Lottery players win more than $18.9 million this week

12:19 PM


Lottery players in North Carolina didn’t wait to start winning big in July. Since Thursday, June 27, players statewide won more than $18.9 million in prizes.

Of the $13.8 million awarded to winners of instant scratch-off games, a Union County man’s $100,000 MONOPOLY prize was the biggest. Kenneth Massey Jr., a resident of Monroe, said he’ll use his winnings to save for his daughter’s education. “I started scratching and I saw the money bags,” he said. “I started hollering and dancing when I realized I had won. You always wish something like this will happen, but you can’t believe it when it does. It comes from out of nowhere.”

Three more instant scratch-off players won big prizes this week. James Matthews of Henderson in Vance County won $10,000 playing 20X the Money. A player from Garner in Wake County, Erika Walker, scratched off $20,000 on a $4,000,000 Cash Blowout ticket. And it was a lucky Lady Bucks ticket that won $75,000 for Sequoia Heath of Tarboro in Edgecombe County.

But what about draw game players? In all, folks won more than $5 million in draw game prizes since last week’s wrap-up.

We’re still waiting to meet the winners of two Carolina Cash 5 jackpots that were hit in recent drawings. A ticket sold at the Grocery boy Jr. on West Garner Road in Garner in Wake County won the $224,632 jackpot on July 1. Two days later, a ticket sold at the Circle K on N.C. 49 South in Harrisburg in Cabarrus County won the $74,975 jackpot on July 3.

A lucky North Carolina Powerball player Power Played to $40,000 in the June 29 drawing. The $3 ticket matched four white balls and the red Powerball to win the prize. It was sold at the appropriately-named Winners Food Mart on North Madison Boulevard in Roxboro in Person County.

Heading into the weekend, the Powerball jackpot for Saturday’s drawing stands at $70 million if taken as an annuity or $41 million if taken as a one-time cash payment.

The other multi-state jackpot North Carolina players have the chance to win this weekend is Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot. Before the drawing, the jackpot weighed in at $79 million if taken as an annuity or $55.3 million if taken as a one-time cash payment.

A North Carolina Mega Millions player matched four white balls and the gold Mega Ball in Tuesday’s drawing to win $10,000. That ticket was sold at the Sheetz on South Bickett Boulevard in Louisburg in Franklin County.

We hope everyone had a happy 4th of July holiday and has a wonderful weekend. See you next time here in the Lucke-Zone.


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On 7/18/2013 12:06, Lucke-Zone said

@ SLADEINU - The other side of that is that, in high-population areas, even if you see that there was one or two winners from that area in a certain time frame, you have to remember how many people in that high population area did not just win a prize... that group of people in a big place like Charlotte or Raleigh or Greensboro who didn't win a prize - that number of people is a larger one than all the men, women and children living in huge geographic spans of the state. Some medium-sized towns have bigger populations than some entire counties of North Carolina. All of this is to say: Lottery games are fair to everyone. It's not easier to win the lottery in Charlotte, Greensboro or Raleigh - just ask someone who lives there! We wish EVERYONE luck, whether you live in a big place or a small one :-)

On 7/18/2013 12:06, Lucke-Zone said

@ SLADEINU - Your questions highlight one of the most commonly misunderstood things about how lottery games work. First, let's just start off by saying that you can call a professor of statistics at any university and they'll tell you the same thing we're telling you: No player has an advantage or disadvantage playing the lottery. About 25% of North Carolinians live in just three of the 100 counties (Guilford, Mecklenburg, Wake). What does that tell you? The other 75% is divided up in the other 97 counties. So: To reiterate, we have never said - and nobody can say truthfully - that an individual player in one of those three counties is more likely to win the lottery. Only that, it is purely logical that you will often see winners come from places where many people are taking a chance to win. The lottery could not operate if it wasn't fair to everyone.

On 7/17/2013 09:11, sladeinu said

i was told that NCEL is audited and checked and everyone has a equal chance to win. Really Random. Then they said more winners come from the bigger citys because they buy more tickets so how is this random? i have won so im not complaining. then again how can a couple of citys have a winner in every drawing? RANDOM ??????????

On 7/17/2013 08:21, sladeinu said

I was just reading some of the other post and I agree with some of the others all of the second chance winners you can say in advance they are from Raleigh,Charlotte, Greensboro. No matter how many tickes you log in its the same over and over again looking at the winners some time two or three weeks in a row.? how is this possible with the HUGE state of North Carolina that the same citys have winners in EVERY second chance drawing. When you look the same city has Multipule winners?

On 7/16/2013 04:59, Lucke-Zone said

@ PRISCILLA - If it says "NOTIFIED" on the winners page, that means the player has responded to our notification. When the lottery sends the first notification e-mail to a Lucke-Rewards drawing winner's e-mail address they have set with their Lucke-Zone account, the 30-day clock starts. If a winner doesn't respond to notification (e-mail, telephone, certified mail) and complete the claim process within that time frame, the lottery may award the prize to an alternate winner ;-)

On 7/16/2013 03:41, priscilla said

Hi I want know if someone is notified that they have won, How long do they have before they fortfeit their prize? Cause I notice you have people that been notified but their name have not been added. Just curious.

On 7/16/2013 01:37, priscilla said

I'm going to win!

On 7/16/2013 11:50, Lucke-Zone said

@ MENGLISH - First and foremost above all else: If you're not enjoying yourself playing for a chance to win, there are many things more important than lottery games. We award about $2.8 million per day in prizes, but the big winners are a select few compared to everyone who plays for a chance to win. That's what it means to play the lottery in a nutshell. So, if you do play, good luck to you. Otherwise, we wish you the best.

On 7/16/2013 11:43, Lucke-Zone said

@ SANDY - Not sure what other companies you're referring to, but we are a state lottery. So, to be fair to everyone who earns Lucke-Rewards points and enters second-chance drawings/promotional drawings... there is no limit on how many drawings our members can enter or win a prize entering for a chance to win.

On 7/16/2013 11:41, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (RLP992) - As far as the lottery is concerned, once you've entered a ticket for Lucke-Rewards points / entry into any drawings its eligible for... you don't need to keep the ticket in order to claim a prize if you happen to be one of the lucky winners in a Lucke-Rewards, second-chance, or promotional drawing.

On 7/16/2013 11:39, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (ESTHERBOLDEN) - The Hot Summer 2nd Chance drawings are random drawings. That means a Lucke-Zone member with even just one entry has a chance to be one of the $5,000 winners... The more entries you make, the more chances you have to win, but there is no amount of entries that can be made to guarantee anyone a prize in a random drawing. With that said, good luck!!

On 7/16/2013 11:33, Lucke-Zone said

@ BMILT - When players ask us the same questions more than once, we understand it is because they care about the lottery. So, we do our best to share helpful info. Even if we've shared it many times before, and will share it many more times! Thanks for the kind words and good luck to you

On 7/16/2013 11:31, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (BLACKCOP73) - Good luck could show up anywhere, anytime...

On 7/16/2013 11:30, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (MAMIE1908) - If you have technical issues with the Lucke-Zone or Lucke-Rewards, please call this number toll-free: 1-800-201-0108

On 7/16/2013 11:29, Lucke-Zone said

@ RICHARD - The big winners in this blog are from Monroe, Henderson, Garner, Tarboro, Harrisburg, Roxboro, Louisburg. Whether you're from a big city or a small town, no lottery player has a better chance of winning a prize than anybody else. All a matter of luck! Good luck!

On 7/16/2013 10:18, richard said

if you want to win you have to go to chalotte or greensboro they get more winners and they clime its not true all you have to do is check the web site.

On 7/16/2013 07:04, Player said


On 7/16/2013 12:23, Player said

Thanks for spreading the luck around NCEL!! Elizabeth City was on the board twice for 2nd chance drawing FOR ANY 2nd chance drawing!! Imagine that?

On 7/15/2013 09:25, Player said

How many entries or points do u need to win the 5000 hot summer prize??

On 7/15/2013 08:11, Player said

Do I need to keep my non winning tickets after I enter them in for a second chance just in case I actually win something?

On 7/14/2013 12:08, Sandy said

I think as many companys do if you win in one draw or whatever you can't win again for 90 days to bad the lottery not that way would give the rest of us a chance!

On 7/14/2013 12:49, bmilt said

All I'm going to say is i dont know how "LUCKE-ZONE" can keep their composure and be so cordial all the time with folks. There is no "giving out money only to specific areas" going on

On 7/13/2013 05:51, menglish said

I haven't won Yet either! And i'm starting to feel like its NO winners really. I check the winners logs and it seems to me that the same person names keep coming up winners...I want to know if they are real people are just decoys to keep racking in the money and keep people hope up of winning? Just my opinion.....Im just about tired losing all my money trying. even with the second chance drawings. When you add up all this used ticket and quick pic's! count up all that cash.....exactly.......

On 7/12/2013 05:23, gorams15 said

I got a email from lucke zone and I was excited till I read where it was telling me to enter in the Hot Summer drawing, well thats not the email I needed. I have allready entered in the drawings but nothing. I guess well got this email, at least we got one.

On 7/11/2013 05:11, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (CS76) - We received additional information after we suggested you call the Customer Service number to talk it over. All entries are created equal... no player's entry has any better or worse chance of winning than anybody else's. So good luck to you!

On 7/11/2013 05:03, Lucke-Zone said

@ TRYN2HIT - Almost every day, we hear players say the same thing as you, except they're from all different parts of the state. The fact is, no player has an advantage or disadvantage when it comes to winning a prize playing the lottery.. whether you live in a big place, a small place, in North Carolina, or any other state. Here's a link you can copy & paste for some info about winners from your area:

On 7/11/2013 04:59, "tryn2Hit" said

people hardly ever win in winston salem,nc

On 7/11/2013 04:59, Lucke-Zone said

@ GAVIN @ TAMILYN - Crazier things have happened. The odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 175 million, and we've had three NC winners beat those odds. So, it's entirely possible that a Lucke-Zone member could win a prize in more than one drawing.

On 7/11/2013 03:46, Gavin said

The same player from Morganton won two separate drawings on the same day? First, $5000 in the $5 Monopoly 2nd chance drawing AND THEN another $5000 in the Hot Summer 2nd Chance Giveaway for the drawings on 7/3/2013! Are you kidding me, or was that a typo?

On 7/11/2013 01:12, Tamilyn said

Won 2 5,000 drawings? well i guess lightening can strike in same place twice then. how far apart were the wins?

On 7/11/2013 09:05, Player said

I haven't won yet.And I refuse to give up.I'm getting closer I feel it.I'm waiting to see someone from that small town Semora, haven't seen that town win yet.Good Luck to EVERYONE and GOD BLESS YOU....

On 7/10/2013 07:22, Player said

@ ChristopherT...I had to call Customer Service to find out the answer as to why ALL of my entry numbers ended in a 1. I was told that every entry number ends with a 1. I hope that is true. I was beginning to wonder if I even have a good chance at winning. One of these days, we will all get a turn to win; I hope! :)

On 7/10/2013 06:09, turbo said

I stand corrected! One lucky fellow did win 2 different 5k drawings , which is allowed. I miss understood your comment. All the same that's awesome for him. It also means it could happen to you or me or anyone else.

On 7/10/2013 04:06, "tryn2Hit" said

Winston Salem,NC hardly ever win from the second chance drawings i wish i could know why? If you think im lying just check out all of the different drawings. They have they areas where they want to give the money out at you cant tell me different

On 7/10/2013 09:42, chris said

turbo you need to look again,a person from morganton won 2-5,000.00 drawings, unless 2 people have the same name there in morganton.

On 7/09/2013 09:43, shygirl2 said

I wish I could win something in Kinston nc.

On 7/09/2013 06:15, turbo said

Cristo, no one won twice. 2 people had the same last name as Howard. When ever I have trouble with this web site or any other, I just shut down my PC reboot and away you go.

On 7/09/2013 01:20, Lucke-Zone said

@ CHRISTOPHERT - The numbering system is set up so that this particular number on the ticket always ends in “1.” No matter what the number was, it still would have no effect on the chances of winning, because the drawings are random. Good luck!!

On 7/09/2013 01:08, chris said

i notice one lucky player from morganton, won 2- 5,000 dollar drawings thats awesome, also one player mentioned their drawing numbers always ended in 1`s mine are the same way, whats up with that,thanks

On 7/09/2013 12:49, deecee50 said

@ luckyzone, you are correct, the lottery is one of the hardest type of games to win.I still think you've got to be in the right place at the right time.

On 7/09/2013 11:49, Lucke-Zone said

RE: SITE SPEED (@ BLACKCOP73 @SONIA415LOTT) - We talked to our web development team, and its not clear what might have caused the site to run slowly for you. If you notice problems with how the site runs in the future, please click on the "HELP" link at the very top of the screen and report it. By doing this, the technical people can notice if many players have reporting the same type of issue and they can look into it and, if it is something on our end, fix it. In the meantime sorry to hear you had difficulty with it! Sounds like things are back to normal or we're sure we would have heard from more players! :-)

On 7/09/2013 11:45, Lucke-Zone said

@ DEECEE50 - Our guess is that, if you were to ask lottery players who live in other parts of the state, they'd tell you that its not any easier to win the lottery where they live than where you live. The truth is it takes a lot of luck to win a prize playing the lottery no matter where you live or play. Good luck to you!

On 7/09/2013 11:35, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (BJEANK) - If you're lucky enough to win in a second-chance drawing, and receive an e-mail from us, you'll know it when you see it! We always give you the option of calling us on the telephone to confirm that the message you've received is legitimate. Good luck to you!

On 7/09/2013 09:50, pecan923 said


On 7/09/2013 04:43, Player said

The lucke-zone ticket entry has been extremely slow when trying to enter tickets in the evening hours. Is this a known problem?

On 7/09/2013 12:23, Player said

What will the email say if I Won.Will it say you won from the NCEL second chance lottery. Just want to know what to look for if I won.Good Luck to Everyone. God BLESS you....

On 7/08/2013 09:14, Player said

I cannot log onto to enter my lucke rewards!! What's going on with the website??? Fix it, please!

On 7/08/2013 06:23, deecee50 said

I agree I think that it is a waste of time and not to mention putting those numbers in one by one. I had a lot of entries as well and with any type of large winning it seems to be more of Western N.C. thing than Eastern N.C. I don't know but it sure does lead one to think.....

On 7/08/2013 06:10, turbo said

Tamilyn,You were not the only one to get their hopes up because they tried so hard to win they were sure it was their turn! Chin up girl. WE all have a better chance of buying a winning ticket then winning a 2nd chance drawing. You were not a winner this time, but your weren't a whiner either. thanx for keepin it real. I hope you take your own advice and hope others will also.

On 7/08/2013 03:42, Tamilyn said

i am so disappointed i could scream. My fault for getting up my hopes. I have 491 entries for 20 person 5000 win and 153 entries for 2500 not to mention the monopoly drawings. I guess i shouldn't try so hard b/c it only takes one to win. So i am gonna stick with the magic number "1" from now on. Peace :)

On 7/08/2013 03:40, Lucke-Zone said

@ SHORTCAKE0611992 - Hey, glad to hear you won a prize in a Lucke-Rewards drawing! You are correct that typically notification begins within 48 business hours of a drawing. But things like holidays or staffing has the potential to extend the timeframe. Thanks for your question and best of luck to you!

On 7/08/2013 01:44, JoeBear said

Think I deleted my winning email....... LOL :)

On 7/08/2013 10:28, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (BIGDADDy51) - Any player in Jacksonville & Onslow County has just as good a chance of winning as a player who lives anywhere else; but remember there are millions of people playing the lottery at thousands of stores across the state, and in places where there are more people and more stores, more people are playing for a chance to win. Again, those folks don't have any better or worse chance than anybody else; here is a link you can copy & paste into your browser for more info about winners in your area:

On 7/08/2013 10:20, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1R2K - Your entries for the first Hot Summer 2nd Chance drawing were good for just that drawing. Any tickets you enter between 12 a.m. on July 1 and 11:59 p.m. on July 31 will be good for the second drawing on Aug. 7 ... good luck!!!

On 7/08/2013 10:18, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (STASMAN28) - If you're referring to the first Hot Summer 2nd Chance drawing, Lucke-Zone players made more than 2.4 million entries.

On 7/08/2013 10:13, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (MERCEDES22) - It's up to each lottery player to check their e-mail settings and spam folder to see if they get e-mails from the lottery. Don't worry though, if we don't hear back from a winner within two business days, we attempt to reach the winner by telephone. (If we can't get the winner on the phone, we send certified mail)

On 7/08/2013 10:12, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (CSUMMERS76) - The lottery's communications team does its best to answer questions in a timely fashion, but sometimes in order to give you a correct answer, we have to talk to staff members in other divisions of the lottery during regular business hours. The short answer to your question is - of course the entry number itself has nothing to do with who wins or loses in a drawing, its a random drawing, so each entry a person makes has just as good a chance of winning as anybody else's; for the rest of the specifics of what you've asked about several times, please call our player customer service hotline and they will talk it over with you and either answer your question or get back to you with a complete response. Thanks for your patience going forward - and good luck!

On 7/08/2013 10:09, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (CROSSB1) - Just as with any random lottery drawing, having more entries gives you more chances to win. But just as with all games of chance, there's no guarantee of winning a prize no matter how many entries you make - having even just one Powerball ticket or just one entry in Lucke-Rewards drawing could win you a prize. Best of luck to you!

On 7/08/2013 10:07, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (HUMPDIE) - We don't understand your question the way you've written it here; if you call our player customer service hotline toll-free, they'll talk it through with you: 877-962-7529

On 7/08/2013 09:25, Player said

how can i no if scracth off's stll have winnimg tickets

On 7/08/2013 09:14, Player said

I had 364 entries for the second chance 5,000.00 drawing and didn't win anything.So it does not matter if you have 5 entries or 364 entries.I'm getting to the point that I don't even bother to enter my tickets.

On 7/08/2013 08:15, Player said

PLEASE provide a response as to why ALL of my entry numbers end in a "1"? I've posted this question two times before, but still do not see a comment from Lucky Zone or my original posts. My entry numbers ALWAYS ends in a 1; i.e. 7001, 2901, 7701, 7901, 7021 etc. It doesn't matter what day or time I enter, the last digit is always a 1. Is this the same for ALL entries? Does this have anything to do with how the numbers are drawn and who wins?

On 7/07/2013 11:33, Player said

How many total entries were there I had 750

On 7/07/2013 08:32, Player said

how do we know the email is not spam i deleted my spam dont even check it so how do we if we won...does the email come from lucke rewards

On 7/07/2013 08:00, Player said


On 7/07/2013 07:27, Player said

love the 2nd chance 2 win look forward 2 wednesday

On 7/07/2013 07:18, 1rock2king said

I don't if anyone has asked, but does your points still good for the hot summer 2nd chance drawing for the 5,000? or Did they start back over after the drawing!

On 7/07/2013 07:16, Player said

I hope I win something and good luck to everyone !!!

On 7/07/2013 07:08, cassie said

Good Luck to all the winners.

On 7/07/2013 06:35, leehrat said

Come on man.When is my turn!!!!

On 7/07/2013 05:52, Bbeck said

120 entries in summer drawing and 45 in winning Wednesday and a few in all te monopoly. Still nothing :( maybe one day

On 7/07/2013 11:03, Player said

Good Luck To All THE Winners!!

On 7/07/2013 10:36, Player said

Why theres no winners in Jacksonville N.C. we spen a lots of money in the lottery, for 2N chance, most winner are around Raleigh, big names places, share the wealth.

On 7/06/2013 10:30, Player said

yea!!. more winning

On 7/06/2013 09:00, luckless said

Yes, I`ll call Monday, thanks for the number.

On 7/06/2013 08:49, Player said

Glad to hear of all the winners!! God Bless and Good Luck to you all!! Keep on playing!!!

On 7/06/2013 06:59, OG Rick said

My luck is getting stronger, will win big soon.

On 7/06/2013 03:23, Lucke-Zone said

@ LUCKLESS - Would you call our player customer service number on Monday to explain the question you asked and the answer you received at that particular retailer? 877-962-7529?

On 7/06/2013 03:21, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (MKA) - After a drawing, we wish we could tell everybody that they won a prize... good luck to you and everyone in the Lucke-Zone in the next Hot Summer drawing!

On 7/06/2013 01:46, luckless said

Correction on last: The "Lady Bucks" game.

On 7/06/2013 01:45, luckless said

I went to my favorite store yesterday to get some "Lady Luck" scratchers, but the retailer said they were picked up by the lottery guy. Why? According to the "prizes remaining" section, there are still 4 top prizes out there in this game.

On 7/06/2013 01:23, Player said

just my luck! I had a lot of entries for the 5,000 $ drawing where they choose "20" winner's and still nothing! jeeeze :( I thought I had an okay chance, guess not.

On 7/06/2013 12:58, Player said

I'm enjoying seeing all these winners, which make me look forward to being one to.

On 7/06/2013 10:46, Lucke-Zone said

@ JIMMIEK - Your question is becoming a popular one on the blog. Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings are conducted using a random number generator, under the supervision of an auditor, according to specific security procedures.

On 7/06/2013 10:43, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (JTRS) & @ PLAYER (AT1) - Winners of second-chance and Lucke-Rewards drawings are notified by e-mail within 48 hours of a drawing. If you do not have an e-mail from the lottery at the e-mail account associated with your Lucke-Zone account within that time frame, it means that you probably did not win in that particular drawing.

On 7/06/2013 07:27, Odenero said

NCEL is a very player friendly lott

On 7/06/2013 06:57, Player said


On 7/06/2013 01:21, Player said

i am happy for them but i want to win allso

On 7/05/2013 11:37, Player said

Is there something wrong still waiting for pop up on email

On 7/05/2013 11:22, NewBreed said

I look forward to winning my second chance winning jackpot one day. I love the nc. educational lottery

On 7/05/2013 08:51, jimmiek said

how do you pick the winner? is it like the air balls in the box i see on tv.

On 7/05/2013 08:43, coutlaw said

wow ima glad u guys won....

On 7/05/2013 07:53, Player said

Good luck, everyone

On 7/05/2013 07:34, Jallie said

glad 2 c big winners good jon ncel

On 7/05/2013 06:37, shortcake061992 said

When I won on feb 6th it took them til the 12th to email me!!! Why does it take so long for them to notify? Usually before winners are announced it says winner notified then within hours or days names are listed

On 7/05/2013 04:26, Lucke-Zone said

@ DEECEE50 & @ TRAVIS - Winners of the drawings held on July 3 have been notified at the e-mail address associated with their Lucke-Zone accounts. Winners aren't announced until they respond to notification AND complete the claim process, which can take days or weeks.

On 7/05/2013 03:53, Player said

Am happy for those people who won.I live in a small town we don't have that luck where in Reidsville NC.But am happy for the one in there cities.good luck To everyone ever where.And don't for get about your tile in church cause that was a bless.

On 7/05/2013 03:12, deecee50 said

How long before the winners of the 2nd chance drawings are published and/or notified for July 3rd?

On 7/05/2013 02:46, Travis said

have you guys notified all the winners from the second chance drawings from the 3rd?

On 7/05/2013 12:41, AV357 said

Good Luck To Every One!!!!!

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