Lottery players win big playing scratch-offs and Cash 5

3:27 PM


This week saw more than $17 million paid out to players and one of the largest single-ticket Carolina Cash 5 wins in lottery history.

When Felix Scism of Forest City in Rutherford County matched all five numbers in the Aug. 25 Cash 5 drawing, he said the numbers just seemed to light up. “I looked at the lottery’s website and it said someone from Forest City had won,” Scism said when he realized he'd won the $876,185 jackpot. “I wondered ‘Could it be me?’"

Both of our big instant scratch-off winners said that they began shaking the moment they learned they had won.

Katherine Oliver of Charlotte said she went weak at the knees when she scratched off the $100,000 top prize on her Diamond 7's ticket. “I felt like I was going to pass out. That lasted for about four or five hours,” Oliver said as she collected her winnings.

Eric Benge, a carpenter from Lenoir, said he plans to buy a new truck with the $100,000 prize he won playing Black Onyx 7's. “I felt panicky,” Benge said. “It was just so hard to believe. I still can’t believe it. This is so cool.”

This week's big instant scratch-off winners include:

Analeah Conn of Salisbury won $50,000 playing 10X The Cash.
Jesus Dominguez of won Raleigh $50,000 playing Money Vault.
Soraya Bahar of    Charlotte won $30,000 playing MONOPOLY.
David Calloway of High Point won $10,000 playing 50X The Cash.
Yvette Faust of    Salisbury won $10,000 playing 20X The Cash.
Jose Sanchez of    Charlotte won $10,000 playing Black Onyx 7’s.
Trina Love of Lake Lure won $10,000 playing 20X The Cash.
Rodney Shaw of Nashville won $10,000 playing $5,000 a Week for Life!

That's all for this week. We hope everyone has a lucky holiday weekend.


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On 9/18/2013 10:14, magnum7mm44 said

@ Lucke-zone...thanks for the reply, I only know of 1 way to increase your Odds of winning a ticket ! LOL ! BTW , after this post some lady from Roxboro hit one of the 5 for $500... Guess we lost our virginity...

On 9/11/2013 01:51, Lucke-Zone said

@ MAGNUM7MM44 - Did you know that, of the 9 million+ people living in North Carolina, just about 23,000 of them live in Caswell County? That's less people in the entire county than in a medium-sized town. Now: Folks like you in Caswell County have no better or worse chance of winning than anybody else; an entry made by you is the same as anybody else's! Its just that you have to remember there are players all across the state entering for a chance to win. Good luck to you!

On 9/10/2013 09:54, magnum7mm44 said

I don't want to sound negative, but I have yet to see 1 (ONE), winner on the second chance drawings from Caswell County . And I know first hand it isn't from trying.

On 9/09/2013 02:59, Lucke-Zone said

@ SLADEINU - Players are welcome to speak their mind here on the Lucke-Zone blog, even if they are critical of the lottery. But comments that are rude to other players, vulgar in word choice, or that beat a dead horse after we have sincerely responded to the question/comment/accusation won't be posted. You're free to speak your mind many places on the internet; the Lucke-Zone is for N.C. Education Lottery players who want to exchange information about the lottery.

On 9/09/2013 02:55, Lucke-Zone said

@ TERRY - Thanks so much for taking time to share this feedback!! We do our best to offer good customer service at our offices and claim centers, and work with retailers to provide training and information they can use to give players a positive experience, too :-)

On 9/09/2013 02:52, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (BJEANK) - Thanks for your comment. We don't mind if people want to post comments that are unfavorable about the lottery, but we have to draw the line at being rude to other players and to beating a dead horse. We're glad to respond to sincere questions, concerns and criticism. But at the same time we have to make sure the Lucke-Zone blog is FUN for everyone who wants to enjoy talking about lottery games.

On 9/09/2013 02:50, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (ODDISH) - The odds of winning a prize playing any instant scratch-off game are set at the very beginning of the game and are 100% accurate. As people buy tickets and win prizes, the odds vary for the rest of the game. The $5,000 a Week for Life! game started with overall odds of winning at 1 in 3.44... that means that about 29% of the tickets are winning tickets. Because tickets are distributed randomly throughout the entire game, it's very possible to buy a ticket on ten different occasions and not win a prize. Sometimes it just takes one ticket to win. Good luck to you!

On 9/09/2013 02:44, Lucke-Zone said

@ PIRATE_2015 - Whether you choose your own numbers or Quick Pick, the odds of winning are still the same. We have winners who play both ways all the time.

On 9/09/2013 02:41, Lucke-Zone said

@ LEOJ1 - The daily limit has been raised from 30 to 75. Remember that in addition to non-winning instant tickets, any winning or non-winning ticket for a draw game can be entered for Lucke-Rewards points. Good luck to you

On 9/09/2013 02:41, Lucke-Zone said

@ RICK - Not sure what question you're referring to? You're welcome to call our player hotline toll-free any time you have a question: 877-962-7529

On 9/09/2013 09:32, Rick said

why did you not answer my last blog

On 9/08/2013 10:58, leoj1 said

only 30 non-winning tickets allowed a day;why sometimes I can register over 30

On 9/07/2013 11:15, pirate_2015 said

My daughter tells me to play the quick picks.I have done this many times. I have never won playing quick picks.Does anyone ever win playing quick picks?

On 9/06/2013 11:27, Player said

the $5000 a week for life tickets are a rip-off. I've bought ten of them (at $10 each) and not a single win? Not even my money back once? The crooks at the lottery need to be honest about the real odds of winning anything...they're not 1/4. People will stop coming back if you don't include more chances to just win your money back.

On 9/06/2013 10:55, Player said

Everyone knows the lottery is a game of chance. Being rude don't improve your chances either. Most time you might not get your comment posted on the blog.Be nice and play responsible. Good LUCK EVERYONE....

On 9/06/2013 01:36, desirecyn said

Congrats to the lucky winners. I am wishing for luck in Concord.

On 9/05/2013 05:12, Terry said

@PLAYER The NCEL employees are sweet. Everyone at the lottery offices in Raleigh and Wilmington are always pleasant, helpful, patient and really happy when you win. The employees who service the stores are always friendly and willing to talk if you have a question they can answer. The employees who staff the special events are very welcoming, helpful, and ready to answer questions also. Then there are the fellow lottery players I get to see often because we purchase tickets at the same stores. These players are always friendly and offer good advice on winning, and are also happy to see you win. If you have not been meeting any friendly people, maybe you need to try going to other stores to get your tickets. I hope you get a nice big ticket and get to see for yourself how nice the lottery personnel are in the regional centers.

On 9/05/2013 03:24, Player said

I have been reading the blog and some comments are so sweet about the NCEL as if the NCEL will let you win for speaking nicely. People remember it is a game or games of chance.RB

On 9/05/2013 03:08, Lucke-Zone said

@SUSAN - Sorry to hear about that happening. We hope you'll still continue to visit us at our sponsored events.

On 9/05/2013 03:06, Lucke-Zone said

@JOSEPH - Stay tuned! :)

On 9/05/2013 02:52, Lucke-Zone said

@Player (PegAnn) - Did you see this article from the Outer Banks Voice from a couple of weeks ago?

On 9/05/2013 01:31, Susan said

I had a lot of lottery prizes from the event at Carolina Beach because I played some for family and friends who could not go in person, but the lottery personnel did not accurately count the prizes I was given or forgot to hand me some of my bags. Perhaps the problem was that the beach towels were so large(very nice!) that when they put them in the bags they though they were putting two when actually they were only putting one. I was missing a couple of shirts also. Hope no one else had this problem.

On 9/05/2013 08:11, Player said

Yup, look at all those winners. They're all from the same area. The only other town missing is Fayetteville. What about the rest of us? How about sending us winning tickets along the Crystal Coast for a change. One might think this lottery program is rigged.

On 9/04/2013 11:59, Joseph said

Will there be any more second chance instant games in the near future like last year's Holiday Millions game?

On 9/04/2013 11:38, Player said

Congrats to all winners! Happy for you! However, my question is: Why are most ALL winners west of Greenville? Very seldom do you see anybody win east of Greenville; if so, it is only $500-$1,000. Of course, I would be happy with that. but it does seem like none of the big winning tickets make it to the Outer Banks!!!!

On 9/04/2013 10:31, kendallg. said

Maybe this time the cash 5 want be in Greensboro or highpoint what about the small community's????

On 9/04/2013 06:35, Player said

I can say that players from small towns are winning. I am from the small town of Pinehurst, NC (golf country) and I won a prize in the Hot summer 2nd chance drawing. I know others that have won locally ($50,000 Jr. Big Ol Bucks, and several Cash 5 winners (Pinebluff, NC West End, NC) Don't be discouraged small town players are winning.

On 9/04/2013 06:08, Happy said

Congrats to all the winners; I will be in the winner's circle soon.

On 9/04/2013 05:08, gorams15 said

I am thankful today to be able to enter my tickets in the second chance drawing again. I had some entry problems and lost my privlege to enter.They got my email and fixed again for me. Thank you NCEL.

On 9/04/2013 04:04, Player said

People in small towns should stop buying tickets in small towns and go somewhere elese to buy tickets.

On 9/04/2013 03:42, mimi45 said

still no winners in gastonia

On 9/04/2013 03:27, sladeinu said

I think ill take a break as well. I see im not alone or the only one who sees the patterns in the NCEL.Well their is always the sc lottery. I don't see why you have the comments if you cant say what you want. so much for freedom of speech! The truth is the truth.

On 9/04/2013 01:02, Jase said

Sad when you've entered over a million points and still dont win!! COOOOL Thank ya Lottery!

On 9/04/2013 10:32, Elewis said

I understand the lottery scratch offs will always be a hit or miss, but I have to agree with some other commenters here. Same area winners is nothing new. I've written down the big winners for a span of 1 month at different times through the year and the statistics of the same area winners is staggering. I play consistently within my area and the instant scratch statistics for winners in the 3 city area I'm in is mind-blowingly low. Congratz to those who have won. I'm tempted to drive to other cities and try my luck at this point lol.

On 9/04/2013 09:32, Player said

I do not understand it; we have never ever had a big winner in the Aberdeen and Pinehurst North Carolina; never.. yet I am still happy for the one in said areas who are still winners. Linda

On 9/04/2013 09:11, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1R2K :-)

On 9/04/2013 08:58, 1rock2king said

We edited out the political content from your post, we don't want to take the conversation in that direction!! Hey Thanks for the editing! Don't want to rile anyone up! I can't even remember what I said! But I'm good with y'all omitting it out!!

On 9/04/2013 08:30, Lucke-Zone said

@ SLADEINU - Please see our responses to CHAMPION and WATTSGURL above.

On 9/04/2013 08:29, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (WATTSGURL) - Please see our response above to CHAMPION. Here's an example for you to consider. Let's say the odds of winning on a scratch-off game are 1 in 4, and 100 people in a small town take a chance to win, you'd expect to see about 25 winning tickets, give or take, due to random luck. Now let's say 10,000 people in a big city take a chance to win, you'd expect to see about 2,500 winning tickets, give or take due to random luck. Everyone is playing the same game with the same odds, there are just more people taking a chance to win. A really big ticket could show up anywhere, anytime. Good luck to you!

On 9/04/2013 08:27, Lucke-Zone said

@ CHAMPION - Geography makes no difference in the odds of winning... it's all a matter of luck. The odds just play out more often in places where more people are taking a chance to win. We have had several very big lottery winners from the western part of the state recently. Here is a link you can copy & paste to read just a few of those stories:

On 9/04/2013 12:04, justin said

hope someone wins that need's it. and god bless them

On 9/03/2013 10:51, borick said

i am taking a break from playing. the odds are stacked so heavily against a big win and money spent on the lottery trying to find money to pay and/or catch up bills is money that is going to get little to no return. so, if i can't enjoy playing and the investment is a loser for me...its time to take a break. i am sure that someday I will play again on some small level...but its going to be a while. AND, no need getting upset with the lottery people, they TELL you and me in no uncertain terms that the chances of striking it big are very minimal.

On 9/03/2013 10:06, mason said

all these games are crooked.

On 9/03/2013 09:04, Cdl5 said

Thanks for the update on the new tickets!! I'm looking to win in the next 20 for $5,000 or the $25,000 September Cash, I got next:-)!!! Thanks for all the ways to win, scratching, playing the pick 3 or 4 and the second chance entries...more ways to win....gotta be it to win it!!!!

On 9/03/2013 08:15, mamacatz said

Consistent and conservative play will win for anyone. Believe the catz, because it has worked for me for many years. Luck doesn't come often, but it will come both small and large. The odds will usually keep you on the positive side.

On 9/03/2013 05:55, champion said

Is there no winners sent to western part of the state come on now the mountains are waiting for some cash too

On 9/03/2013 04:57, Player said

why aren't people winning in the small towns in NC. We have had one big win that I can remember and that was in the town of Williamston other than that nothing. Not even on the scratch offs.

On 9/03/2013 03:12, sladeinu said

you keep posting about the map and how you win awards for AUDITING but the fact is no matter What second chance or any drawing 25% is from the BIG 3. BUT it the same chance for everyone same old same. RAL CHAR greens/durm. no matter what its for But every now and then sure put one or two small citys in the mix.

On 9/03/2013 02:29, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (BJEANK) You're most welcome :-D

On 9/03/2013 02:24, Lucke-Zone said

@ SUSAN - Thanks for taking time to share the positive feedback! We'll share it with the promotions team!

On 9/03/2013 02:23, Lucke-Zone said

@ RAMONA - That was a limited-time promotion for the multiplier tickets that started in August. The promotion ended Aug. 31a

On 9/03/2013 11:32, Susan said

I thoroughly enjoyed the lottery event at Carolina Beach on Sept. 1. The beach towels, shirts, set of 4 tumblers, and sunglasses will be enjoyed by my entire family! Please continue events like this around the state so everyone gets a chance to participate.

On 9/03/2013 10:37, Player said

Thank you NCEL for wishing me and my husband a happy aniv. in advanced. We have had a hard pass three years. And yes we have so much to be thankful for.Just waking up in the morning is a BLESSING. If we never win the lottery.We are truly Blessed.

On 9/03/2013 09:55, Ramona said

I noticed when I enter 50x the cash and 10x the cash it did not give me extra points. Please let me know if something changed.

On 9/03/2013 09:26, Lucke-Zone said

@ SLADINU - You're skipping over all the other winners in this blog that aren't from the large population area such as Forest City, Lenoir, Salisbury, High Point, Lake Lure and Nashville. There were many other lottery winners from many different places this week as well, those are just the highlights. It's not any easier to win a lottery prize if you win in a big place or a small place. It's all a matter of random luck! Good luck to you!

On 9/03/2013 09:24, Lucke-Zone said

@ BRONXHIGH - Thanks for the suggestion on Cash 5. If the prize payouts were to be bigger at any level, it would require the additional prize money to come from somewhere, so the powerup option is a realistic option for that. No plans to change the game at this time but thank you again

On 9/03/2013 09:23, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (GREGORJE) - Here's a link you can copy & paste for many pages' worth of info about winners in the $4,000,000 Gold Bullion game:

On 9/03/2013 09:20, Lucke-Zone said

@ COOKIE - The communications team that answers questions on the blog is not involved in the technical side of how the Lucke-Zone works. Please click on the "HELP" link at the very top right-hand corner of the Lucke-Zone for more info & contact info.

On 9/03/2013 09:19, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (DOTD) - We've definitely had big winners from the Wilson area. You can copy & paste this link for more info:

On 9/03/2013 09:18, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (KELSEE1010) - Congrats on the new addition to your family!! Best wishes to you in all things!!

On 9/03/2013 09:16, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1R2K - Thanks for taking time to share like you always do here in the L-Z. We edited out the political content from your post, we don't want to take the conversation in that direction!! Thanks though and good luck to you :-)

On 9/03/2013 09:15, Lucke-Zone said

@ AVROBERTS - For more info, click on the "HELP" link at the very top right-hand corner of the Lucke-Zone. There's more info about how Lucke-Rewards works, and contact info if you have more questions :-)

On 9/03/2013 09:15, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (EKIRBY) - That was a special promotion to help kick off the "X the Money" games.

On 9/03/2013 09:03, Lucke-Zone said

@ CSUMMERS76 - First off, congrats on winning $100. We are sorry that the play style/feature is not satisfying to you, but there is nothing "deceptive" about the way the game works. Of all the scratch-off games that are available, we hope that some have features that you like. And good luck!

On 9/03/2013 09:01, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (JPRINCE) - During the time frame this blog describes, instant scratch-off winners won more than $13 million, draw game players won more than $3.9 million. The blog is just the highlights.

On 9/03/2013 08:59, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (BJEANK) - We wish you a happy anniversary in advance!!! Winning the lottery is only one way to be lucky, and there are many others that are more important!! So, congrats to you and best wishes.

On 9/03/2013 02:03, Player said

Wish it was me

On 9/02/2013 08:50, Player said

I hope to be a lucky winner one day. But Good Luck to everyone.

On 9/02/2013 08:25, ladyday50 said

Congratulations to all the Winners & also to the Player's because even when we don't WIN we are still sowing into a wonderful & very need cause...The Education, Support and Needs of our Children & Teachers! Waiting for my "Suddenly"!

On 9/02/2013 08:21, Alymarrr said

winning ticket come to rockingham..!!

On 9/02/2013 07:41, mz_williams said

Maybe I will be next!!!

On 9/02/2013 06:50, Player said

hope to win very soon

On 9/02/2013 06:41, grand maw puttie said

I have not won yet!!!!

On 9/02/2013 04:56, Player said


On 9/02/2013 12:57, mellimel40 said

WOW Congrats to the winners. I just want to be able to pay back my student loans, pay my house and debt off. Once I have my family and grandchildren set up, I would like to fulfill the dream of helping homeless people with a place to stay. My dream is to open a homeless shelter for families in need. It was the friendly people of NC who helped me when I moved here with 15 dollars to my name and I want to give back to the community.

On 9/02/2013 11:29, Player said

Even though it's not still feels good to know that somebody's "lucky lotto winning day" has come! Congratulations to you ALL!

On 9/02/2013 09:47, Player said

On September 16 ,me and my husband will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We are hoping we will received a financial Blessing so we can go on a short honeymoon vacation .Good Luck to Everyone one and be Blessed.

On 9/01/2013 11:10, Player said

***Correction*** It's the 50X $10 ticket that has the $2 prizes. I still think the minimum should be $10...The multiplier x $2 is a drop in a bucket. Today, I did scratch and got a "50X" symbol, but guess what, the prize was $2! I'm grateful for the $100 win, but $10 x 50 would have been a much better hit. This game is very deceptive.

On 9/01/2013 10:08, Player said

very happy for all you guys and gals (SMILE)

On 9/01/2013 09:31, gt said

That was good luck for the few winners of some of the bigger prizes. My time is coming-luck to every one!

On 9/01/2013 06:53, Player said

HEY!!what happened to the extra points given to the new entries of the "xx times pay" scratch offs

On 9/01/2013 05:46, Player said

somebody finally won on that money vault good that was one hard scratch off$3.00 they derserv that win.

On 9/01/2013 01:44, avroberts said

HELLO, DO WE HAVE A winning Wed. for $500. & $2,500.00? How do i enter the $500.00 drawing? Im in the $2,500. drawing. THANKS, LUV 2 WIN!

On 9/01/2013 01:29, LBrown said

For sure!!!

On 9/01/2013 11:59, Player said

Congrats to all the winners....***Wish it was me.

On 9/01/2013 11:37, Player said

this does not add up to 17 mil its way off

On 9/01/2013 10:28, 1rock2king said

Good morning Lottery members!! Hope y'all are having a great Sunday! Say a Prayer for those that are sick and dying! Now lets talk about the lottery now! I did not have any wins last night [Saturday]. But I will still keep on playing, looking for the BIG win one day soon!! Good Luck to you all!! Remember: Pray for the sick and dying.

On 9/01/2013 09:46, Player said

Well the time has come,about to have my baby. Been along 9 months which all us women know,was hoping to win something on the 2nd chance with no provail.Fater-in-law said you cant win unless you play. No help with baby cloths ect.Got to stop playing,takes alot of time putting numbers in,but havent the time--everyone have fun and hope you got better luck than us.Grand pal will continue,maybe he was hit once. Again Have Fun.

On 8/31/2013 11:20, Player said

On aug.30th, Igot 4 out of 5 nos. on cash 5. I have done that 4 times. Can't get that 5th no..

On 8/31/2013 06:13, Player said

why cant some one frome Wilson win some times.

On 8/31/2013 04:03, Player said

Happy for them, I am next.

On 8/31/2013 12:43, Player said

I agree also glad to see big winners in familiar areas win again...its cool though my name will b up here one day...

On 8/31/2013 12:01, cathy ware said

wish I could something! out of work!!!

On 8/31/2013 09:34, Player said

Are there any results from the $4,000,00 Gold Bullion?

On 8/31/2013 06:06, bronxhigh said

I would love to see higher payout for cash five second and third prize winners. And get rid of the dollar win. A power up option would be great!

On 8/30/2013 10:11, a&e1266 said

Very happy for all of the lucky winners.

On 8/30/2013 09:54, Player said


On 8/30/2013 09:33, sladeinu said

Same old same nclottery same old same Ral CHAR GREN SAME OLD SAME 2nd chance big winners SAME old same

On 8/30/2013 08:19, Player said

I have hope good to see somebody in CHARLOTTE is winning,Congrats to ALL.

On 8/30/2013 08:10, Player said

So, I got all excited when I bought four 10x the Money tickets. I scratched a "10x", but didn't scratch the amount right away. I was just for certain that I finally had a good hit. How in the world can a $10 ticket have a $2 prize??? It was 10 x $2! I think it's ridiculous to even have $2 as a winner. On the next one I scratched, it was a "5x"; for another measly $2! I am very disappointed in the NC Lottery. Some of spend a lot of money with the hopes of winning some sort of significant prize. $2 on a $10 ticket is a disgrace!

On 8/30/2013 08:00, 1rock2king said

Look at all them winners, all over the place! Sure wish I could get a big win! Congrats to you all! Hope one day soon, like tomorrow{SATURDAY} will be my day!! Maybe tonight on CASH5 OR MEGA MILLIONS will take it home for me!! Good Luck Everyone!!

On 8/30/2013 07:42, Player said

not winning

On 8/30/2013 06:17, Jef said

Look for me in the BIG WINNERS SECTIONS SOON!!!

On 8/30/2013 03:45, Player said

This is exciting news....glad to see people winning!!!!!

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