning tickets. We need an app to scan these tickets as it takes forever to enter them! Lucke-Zone RepliedWe hope to introduce an app in the not-too-distant future :-)

On 2/06/2014 02:27, jimmy1962 said

the new bingo game i hit for 500.00 today at foodlion in newton grove nc where i work at.that is a neat game Lucke-Zone RepliedThat's awesome!

On 2/06/2014 12:35, ncstagger said

Do the listed odds of winning (1 in 4.03) include the back scratch feature? Lucke-Zone RepliedYes.

On 2/05/2014 11:33, Player said

I have my account block for more than 24 hours. How do I get back in lucky zone? Lucke-Zone RepliedClick on the "HELP" link at the very top right-hand corner of the screen, or call 855-767-1863 for technical customer service

On 2/05/2014 07:59, ViporBoss said

I have tried this Green & Gold ticket, & so far, I haven't gotten anything worth anything...& I've almost purchased a full roll! I don't think I've ever had any luck on any new ticket that's came out, it's like they wanna see how many ppl buy them 1st & 'then' they'll start putting some hits in there (at least the stores near my home). Well, good luck 2 all on this, I'm done w/ the "new" tickets.

On 2/05/2014 07:13, Player said

Waaaaooo suena bien lo voy a intentarlo

On 2/05/2014 03:22, Discerner said

Scratchoffs are really no fun except when they first came out, just like a rock band with their first real hit; you see one scratchoff, or one rock band, they generally look the same--except for one band. Can we do a 'HALL OF FAME' scratchoff game, you know, the best of the best, that is, dedicated to the Rock band KISS! They are fun to watch and now have made to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame!!

On 2/05/2014 02:47, chris said

how many entries in the cash5 bonus bucks drawings this time and will all monthly drawings for today [feb5] be done today? thanks Lucke-Zone Replied901,170 entries were made into the most recent Bonus Bucks drawing and, yes, all drawings were held as scheduled.

On 2/05/2014 08:39, Kiki said

Sounds GREAT to me. An extra chance of winning is always a good thing.

On 2/04/2014 09:54, sandra said

dont think i will buy again i usualy spend 25 - 30 first hoping lika all that play to just win something i usualy do even if its 5$ im happy .But bought 5 not even a dollar they happened to b # 001 threw 005 was a new roll ,that wasnt very encouraging .If they would think the more we win the more we play ,i want play for a few month .GOOD LUCK everyone

On 2/04/2014 09:07, Player said

good luck to all luck has been pretty good

On 2/04/2014 08:14, Player said

good Luck to all do not forget to pay tithe offering

On 2/04/2014 06:59, LotteryProject said

I am going to stick with the ten dollar "Color of Money" instant game. I have a funny feeling about this one. Good luck to all.

On 2/04/2014 05:40, Player said

Hope to win soon. Playing for long time and have not won yet. My day is coming soon!!!

On 2/04/2014 03:29, draigun said

At the previous poster, I've had that happen. The way that I look at it is, I won't be so unhappy when the three numbers that were the same in each set of picks end up being called in the drawing. :) Then you have an even greater chance that you'll match the fourth or fifth number for even more cash! But as Lucke-Zone said, technically your chances are always the same.

On 2/04/2014 02:14, freespirit said

Quick question, not related to scratch-offs. How much greater are the odds in winning from a quick-pick when the computer gives you practically the same numbers in each pick? For example, I bought 3 Cash5 QP's; only two numbers different in each set of picks.....that stinks! As far as scratch-offs, I've never won anything over $10; have had many "Not a Winner". Lucke-Zone RepliedAny set of numbers, picked by you personally or randomly by the computer, have exactly the same chances of winning a prize in a lottery drawing. 1 in 1000 for Pick 3, 1 in 10,000 for Pick 4, 1 in 575,757 for Cash 5, etc. It takes luck to win a lottery prize... good luck!

On 2/04/2014 01:55, Player87 said

yeah thts why i like " double match" cuz theres two ways to win! but now imma have to go give this a try ;)

On 2/04/2014 12:41, Player said

My wife and I recently found out we are expecting our first baby! A big win in the lottery would definitely help with the diapers and all the other baby expenses. Time to hit a big one. Green and gold are good colors to win with. Lucke-Zone RepliedThanks for sharing the good news! Congrats! And good luck!

On 2/04/2014 10:11, Player said

What is wrong with North Carolina lottery? I moved here from Florida 7 months ago. In Florida, we had more scratch off games with much larger prizes offered. It was much easier to win in Florida. Here, I am wasting my money. Every now and then I will win what I paid for for the ticket, but my loss on these tickets that dont pay is ridiculous. North Carolina lottery, please be more generous so that we can enjoy playing. Can you also do like Florida and post online how many prizes are left for each ticket and the payouts and also where the winning tickets were purchased.. Oh, and those certificates of winners that you see posted on the lotto machines in stores, cant you put a date on the certificate? Those certificates could be a year old showing there was a winner... Lucke-Zone RepliedThe lottery in North Carolina pays out a higher percentage today than it did when it started in 2006 - 61% including draw games and instant games. You can review the prizes remaining on instant game pages on our website.

On 2/04/2014 10:10, player said

I love cross words those are the only ones I play.

On 2/04/2014 09:57, Elabosha said

I can't wait to try this one. I won $500 on $2 Jr.Big Ol Bucks ticket last night!! I am so thankful! Lucke-Zone RepliedThat is awesome!

On 2/04/2014 09:18, Player said

Hope to win front and back.

On 2/04/2014 12:24, drew said

I think the double sided ticket is a great idea an will be a huge saler the others dont really peak my intrest would be neat to have a pick 3 an 4 scratch off an a mega millions an cash 5 think that would sell very well have alot of great ideas I rarely buy tickets but I play the numbers everyday I think the people who dont really buy scratch offs would enjoy it

On 2/03/2014 09:10, a&e1266 said


On 2/03/2014 08:55, big chin said

sound like a great ticket cant wait to play it.

On 2/03/2014 06:44, shaking said

lottery pick it winner

On 2/03/2014 06:08, Player said

I would like to know if there will be a lottery ticket with a prize amount you could win for life? I think the new scratch ticket sounds interesting and look forward to playing it. Thank You, Lucke-Zone RepliedWe do have win for life tickets! Check out the instant games page on our website. There are $500 a Week, $1,000 a Week, $2,500 a week and $5,000 a week for life games :-) Good luck!

On 2/03/2014 05:29, lan40 said


On 2/03/2014 05:29, shybucks said

my hand is itchy after reading this...hopefully one ticket will be a winna! ??

On 2/03/2014 04:53, Player said

look at all prizes even on scratch off tickets stop it where is the money really going Lucke-Zone RepliedMost of the money is paid back to lottery winners. Prize money comes from non-winning tickets. That's exactly how the lottery works, in North Carolina or anywhere else.

On 2/03/2014 04:44, Player said

lottery are not trying to let people win money its an all take take take need to allow people to win so more people could enjoy playing especially power ball how can they have 4 nubers and powerball only 5,000 four numbers 500 really all that money that's in powerball pot don't really get any money unless you get all the money mega millions same way they added more numbers to choose from lessens chances to win legal means of stealing from people find ways to let the people win some money that would be really impressive Lucke-Zone RepliedThe lottery pays out about $2.6 million a day in prizes, and an average of 61 cents on every dollar spent on a lottery ticket is paid back to players in prizes.

On 2/03/2014 02:58, Player said

I think that, s a great idea to use both sides.

On 2/03/2014 02:35, Player said

cant t to try them. best of luck to all.

On 2/03/2014 01:31, Player said

Can't wait

On 2/03/2014 10:44, Melanie said

I think that would be awesome and its something different too. It gives you a second chance on the other side of the ticket.

On 2/03/2014 09:38, george said

Very nice I like this tickets .!!!

On 2/03/2014 08:26, 1rock2king said

Hey! thats our High school colors! Hope to win on this ticket! To Win on front and back, sounds good to me! Don't play much on the lower tier tickets! I Missed out on the cash 5 last night! Congrats to the winner whom ever they are! No numbers matching anywhere on my C5 ticket.360,000 would have been a nice payday for me! Debt free a new truck and a very nice Vacation in Key West FLA come summer!! Wishing you all good luck on this weeks drawing!

On 2/03/2014 08:21, Playerlogger said

sounds real good to me if only I could finaly win something!!!!!

On 2/03/2014 08:14, babe said

great idea.

On 2/03/2014 06:31, Player said


On 2/02/2014 11:45, anniversary cash said

i hope i will be the one with the 150.00 win

On 2/02/2014 11:30, greenelady said

Can't wait good luck my lottery pals.

On 2/02/2014 09:31, Broughtonk said

If the odds are the same as other games, what does it matter??? Lucke-Zone RepliedIt's just a different play style. Some players like crossword games, or playing card-themed games.. the back scratch is just a neat twist on the usual experience :)

On 2/02/2014 08:54, lyd said

Can't wait to try my luck on the new cards

On 2/02/2014 07:20, Player said

I'll know more when I get to actually see how it does. Initial thoughts are that it would see to be somewhat already scratched when pulled from dispenser unless these are going to be updated, which seems to be doubtful. It sounds interesting and I'll be sure to check it out when available.

On 2/02/2014 06:23, Player said

WoW!Thats great.Giving a chance to win a prize on the back of the ticket.Can't wait until Tuesday.

On 2/02/2014 06:07, oldlady said

good idea

On 2/02/2014 05:49, wanttowin said


On 2/02/2014 05:47, Barb said

I'll take any extra chances of winning that the lottery offers!!

On 2/02/2014 05:45, Player said

Been playing a good while were ready to WIN

On 2/02/2014 04:59, Player said

sounds great

On 2/02/2014 04:41, Player said

Sound loke a go.My try the new back scrach game.I could use a win.I'm in the hole.

On 2/02/2014 03:40, Player said

sounds good just like to win something,very poor an need food Lucke-Zone RepliedBased on your comment, we just want to remind you that lottery games, or games of chance in general, are a form of entertainment and it takes luck to beat the odds... if you are facing difficult financial circumstances, remember that there are many things more important than playing lottery games. We wish you the best.

On 2/02/2014 01:58, Shirleyc63 said

Fantastic,more to gamble on,it's lots of fun,just have to know your limits!!!!!!

On 2/02/2014 01:04, Nannyb said

Looking forward to this one, sounds interesting!!!!

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