‘Red Hot Crossword’ spells $50,000 anniversary treat

9:51 AM


Robert Palmer, a retiree from High Point, says that he’ll use the $50,000 he won instantly to "get away and take a trip" with his wife. At the lottery’s regional claim center in Greensboro, Palmer said he and his wife will be celebrating their anniversary this month. He bought his winning Red Hot Crossword ticket at Charlie’s Tobacco Outlet on Eastchester Drive in High Point.


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On 5/16/2013 07:55, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (S) - Not sure what prompted your quesiton, but any non-winning instant scratch-off ticket can be entered for Lucke-Rewards points up until the prize claim deadline for that game. Does that answer your question?

On 5/16/2013 05:39, Player said

Does this mean that the Red Hot Crossword tickets will no longer be accepted as a second-chance entry ticket??

On 5/09/2013 04:27, 1rock2king said

sorry! didn't know which page I post this on. so I just posted it again on another post. Little different than this one...sorry!

On 5/09/2013 10:22, Player said

I was in army 7 years got to babies. I been fighting Ssi for over a year. Lost my house lost my car sold my tools sold my lawn mower sold everything go to salvation army every couple months for help. Play lottery when I can. Enter drawings faithfully. And still lose. So just have faith one day things might happen

On 5/09/2013 08:06, connie said

I been playing the lottery for a long time would love to get a big win with losing my job it would come in handy ....guess I keep praying one day for that big win but I never see a big winner where I play at maybe one day that will change

On 5/08/2013 08:52, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (CAC) - You're exactly right that the claim must be completed at a regional office because of taxes. (Oreo?)

On 5/07/2013 04:50, Player said

my question is about the $600.00 + is that because that when you have to pay the federal/ state tax ? thank you. oreo!

On 5/07/2013 10:02, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1R2K - Nothing has changed as far as how the lotteyr updates the Cash 5 page with the city information you're referring to. That is a information that our staff will continue to update :-)

On 5/06/2013 06:26, Player said

Thats great keep on playing......

On 5/06/2013 02:37, Lucke-Zone said

@ TURBO - Glad you like! Good luck to you :-)

On 5/06/2013 02:29, turbo said

Congrats, and happy anniversary ! Our 30th is in June. Saving my points for the Hot Summer drawings and the Chill and Grill drawings. If it is what I think it is, my backyard can use a makeover. Two nice additions to the 2nd chance drawings ! Thanx, LuckeZone.

On 5/06/2013 02:16, Player said

Congratulations,thats a great anniversary surprise,hope to be surprised also on our 7th anniversary around the corner!!!!!

On 5/06/2013 01:07, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (MJ) - For more info about how to play lottery games, check out the GAMES tab on our main website at - pick up a How-to-Play brochure at any lottery retailer, or call the customer service hotline at: 877-962-7529

On 5/06/2013 01:06, Lucke-Zone said

@ DEERMAN - Within 48 hours of a Lucke-Zone drawing, the lottery sends a message to the e-mail address of the Lucke-Zone members who won prizes in the drawing. If we don't get a reply from a winner, we attempt telephone notification. If that is unsuccessful, we send certified mail. Winners have 30 days to respond to our notificiations once that first e-mail is sent. A winner's name is announced only after he or she completes the claim process. Prizes of $600+ must be claimed at a regional office.

On 5/06/2013 12:32, redvoodo2002 said


On 5/06/2013 10:26, Lady Lukk said

Sooo happy for you! Enjoy your trip and Happy Anniversary.

On 5/06/2013 10:04, Player said

Congrats Palmers on your $50K win. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your trip. God bless.

On 5/06/2013 09:33, Player said

that's how u doit!!!!!!!

On 5/06/2013 09:10, 1rock2king said

congrats on your win MR PALMER!!! Hope it won't be too much longer until I can win one! LZ: I notice the Numbers page has been changed, which is good, cause it shows all the numbers drawn from the last few days. When I click on the cash5 numbers page, it don't show where the city it was won from. It use to show up a few days after they win. Like the cash5 was won the other day, but it's not showing what city it was won from now. I know after a week, y'all do a follow up like y'all did the other day. Just wondwering if that was going to start back showing up again! tks!!!

On 5/06/2013 08:28, GoodMoneyG said

*Big Ups* to the Palmers for this pecuniary blessing. God is good. I am sure that this blessing couldn't have come at a better time. To my avid lotto players - May you win big in your lifetime at some point. *You have to be in it, to win it*

On 5/06/2013 08:19, Player said

Very nice have a safe trip

On 5/06/2013 08:12, slim said

Congratulations! I am still playing and not giving up on day to win.

On 5/06/2013 01:23, Player said

Happy Anniversary God has truly blessed you enjoy!

On 5/06/2013 12:54, Player said

congratulations and many more

On 5/06/2013 12:08, tony said

good luck god bless----everyone just keep playing your time is coming

On 5/05/2013 10:41, buckfever said

how are you notified if you are a winner of one of the lucke-zone drawings?

On 5/05/2013 09:52, Player said

That is so wonderful

On 5/05/2013 09:20, PlayerJoe Straughan said


On 5/05/2013 08:50, Player said

I would go on a wonderful trip

On 5/05/2013 08:39, PlayerJoe Straughan said


On 5/05/2013 08:14, lady G said

Congrats! Many blessings.....

On 5/05/2013 07:12, tsabrina said

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!have a good vacation.

On 5/05/2013 06:35, Player said

wow that is great God is good congratulation too both of you !!

On 5/05/2013 03:43, vic61 said

Wahoo!!! Happy Anniversary you two!!!

On 5/05/2013 03:00, Sarah said


On 5/05/2013 02:58, JLEWiz4Reel said

Congratulations to the Palmers...Wow that is great...I would love to win to help our WE CARE FOUNDATION we can really use the funds.

On 5/05/2013 12:23, Player said

how do u play

On 5/05/2013 12:23, Player said

God is good he really no when and how

On 5/05/2013 11:44, J Rock said

That's a wonderful anniversary blessing.Good luck on your trip and have a beautiful time.

On 5/05/2013 11:38, player said

great job

On 5/05/2013 11:29, Player said

Would love to win something, for my 1st time in my life.....need to pay for college loans.GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE

On 5/05/2013 10:57, 232232 said


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