Cash 5 jackpot split, Mega Millions players win big

11:03 AM


An ordinary Tuesday night became extraordinary for lucky lottery players who had four big-winning tickets in last night’s drawings.

Two of the tickets split the $357,480 Carolina Cash 5 jackpot to win $178,740 each. They were sold at the Tobacco Road Outlet on Sunset Avenue in Clinton and at the Dabney Pit Stop on Dabney Drive in Henderson. The winning numbers for the drawing were 13-23-24-35-38.

A pair of Mega Millions tickets – sold at stores just 45 miles apart – matched four white balls and the gold Mega Ball to win big prizes. A $2 Megaplier ticket worth $30,000 was sold at the S.P.I. Express on Old Charlotte Highway in Monroe. The other ticket, worth $10,000, was sold at Wilco #366 on North Cannon Boulevard in Kannapolis. The winning numbers for the drawing were 10-11-12-20-55 for the white balls and 19 for the gold Mega Ball.

Tonight, draw game players have the chance to win the $50,000 Carolina Cash 5 jackpot, or the $50 million Powerball jackpot annuity ($30.6 million cash). Good luck, guys!


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On 6/17/2013 12:16, Lucke-Zone said

@ EARL2212 - Thanks for sharing some info about how annuity prizes work :-) And good luck!

On 6/14/2013 07:35, earl2212 said

people! use cs(common sense) lump sum/annuity. ls - money stays in the bank and added to you income april 15th. paying taxes on it again. Annuity - a certain % each year you will"NEVER" go broke within the 20 years. you will know that something is coming in. even if you are tax.because the irs enters your winning in as a loss. keep the lottery paying you. they got the money. they sure have mine.

On 6/10/2013 06:27, Lucke-Zone said

@ SANDY - As you know, once a person buys a lottery ticket and becomes the rightful owner, its totally up to that person whether they want to hold on to their ticket or not. All we can do here is encourage everyone to use their tickets to get points and enter for a chance to win! :-)

On 6/10/2013 02:44, Sandy said

i think people working were they sell tickets and when people scratch um off and no winner the workers are getting these tickets and entering them not fair but i guess not illegal either!

On 6/10/2013 10:39, 1rock2king said

Won again! yup! 3 out of 5 numbers correct on cash 5! 6.00 bucks! missed by 2 numbers, could have had 207,000 dollars. getting closer, hope tonight will be the winner for me..

On 6/10/2013 10:07, Lucke-Zone said

@ LEW61 - Anyone with even one entry in a Lucke-Rewards drawing has a chance to win.. even if he or she has been lucky before. There is not a direct link between spending an chances to win in Lucke-Rewards drawings, because - as you know - the reward points you get for a ticket varies.

On 6/10/2013 09:55, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (RN) - With regard to the Red White & Blue Cash game, would you please give our player customer service a call so they can discuss your question with you? 877-962-7529

On 6/08/2013 05:33, Player said

So its not clear on the ticket all of the chances you have to win .RED WHITE &BLUE CASH Out of nine chances it only explains a few. 6 chancesI f two numbers match I guess you win 7. The fireworks 8.The flag What is the 9th, is it two money amounts ?

On 6/07/2013 05:13, Lew61 said

I was scanning the winners for the second chance games and came across the same person from Raleigh winning 2 different games: $2500 Wednesday drawing and a month later was a winner in the Charlotte Race Ticket Package. How is that possible...coincidence? The guy must have had many entries or is extremely lucky. The more money you spend the better chance of winning.....right?

On 6/07/2013 10:49, 1rock2king said

yes!! I did win again on cash 5 last night[6-6-13]. I had two rows of numbers, two numbers matching.8 and a 30. Again off my birthday numbers, and the other row was a quick pick with the same numbers in them 8,and 30..Winning 2.00 dollars is better than not winning! The last few days, been winning nothing. Now have to get them all in A row tonight!105,000 will suit me just fine! Oh!! of course the MM I will play also to tonight!!Good Luck All!!!

On 6/06/2013 06:41, Lucke-Zone said

@ COWBOYS - Sure thing, and no problem; we will check with the product department on Friday and get back to you. (If we forget to reply here, please remind us with another post!)

On 6/06/2013 06:28, Cowboys said

I apologize as I was vague. I meant the odds of winning $10, $15, $20 and so on Jumbo Bucks and Cash Spectacular. I realize they change with reprints but I am just curious to what the initial offering was. Thanks so much for the kind response.

On 6/06/2013 04:00, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER565656 - Unlike the drawings for Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash 5, Mega Millions, and Powerball, the Lucke-Rewards drawings are not televised, and therefore they are not scheduled for a set time of day. The lottery attempts to notify winners in the drawings first at the e-mail address associated with their Lucke-Zone accounts within 48 hours of the drawing. If e-mail is unsuccessful, we attempt to reach the winner by telephone, and then certified mail if necessary.

On 6/06/2013 03:57, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (BR) - Well, Clinton isn't too far from you in Turkey, NC! There's nothing we can do here at lottery HQ to give any player living anywhere an advantage or disadvantage playing the lottery, but we can wish you the very best of luck, and we do! :-)

On 6/06/2013 03:55, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (RC) - You have been leaving similar comments for us on many blog entries, and we have tried to reply with the following information which will always be true: The lottery doesn't "let" players from particular counties win the lottery. The four winning tickets mentioned in this blog entry were sold at stores in Sampson, Vance, Union, and Cabarrus counties. There are 96 other North Carolina counties where a player could have had a lucky ticket for Tuesday's Cash 5 or Mega Millions drawings - it's all a matter of luck. Good luck to you!

On 6/06/2013 03:47, Lucke-Zone said

@ COWBOYS - The odds info for all instant games are available on the game page on our website. But, we looked these two games up for you... Cash Spectacular: 1 in 3.3; Jumbo Bucks: 1 in 3.36

On 6/06/2013 03:44, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (TN1) - Sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying yourself.. we respect your choice not to play and wish you the best

On 6/06/2013 03:42, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1R2K - Hey, glad to hear you won a little something... good luck tonight! :-D

On 6/06/2013 03:34, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (ECAC) - With regard to your group buying an entire pack of tickets, you can. Would you mind calling our player customer service toll-free so they can talk it through with you? 877-962-7529

On 6/06/2013 03:30, Lucke-Zone said

@ SANDY - As for your question about the non-jackpot prize amounts... that's just the way the prizes have to be structured in relation to the odds of matching those combinations in order for the larger prize amounts to be paid.

On 6/06/2013 03:29, Lucke-Zone said

@ SANDY - So as you probably know, annuity prizes are paid out over time, once a year, i.e. annually. The reason an annuity prize is larger than a lump sum is that the lump sum amount gains interest value in the bank while the payments are made each year. So nothing "happens" to the difference between the annuity and the lump sum when someone takes the cash option. That prize money just never has a chance to earn interest while its paid out over a period of years.

On 6/06/2013 03:20, Sandy said

i like and sure everyone else wouln like to no also what happens to rest of the money when someone take4s a lump sum? and why cant you all pay a little more for 2 and 3 numbers say 2 numbers $50 and $100 for 3 numbers i'm sure lots more people would play if it was that way! you all take in a lot money plus sometimes people don't come forth and claim sure hope i see an answer to this Thanks !

On 6/06/2013 02:01, Player said

i have a question,can anyone buy the packs of tickets for example like the $1.00 ticket,do they comes in 100s or 300s and if you can let us know,a group of people would like to do this,also the $2,$5,$10,and the $20 packs how much will each one will cost? oreoplayer!ps i know in the state of virginia you can buy the packs of ticket. thanks.

On 6/06/2013 12:02, Player said

I am going to win in 2099

On 6/06/2013 12:00, Player said

If it wasn't for bad luck i wouldn't have no luck at all!! but i will one day.

On 6/06/2013 11:38, Mike Lowry said

Good luck to everybody and play to win.

On 6/06/2013 10:42, Player said

In the notorious words of "Biggie Smalls":GET MONEY!

On 6/06/2013 10:33, 1rock2king said

Well I guess my luck has changed for now! I did win on the CASH 5 last night. Three numbers out of 5, all my picks, special numbers I play all the time! Birthday numbers. I won 5.00 bucks. Just needed two correct numbers and I could have won 50,000 dollars..WOW!! After taxes, what 34,000 or less! not sure but I was close! No win on Powerball, but I'm still playing it! Playing Cash 5 again tonight! I'll take 65,000!!! Good Luck folks!

On 6/06/2013 09:55, Player said

Im looking forward for a powerball mega million or a casch 5 for wayne co. soon fingers cross

On 6/06/2013 09:37, Player said

Me as well!! Good luck to everyone!!

On 6/06/2013 08:19, Player said

I play all the time ever day cash 5 and the powerballand mega millions and play for years and have not won nothing i spent a 100.00 dollars a week in mt airy nc iam going quit.

On 6/06/2013 08:10, Player said

let today be a big win for me

On 6/06/2013 08:07, Cowboys said

Is there any way I can find out what the original odds were at the time of the initial printing for the Cash Spectacular and Jumbo Bucks $10 scratch off cards? Thanks in advance for the help and happy scratching to the lucky zone members.

On 6/06/2013 12:16, Debbie said

Thats great!

On 6/05/2013 11:08, Player said

Oh man, I just entered my tickets tonight so I would be sure that all future tickets purchased would count in drawings. That just stinks!! It's good but sucks for me!!

On 6/05/2013 10:42, Player said

I hope to see Wilkesboro wins someday.

On 6/05/2013 10:20, Player said

good thing happen to people but not me am not giving up

On 6/05/2013 09:10, shushu said

My ship is still stuck at sea. But I can still see the land It will be coming in soon. :)

On 6/05/2013 07:57, mamacatz said

hunches are a good thing, because they work. play your hunch and you will win as I have.

On 6/05/2013 07:25, PatsyJR said

Congrats big winners. My day is coming soon

On 6/05/2013 07:17, thomasina said

my day is comming; because i done claimed it!!!

On 6/05/2013 06:31, Cassandra said

God bless us all I am ready for my win Lord thanks for the hope NCEL

On 6/05/2013 06:30, Cassandra said

God bless us all I am ready for my win Lord thanks for the hope NCEL

On 6/05/2013 05:14, Darren5 said

Way to go good luck all players

On 6/05/2013 04:18, Player said

What about let some other counties win some times.You all know where you put the winners.

On 6/05/2013 04:10, Player said


On 6/05/2013 03:54, Player said

need to put Holly Ridge as a BIG WINNER ONE TIME... THAT WOULD BE NICE..........

On 6/05/2013 03:39, Player said

I would like to see Turkey, NC (Sampson County) win. We are a ruraland poor village of less than 2000 people who play the lottery consistently. Some winners could help!!!

On 6/05/2013 03:28, ladybug said

what time are the second chance drawings for tonite

On 6/05/2013 02:57, Blessed said

Wednesdays drive me crazy! I get so excited I check my email at least 100 times and the winners list until a winner is posted!! Can't wait till one day there will be something from NCEL in there!!! Yay! Good luck and fortune to all... SH

On 6/05/2013 12:35, Player said


On 6/05/2013 12:24, 1rock2king said

congrats to the winners! as for me! no wins on MM or CASH5..... hope tonight's powerball will bring me a big win!!! good luck to all who plays! YOU GOT TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT!!

On 6/05/2013 12:09, SMACKDADDY said

I am very happy for the winners, no hate from me, it's good to see people get some luck in their lives. My luck is the Pick 3!! TAX FREE BABY!!!

On 6/05/2013 11:48, Lucke-Zone said

@ ANNE - You can copy & paste this link into your web browser for some info about lucky winners in the Lexington area. Good luck tonight!

On 6/05/2013 11:21, anne said

like to see lexington nc win big for a change play everyday maybe tonite i hope

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