Powerball jackpot jumps to $425 million

2:12 PM


The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday has been elevated to an estimated $425 million, the third largest in the game’s history. The size of the jackpot increased based on strong ticket sales for the drawing.

That means that if a player matches all six numbers on Wednesday, they can win a $425 million annuity or take a lump sum of $244.7 million.

From the beginning of the  jackpot’s roll on June 26 through Tuesday, North Carolina Powerball players won more than $3 million  prizes, including a $1 million prize, seven $10,000 prizes and three $40,000 prizes.

Remember to check your numbers closely. There's more than just the jackpot to win in Powerball, and even more if you Power Play.

We'd love to meet a brand new North Carolina jackpot winner this week.

Best of luck to everyone!


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On 7/25/2017 08:15, FireDiven said

I cannot believe this blog hasn't been updated since 2013. Wow!! :-( Lucke-Zone Replied Hi there, FireDiven. We aren't sure how you got to this blog, but we update the blog a couple of times a week. The most recent blog was posted yesterday. Please go to the "Community" tab and you will see all of our blogs there.

On 5/05/2017 01:52, Hit1day said

Love The convience of online service. Will there ever be Pick 3 or Pick 4 available too?

On 6/28/2015 12:08, DebbieH said

Would be nice.

On 4/27/2014 10:58, Player said

Getting super excited for the April showers drawing. Just now getting into 2nd chance drawings. Love the idea, however it would be even better if we knew the odds of winning a prize. The computer could generate overall odds upon ticket entry from every player automatically...Good luck everyone!! NC FOREVER!!!

On 8/12/2013 02:36, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (HAMFAT) - Typically, the lottery first attempts to notify winners by e-mail within 48 hours of the drawing. If we don't hear back, we try to reach a winner by telephone. If that doesn't work, we send certified mail. Again, a winner's name is only announced after he or she completes the claim process which, for prizes of $600+, must be done at one of our regional claim centers. Good luck!

On 8/12/2013 02:25, Player said

How do I know if I win or not and will you call me or email me if I do win

On 8/12/2013 02:08, Lucke-Zone said

@ EYEDONTNO - We responded to your questions on a different blog entry. You can copy & paste this link to go there.

On 8/12/2013 02:00, Lucke-Zone said

@ CASH_N - You'd have to read about the coverage of those three winners to find out if the state lotteries reported whether the winners let the computer "Quick Pick" their numbers, or if they chose their own numbers. Either scenario is possible, all 175 million # combinations have the same chance of winning in every drawing.

On 8/12/2013 12:50, 1rock2king said

Well I finally won on POWERBALL on Saturday night! I had the PB number 13. Won 4.00 dollars out of 6.00 dollars worth. Read on the net where this man said the PB 13 has not came up in the last 9 months. So I decided to play it, too bad I didn't have any other numbers to go with it! But at least it's a win for me that's been a long time coming. Good Luck all!!

On 8/11/2013 03:36, samentha said

I am so ready to give up i just cant win anything not the pick-it scratch offs not even on line

On 8/11/2013 11:37, gctharin said

I would like to see the number of entries for the all the 2nd chance drawings. We currently have no idea of what our odds are in those things. Is that a possibility??? This info would be very useful to us when we are trying to determine where to use the points we have.

On 8/10/2013 08:38, Player said

Sad..Sad.. Sad. Purchased several of the $10 50X payout tickets today. Got all excited when I scratched and saw a "5X WIN 5X". And to my dismay the prize was $2. Still honestly believe it really really is a shame for a $10 ticket or any priced ticket to have any prize on the playing field lower than the ticket price, Yeah Won $10 more than I spent on that particular ticket but why even have a multiplier of a payout if its gonna be a below purchase price prize. Just put WIN on that and a $20 prize. It just has pushed me instantly never to buy any of the "X" games anymore cause myself and others I've spoken to feel its deceptive.. Be straight forward with prize lines..Simple and right thing to do.

On 8/10/2013 01:00, eyedontno said

Why was my questions and your comments deleted?

On 8/10/2013 11:54, Cash_N said

I have a question about the Powerball number selection. Does the fact that three winning tickets were sold mean that all three winners randomly chose the correct 5 numbers(plus the powerball), or that the computer generated the same number three times?

On 8/10/2013 03:10, MoreMoneyThisYear said

Even if 1,000 people were to have the winning ticket, after taxes & take home lump sum still would be nice at $170,000 or so each. That would help a lot of people! & some would still help out others!

On 8/09/2013 08:11, Player said

I guess I can't complain, I did get two numbers and the powerball, for a whopping $7 bucks! lol...

On 8/09/2013 12:42, DBryant said

Thanks for the reply. I contacted them through email.

On 8/08/2013 08:41, baddcatt326 said

i bought five cash 5's for tonight,I don't have to win it all.Just a little something.I don't mine sharing.Good luck everybody!

On 8/08/2013 02:06, Lucke-Zone said

@ DBRYANT - Please contact technical customer service by e-mail/telephone by clicking on the "HELP" link at the very top right-hand corner of the Lucke-Zone.

On 8/08/2013 12:06, 1rock2king said

No birthday win for my wife's birthday today!! Maybe Cash 5 win will do it for me tonight!! Had no matching numbers at all on PB or Cash5. Congrats to the Powerball winners!!

On 8/08/2013 11:17, Red said

how about a new lottery called "north Carolina roads lottery". to get potholes fixed.. hehehe.

On 8/08/2013 08:35, Player said

I would make sure that there was no more homeless people and help educate women with little children.By building a place for them and their children. Then make jobs for the men to help out.

On 8/08/2013 07:28, Player said

Good Luck everyone!

On 8/08/2013 06:43, cysefetti said

Did somebody in nc win?

On 8/08/2013 12:49, JackofDiamonds said

2 winners. Minnesota and New Jersey. NC didn't even have a $1mil winner. Geez.

On 8/08/2013 12:39, mwright85 said

can someone tell me if the numbers in power ball or cash 5 have to be in exact order or u can match some of the numbers in any order.

On 8/08/2013 12:08, DBryant said

"Random Number Generators Use our number generators to pick random numbers for your favorite North Carolina Lottery draw games!" I sure wish this Random Number Generator would kick out valid powerball & megamillion numbers! It kicks out numbers that don't exist on the play ticket!

On 8/08/2013 12:03, MikeHunt said

I never win anything its not fair. The government owe e oney and I want it.

On 8/07/2013 11:56, Player said

Another one bite's the dust.

On 8/07/2013 11:40, l0920574832 said

I lost did anyone win. :)

On 8/07/2013 11:05, susanheartso said

Almost time for results!! I thank God in advance for any blessings He has for me. Good luck everyone and may God bless the one that wins!

On 8/07/2013 10:40, jcman said

hope everyone has good luck i just want to win a little

On 8/07/2013 10:10, Cassandra said

Glory to God, I have faith and whatever God has for my family....Thank you God in advance............Amen

On 8/07/2013 10:00, hitesh1969 said


On 8/07/2013 09:41, LBrown said

Good luck all!! After this, I'm out...until I find a job.

On 8/07/2013 09:35, Player said

good luck to alland everyone if you do win or something thank and pay god first.

On 8/07/2013 09:08, Player said

Just once in my life is all I ask for, tonight would be good. I would share. create new jobs, help the needy, donate to worthy church project, make sure family is secure

On 8/07/2013 09:04, Amanda said

I hope n pray The Lord blesses my family!

On 8/07/2013 08:25, anniversary cash said

i hope today is my luck day.for the $2.billion.

On 8/07/2013 07:49, Player said

I am not good at this I have only played one time but I do know that if I win tonight god will get his share before I do. Once I have given y dues to god then I would think about what I would do with the rest of the winnings. I know that God comes first, then family, and last people in need. It would mean the world to me to win. My children with mental disabilities would be taken care of and I would be forever thankful to God for allowing me to take care of them and other as he sees fit.

On 8/07/2013 07:41, Player said

This is life changing money if i win i will not only bless my family but another family as well, Good Luck to everyone :-)

On 8/07/2013 07:39, Lucke-Zone said

@ MACMILLION - Thanks to players and retailers, the lottery has raised more than $2.9 billion for specific education programs, including teacher salaries. But we don't control the state budget. We wish all our players luck tonight!

On 8/07/2013 07:38, Player said

WOW!!! I bought my small ticket. I hope the saying is true for me tonight. BIG things come in small packages. "GOOD LUCK TO ALL NC"

On 8/07/2013 07:23, Macmillion said

no textbooks for the kids, no salary increase for teachers, tenure gone and no more increase for a masters degree and you people wishing on star, LOVE LIVE THE LOTTERY!

On 8/07/2013 07:09, Player said

i wish i could win big

On 8/07/2013 07:03, Rosebush said

Good Luck to everyone in N.C.!!!

On 8/07/2013 07:00, chris5 said

hop it me an my wife

On 8/07/2013 06:03, Player said

It is what it is <3

On 8/07/2013 06:00, meanyxxx said

It's up to God as to who will win.

On 8/07/2013 05:27, Player said

gd luck NC

On 8/07/2013 05:24, baddcatt326 said

Good luck everyone!

On 8/07/2013 05:07, Player said

goodluck to me!!!!!!!!!

On 8/07/2013 04:51, Player said

It could Help me and my Grandson so much.........Good Lucky everyone

On 8/07/2013 04:17, mamacatz said

you just never know until the numbers fall!

On 8/07/2013 03:41, Player said

goodluck to everyone

On 8/07/2013 03:39, Player said

I feel the ball will drop in Rocky Mount NC to night. Good luck to everyone that plays.

On 8/07/2013 02:52, cagilady said

good luck everyone

On 8/07/2013 02:37, jcman said

good luck nc

On 8/07/2013 02:14, Sweet Tee said

Good Luck Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

On 8/07/2013 02:07, 1rock2king said

Tomorrow is my wife's birthday! What a wonderful present this win would be! No more work for her in a textile plant! 54 years old, we been married for 33 years this past June. We didn't go any where for our Anniversary, Will be playing 6 dollars worth tonight. Just hope my 2 picks and 1 quick pick will be the numbers I need to win it! If 5 numbers would win for me, that will suit me just fine! Good Luck to all of you!!

On 8/07/2013 01:06, EbonyBrodieHarris said


On 8/07/2013 12:08, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (EKIRBY) - The timing depends on the volume of drawings being held that day and the availability of required staff. All lottery drawings are done under the supervision of an auditor, according to specific security procedures. But in this case, rather than being a televised drawing using ball machines, these drawings are done using a random number generator.

On 8/07/2013 11:17, Player said

is there a certain time of day that you have the 2nd chance drawings?

On 8/07/2013 10:55, Lucke-Zone said

@ KRISTEN - Winners in the drawings are not posted on the same day as the drawing. Before a winner's name is announced, he or she must respond to the lottery's notification and complete the claim process. We first attempt to notify winners by e-mail within 48 hours of the drawing. If we don't hear back, we try to reach a winner by telephone. If that doesn't work, we send certified mail. Again, a winner's name is only announced after he or she completes the claim process which, for prizes of $600+, must be done at one of our regional claim centers. Good luck!

On 8/07/2013 10:53, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (BARTIE) - NCEL employees can NOT play Powerball or Mega Millions in any state. We'd have the same odds as you guys anyway, but the rules are the rules! :-)

On 8/07/2013 10:52, Kristen said

Does anyone know what time they do the second chance drawings so I will know when to check the site for the winners

On 8/07/2013 10:52, l0920574832 said

Thank you Lucky zone we the people of nc could really use this money in the state good luck everyone may god bless you all.

On 8/07/2013 10:43, jcman said


On 8/07/2013 10:38, Player said

may it be witten in my book of life

On 8/07/2013 10:27, Player said

Movin' on up to the big time... finally got a piece of the pie!! That's what I want to sing after my winning numbers hit tonight!!! PLEASE!!! So, NCEL employees can play Powerball & Mega Millions if you go over the state line to Virginia, and purchase there, can't you?

On 8/07/2013 09:36, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1R2K - Correct, NCEL employees cannot play any lottery games that are played in North Carolina, which means all scratch-off games, all our daily NC draw games + Powerball & Mega Millions. We get excited for everybody else though! :-D

On 8/07/2013 09:28, 1rock2king said

Hey, thanks for your quick response! I hope it will roll, but I'm thinking it will be won tonight. Either California, New York, Pennsylvania all the populous states will be the winner, don't forget Florida. Already won twice there! I would really like to see a NC winner! I only hope it's me or shared with me!! Good Luck to all of you!! Question: Employees of the lottery can't play the lottery! Right?

On 8/07/2013 09:05, 1rock2king said

Hey! cash 5 looks good to win! So what I'm doing, is putting my numbers in a group, with all even numbers together and my odd numbers together in a group. Looking to see which numbers are odd from the last 5 draws and which numbers are even from the last 5 draws. Then I will randomly put 2 odd numbers with 3 even numbers for a set of numbers, and then I will put 3 odd numbers to 2 even numbers together to make me a set of numbers to play tonight's cash 5. Doing the same thing with the POWERBALL numbers too, from the last 10 draws, put even numbers in a group and odd numbers in a group. Then do the 2 even and 3 odds together to play numbers, then do the 3 odds and 2 even together to get my numbers to play for tonight's Powerball Drawing! It's worth a try! Might work! might not! Will know after the drawing! Good Luck all who plays tonight!

On 8/07/2013 08:46, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1R2K - We don't expect another increase in the jackpot today, but if it were to roll tonight... it could be VERY big for Saturday!! First things first, we're hoping for an NC winner tonight though :-) Good luck to you & everyone!!

On 8/07/2013 08:39, 1rock2king said

Look a here, Look a here!!!! WOW!! What a jackpot to win! What a life anyone could have with this much money! It was 300 million, then they jumped it to a 100 million more to 400 million. Now it only went up 25 million to to 425 million? Only 25 million jump? come on now, you and I both know there was more tickets sold since last Saturday! Why not jump it another 100 million instead of 25 million? Maybe today it will hit 500 million before it's drawing! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

On 8/07/2013 06:04, Player said

Hope I win greatly needed

On 8/07/2013 05:31, mchavrz73 said

I hope we win it to need the money just hoping thank u.

On 8/07/2013 03:34, kaletah said

I hope I get super Lucky soon good luck eveo me

On 8/07/2013 01:34, nthenite said

Being playing for years hope and pray it tine.... Good luck everyone..

On 8/07/2013 01:25, Player said

I hope whoever wins really needs and deserves it.

On 8/07/2013 12:30, Player said

Good luck to you all pray for what you want work hard for what you need

On 8/06/2013 11:34, Player said

Good Luck!!!! I hope I win something out of all this money!!!!

On 8/06/2013 11:25, MikeHunt said

Hi, I hope someone who has a good heart wins. Someone who will use the money to help others in need. God bless.

On 8/06/2013 11:15, Player said

It would be nice if I won the jackpot.

On 8/06/2013 10:17, Donna said

The research for a cure to cancer would benefit greatly as would several other great institutes that help those who otherwise wouldn't have a chance.

On 8/06/2013 10:05, Linville said

I hope we all win something! Good luck all!

On 8/06/2013 10:01, Player said

I would help create more jobs.

On 8/06/2013 09:56, mason said

Its my time.

On 8/06/2013 09:52, Player said

Believe and you will win, and it will come at a time when one least expects.

On 8/06/2013 09:39, Player said

I hope I be one of the winners this time.I'm feeling lucky this go around. Good LUCK To EVERYONE......

On 8/06/2013 08:43, Robin said

It would be nice to see all of us win. It's about time . Good luck, and congratulations to all the lucky winners, NC.

On 8/06/2013 08:11, Player 3203 said


On 8/06/2013 07:40, Player said

Good luck everyone keep the faith.

On 8/06/2013 07:40, animal said

still praying and believing, its my time

On 8/06/2013 07:33, Player said

Good luck everyone

On 8/06/2013 07:27, Player said


On 8/06/2013 07:23, luigi said

bring on the money~!

On 8/06/2013 07:08, Tee said


On 8/06/2013 06:50, lpnmack said

I got a dream.A 425 million dollar dream for me and my family.

On 8/06/2013 06:28, Player said

Good Luck NC. Let's bring a PB jackpot winner to NC. The methodical player.

On 8/06/2013 06:23, Player said

maybe god will bless some one form charlotte to win the big one good luck to all charlotte players

On 8/06/2013 06:13, lucky said

I believe my ship is coming in on this 425 million dollar wave! Good luck everyone!

On 8/06/2013 05:47, Player said

It would be nice if we all could win.

On 8/06/2013 05:46, hitesh1969 said


On 8/06/2013 05:28, Player said

good luck to everyone

On 8/06/2013 05:28, Kerr Lake said

Fingers still crossed :)

On 8/06/2013 04:14, Gripp said

That is generational money!

On 8/06/2013 02:58, LARRY said


On 8/06/2013 02:33, lrl said

I hope and pray that our time has come. The time to cash in on our winnings.

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