New games offer $200,000 & $30,000 top prizes

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The newest $5 game launching on May 28 is a doozy. $200,000 Extreme Cash has four top prizes of $200,000 and more than $16.5 million in total prizes. To win a prize, players scratch off each game’s column of numbers and match them to that column’s “hot” winning number. Players who reveal a “Flame” symbol win $25 instantly. More than 26,000 total prizes between $100 and $10,000 can be won in the game.
We’re excited to launch a brand new kind of game that gives players two ways to win a prize.

Double Match is a new game that offers players five chances to win $30,000. To win a prize, players can match any of their 10 numbers to one of their two winning numbers. Additionally, revealing three like prize amounts wins that amount automatically. At $2 per ticket, the game has more than $5.2 million in total prizes and more than 49,000 prizes between $20 and $100.

So what do you think of these new games, Lucke-Zone? 


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On 9/15/2013 09:01, Player said

Three numbers on cash5 n u win 5 bucks something needs to change about that

On 7/30/2013 11:32, Lucke-Zone said

@ JUNE - You are VERY perceptive! Stay tuned to the Lucke-Zone blog today for info about when NEW tickets are coming out!! :-)

On 7/30/2013 10:20, June said

There are usually new tickets every third Tuesday. But I have not seen anything about new tickets coming out today or this week. When will there be new scratch-offs???

On 7/01/2013 10:44, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (KP3) - We have posted many blogs since this one about new games. There is also lots of fresh information on our website under the "NEWS" tab. Congrats on your good luck and thanks for sharing how lottery funds for education have made a difference for you! Best wishes!

On 6/29/2013 02:05, Player said

First thing is the NCEL needs to update their blog because they do not mention the new games that came out - the new bingo, volt, and the new $1 ticket. Second, I have to say I love playing the lottery and will always continue even if I win big. The month of April was a good month for me. I have found that going to different stores and keeping an eye online with the scratch offs help. The website will let you know when all the big winners are found. Third, I have to say I play to help education. My first semester at LCC, part of my financial aid came for the NC lottery since I didn't qualify for full pell grant.

On 6/18/2013 12:56, Player said

I'm going to win $200 million, some of the post that i have read really makes me think... is it a waist of time or to you have to wait your time??? well im going to continue to play:) Good Lucke to all and play to win big one day its coming...#winning

On 6/14/2013 09:05, Lucke-Zone said


On 6/13/2013 01:11, mowalljr said

The Double match has been lucky for me as well. $100 last Friday, rolled $20 back in to 5 of those and two of the $2500 week for life that night and another $60. In all over the weekend I rolled over wins, 6 times with only $20 spent each time and by Sunday night I had a profit of $363.00 and a $10 scratch winner yet to cash in. Also had $28 on the cash five and Powerball On Saturday night. Consistency is the key for those looking for "their turn". Winners make the 'turn' and it is not given to them.

On 6/05/2013 09:16, Lucke-Zone said

@ BADDCATT326 - That's awesome! Double your pleasure, double your fun!

On 6/05/2013 09:11, baddcatt326 said

Love double the match bought 6 tickets,won $150 on 5 of them.

On 6/05/2013 09:09, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (MKA) - If you're referring to the Lucke-Rewards drawings, they are conducted using a random number generator, under the supervision of an auditor, according to specific security procedures.

On 6/04/2013 06:44, Player said

how exacly are the drawings done and the winners chosen?

On 6/04/2013 11:10, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (RW) - We respect everyone's right to their own views, but please refrain from calling other Lucke-Zone members names. We want the Lucke-Zone to be a place where everyone feels welcome :-) Thank you for participating in the community

On 6/03/2013 10:18, Player said

Chill out all you whiners of not winning! Lottery is a game of CHANCE. If you should happen to win...anything...the first thing you should do is thank God Almighty of allowing you to win and give at least 10% back to Him off the top B4 anything else!! Even if you don't win, thank God for the freedom you have to play the games.

On 6/03/2013 12:32, Lucke-Zone said

@ SANDON - Still no raffles on the calendar. But we will continue to offer some variety on the prizes in the reguarly scheduled drawings :-)

On 6/03/2013 11:51, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (SG2) - Where winning tickets show up is a matter of luck, not something the lottery "spreads out" to anywhere in particular. Kinston & the surrounding areas have had their share of lucky winners, though; here's a link you can copy & paste for more info:

On 6/03/2013 11:48, Lucke-Zone said

@ TEXASVIRGO - North Carolina law would not allow for citizens to buy rolls of lottery tickets online. You could come to one of our regional offices where tickets are for sale however. Self-service ticket checkers are something that we hope to start rolling out here in North Carolina. Please remember we're a young lottery compared to our neighbors to the north :-)

On 6/02/2013 11:56, Texasvirgo said

do you think one day we will be able to order a pack from the ncel website instead of going to a store and they dont have them. And if and when are we gonna get the ticket checkers like in virginia very nice to have and we can check our own witout depending on the cashier.

On 6/02/2013 10:15, shygirl2 said

need more winners in the kinston area. the people play really big in this town. Spread the winnings out more.

On 6/02/2013 12:52, ladybug said

i love nc lottery win or loose humph cheer up guys its for good cause Education

On 6/02/2013 09:42, 1rock2king said

What a nice win on one of those tickets! Could pay off bills, take a nice vacation this summer, buy my wife a nice car! WOW!! What we could do with a 200,000 dollars win!! Wishing and hoping for a big win soon!!Good Luck to All!!

On 6/02/2013 05:44, DBOYS2014 said


On 6/01/2013 01:13, jsqusted said

Wow It is crazy to me that all these people complain about not winning. It is a game of chance and you are defiantly taking the fun out of it for yourself by insisting a win. We buy a couple tickets and talk about what we would do if we won for days it is a lot of fun doing all that dreaming. Lighten up enjoy the game yall and enjoy life

On 6/01/2013 08:32, hamofaguy said

wow 5.00 bucks a lot of money to play and maybe win.

On 5/31/2013 02:20, CEM3 said

I have been playing the NCEL ever since it started. The biggest scratch off card that I won on was $500. I am just about ready to quit. Seems like all the big winners are east of Hickory to the coast. The winning tickets are not properly distributed. Please dont try and tell us folks over on the western end of the state that we are not playing enough tickets. I have already told myself that if I dont win at least a $500 prize, then I will hang it up. My friends at work feel the same way. Just look at the cities that have winners after winners.

On 5/31/2013 12:40, Joseph said

I agree with some people.. the Monopoly games are horrible. They need to end those games soon.

On 5/31/2013 09:39, Lucke-Zone said

@Player - Long answer, It is sometimes easier for the retailer to see the number of the ticket on their side of the dispenser. For example, if a clerk works the morning or evening shift, they may have to keep record of what ticket number each game started with and ended with on their shift. Many chains and corporate retailers require it for bookkeeping purposes. The NCEL works hard to ensure that the instant tickets meet required specifications, including testing by an independent auditing firm. In order to protect the randomness of the games, we are unable to determine or predict the placement of winners within a pack of tickets. The result of random distribution is that winning tickets may occur close together or scattered far apart. The odds are from the printing of the entire tickets not per pack of tickets.

On 5/31/2013 06:10, 1rock2king said

Finally!!!! won 20.00 on a Monoply ticket! Been a long time too! Now if I can only win the big 100,000....

On 5/31/2013 04:10, abfloyd said

to the one who said they know a guy that bought a 20.00 roll and only won 60.00.there is no way that happened.either they lied to u or they threw away about 130.00 in winners.i have bought rolls and usually u win between 120.00-170.00 unless u get lucky with a big ticket.but on the 20.00 tickets they have a 50.00 and a 30.00 in every roll.and most of the time a 100.00.

On 5/31/2013 01:05, Player0866 said

I love the new Double Match game. On one I purchased I won $20 (2 matches) and on another I won $10. Not bad for a $2 ticket.

On 5/30/2013 11:21, Debbie said

There are enough top prizes in the scratch games.

On 5/30/2013 06:54, redcianna said

Just bought 10 double match tickets and won 2.00 Dont go by the odds of winning when buying tickets. Just stick to what you can afford to lose. I have a budget and whatever I win I play back. Dont go over your budget. This is a game of chance. Good luck everyone.

On 5/30/2013 06:02, notetaker said

It is a game of chance. Everyone is struggling, in one way or another, so they want to feel good about life and taking a chance is one of them. We know the odds are against us and if you don't know what you're doing you can lose a lot of money that you probably should have saved on your own. I hear they are trying to take the monies away from education, WOW!

On 5/30/2013 05:42, Franklin said

Been playing for years biggest hit was for $40 on pick 4. Maybe one day will be the lucky day : )! Gotta be in it to win it!

On 5/30/2013 03:56, Ronixus said

The new Double Match game is great! Two ways to win on a $2 ticket makes for good odds if you ask me. I've noticed players commenting on the range of wins - I just wanted to point out that anyone can check the remaining wins available on the NCEL website if they want to see their odds for any games. Hope this helps with the speculations.

On 5/30/2013 03:21, TripleX said

Greensboro NC, Whats up with the retailers placing the scratch off tickets in backwards, so the the last number comes off first? I thought they were suppose to be sold in sequence beginning with the lower number. Also, I know the odds are stacked against winning and I can deal with that. However when you have to play against those odds and the "clerks" in the stores watching what is bought like a hawk and counting the tickets so they can buy them should not be allowed.

On 5/30/2013 03:07, TripleX said

North Carolina checking in. I win a lot on scratch offs when I play, its not a question of will I win, It is just how much. I win all the time, just have not hit a big one. I've won 1's 5's 10's 20's 30's 50's 100's and thousands, multiple times. However, Greensboro NC has dried up over the past several months. I will agree Monopoly is a horrible game to play to win. One thing for sure though, if you don't play (a lot) you can't win.

On 5/30/2013 02:26, Lucke-Zone said

@Reasha - Thank you for the kind words!

On 5/30/2013 02:01, Player said

Thank you for letting me know,I hope one day i will be lucky enough to win,asfor the winners congrats. thank you for the fast reply back to me and best luck to everyone.

On 5/30/2013 12:35, BRich76 said

I agree with some of the other posts. I live in Charlotte and play both the powerball and various scratch off tickets.I've found that I win the most money on scratch off tickets when I buy them in SC at the Carowinds exit. It seems like in Charlotte, all I seem to win is $1-$5. Last time I played in SC I won $250 combined on 3 of the 5 tickets I bought! I love those odds. Makes me want to travel there more often because it seems the odds are better!

On 5/30/2013 10:24, Lucke-Zone said

@Player - Shelby has quite a few wins, including 28 scratch-off wins between $5,000 and $125,000. Shelby also has five Cash 5 jackpot wins from $50,000 to $356,000, a $10,000 Mega Millions win and six Powerball wins from $10,000 to $40,000.

On 5/30/2013 09:52, FRANCIS said

The lottery is a game of chance. I came to realize when entering my second chance tickets that I spend a lot of money taking a chance on striking it big maybe once. Pick a set of cash 5 numbers, mega millions and powerball and stick with the same numbers. It may take some time but it has to pay off eventually. Play the scratch with the mind set i'm taking a chance.

On 5/30/2013 09:43, Player said

Wow!!! I wanna WIN I wanna WIN one of the JACKPOTS and my motto is If you aint IN then you cant WIN!

On 5/30/2013 09:42, Reasha said

No need to post publicly, but kudos to whoever has the job of responding to the comments on these posts. I get frustrated just reading them, so I can only imagine what you go through with communicating professional responses! Great job. If more people realized the NCEL is a GAME and it's VOLUNTARY and not something they are forced to do, the better people would be. Again, kudos to the one(s) that respond.

On 5/30/2013 09:33, Player said

i going to win today 1;000.000. watch an c

On 5/30/2013 02:06, glory said

When discouraged, take a week or two off, I did and won 60 bucks. I play for fun, and don't always win anything. But I do know that prayers are answered, dreams come true and I believe in miracles.

On 5/30/2013 01:23, Player said

thank-you it's a lot of fun.

On 5/30/2013 12:57, Player said

I do not think a winner has come from Shelby n.c. sure wish we could win , I have put alot of points on alot of games....thank you for your time

On 5/30/2013 12:02, Player said

I live in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I play different games all the time. You think with this area being on the top 10 Beaches List and all the traffic, tourists, and revenue coming thru every summer "someone" would win something big??!! I am used to the Virginia Lottery..where people win something...anything......

On 5/29/2013 08:52, Rainbird203 said

That's it Ruger. It's a dollar for a dream people! Don't spend what you can't afford to lose. I give up a candy bar or a snack or lunch out because it makes me HAPPY to hold a ticket and think "what if?" Probably do me good to skip the junk food anyway. If you're spending money that you should be using to buy groceries or pay bills, STOP, or get help.

On 5/29/2013 08:42, Prosper said

Looking forward to winning the big ones. :-D

On 5/29/2013 07:41, rdalston09 said

the Double Match sounds interested, perhaps will try it one day.

On 5/29/2013 07:32, mldavid said

Let me win sometime. Thank You

On 5/29/2013 07:29, Kaybaby said

I hope the new tickets are winners. I, too have had a stretch of non winner. I buy 10 tickets at a time and sometimes I get $50.00 and other times I get nothing. I was having good luck with the Lady bucks but now nothing. Also, winning Streak, again nothing. It is a shame when you spend $50.00 and get $5.00. Monopoly sucks, I have bought 10 tickets from all of the Monopoly tickets and yet to win anything big, just $20.00, the most that I have won.

On 5/29/2013 07:28, mldavid said

Let me win sometime. Thank You

On 5/29/2013 05:32, lovely41 said

Well it's so hard to win in nc .used to win like 5 yrs ago now I can't even win 5 dollars. So sad like they say the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer!

On 5/29/2013 04:09, ruger said

my motto is if you dont play you will not win

On 5/29/2013 04:00, Player said

Well you put the new games in Hillsborough it will be like the of trash thats already here.

On 5/29/2013 03:41, Player said

please send more winning tickets to the big town of barnardsville north, Carolina. I wished I could win something,

On 5/29/2013 02:47, Lucke-Zone said

@SANDON - Not on this game, but you can certainly submit your non-winning tickets for Lucke Rewards points.:)

On 5/29/2013 02:44, kelly said

people play to have fun not out of desperation and if you don't like our N.C. LOTTERY go to S.C.

On 5/29/2013 02:18, belle said

I live in Maryland, I was just passing thru when I brought tickets.

On 5/29/2013 01:36, Player said

I hope that in garner will be a winner or me i can't win just the most is $20.00 I gust something is something.

On 5/29/2013 01:21, DBOYS2014 said

is their a 2nd chance drawing for this ticket like a another 100k or something we can win, when the tickest is enter at lucky zone

On 5/29/2013 12:35, player said

I agree with the other none winner no luck in the Lucky Zone and I've entered a lot of points. Guess I will save my money and time also a High Point player

On 5/29/2013 11:09, Lucke-Zone said

@Blacksapphire - Greenville has had quite a few winners: 15 scratch-off top prizes from $21,000 to $750,000, 10 Cash 5 jackpots from $50,000 to $856,000, and of course, a $57 MILLION Mega Millions winner.

On 5/29/2013 11:01, blacksapphire said

Need more top prize winners in Greenville! I've seen some of the same counties with winners all the time. What up with that?

On 5/29/2013 11:00, Cowboys said

I find it interesting that you are taking the route you took with the $20 cards of dropping the $500 prize to $400 by dropping the $50 prize to $40 on this new $5 card. This seems to be the new trend.

On 5/29/2013 10:44, shawn said

need to put more winners in my area. me and my partner have been playing the most i have seen was $200 he has seen $500. i like to play the scratch off tickets

On 5/29/2013 10:12, Player said

i like playing cash 5

On 5/29/2013 09:16, Player said

I start to saving money g00d luck.

On 5/28/2013 10:29, Player said

I feel the same way I have not been lucky at all gonna have to start saving my money to need to let go

On 5/28/2013 10:23, cheyenne11 said

I started playing the lottery 40 yrs. ago in NJ and you could expect to win smaller prizes during the year--$50, $100, etc. Not in NC. If you don't win the top prize in the "for life" games, you NEVER win any smaller prizes. I've bought enough to know, but I have also stopped buying them & other scratchoffs. More smaller prizes, please.

On 5/28/2013 09:44, Player said

recently bought 10 of the same $5.00 tickets. did not win a cent. know a man who bought a whole roll of 20.00 tixs. Won 60.00. that is pitiful. we need more winning tickets.

On 5/28/2013 08:13, Player said

I'll have to agree with Player, monopoly started out with a few good wins, by good I mean 10 &20 $, but the last few nothing. Still entering the second chance and $2500. weekly drawing, haven't given up yet :)

On 5/28/2013 07:30, sherry said

I cant to play. I got a good feeling about this one. GOOD LUCK to everybody.

On 5/28/2013 06:18, SexxyE said

I feel some of you I play a lot of points also on second chance and still no luck....I don't know what it takes to win.

On 5/28/2013 06:16, tcotton said

It seems that this lottery thing is a waste of time and money but if you dont play you definitely want be a winner, Im just hoping one day I will be that lucky one. Please play responsible people and it want hurt as bad.

On 5/28/2013 05:11, Lucke-Zone said

Player - We're sorry you haven't had a fun experience playing the lottery lately. If you feel like you aren't enjoying playing right now, we understand that you may wish to take a break. We certainly wish you the best of luck and acknowledge that playing lottery games is a choice.

On 5/28/2013 04:53, redvoodo2002 said

I love your scratch games!

On 5/28/2013 04:52, Player said

yea im getting where i dont play as much either. i just bought 2 extreme cash and lost. plus i have hundreds of points i've used to enter the 2nd chance drawings and haven't won either. Monopoly started off great but now it sucks like the rest. I hear that the NC lottery has worse odds of winning then any state in the US. time to start saving my money unless things change.

On 5/28/2013 03:53, Player said

I love to try new games.Maybe this will be the one I win...

On 5/28/2013 03:47, BuffaloDick said

And the odds are getting worse and worse.... I play nowhere near what I used to.... 1 in 10,000+ to win $500?? No thanks.

On 5/28/2013 03:27, bun said

Hope there's a winner in oxford (:

On 5/28/2013 03:21, 1rock2king said

yes, it's exciting to get new scratch off's out! 200,000 is a good win, if only I could win! Not having any luck on them lately! Not having any luck on any drawing either!! Well I hope these will be the one's I will win on!

On 5/28/2013 01:50, brooks said

I can't wait to play, I think it's going to be a fun game.....

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