Red White & Blue Cash game offers $25,000 prize

11:01 AM


Two brand new instant games, featuring top prizes of $25,000 and $9,000, are hitting stores on Tuesday.
If you’re feeling patriotic, Red White & Blue Cash offers players five chances to win the top prize of $25,000. Players who reveal a “Fireworks” symbol win the prize shown. Revealing a “Flag” symbol wins the player $20 instantly. At $2 per ticket, the game has more than $5.2 million in total prizes.

Is nine your lucky number? The newest $1 scratch-off, 9’s in a Line, offers eight chances to win a top prize of $9,000. Players who reveal a “9” symbol win the prize shown instantly. Each ticket has seven chances to win a prize.

Best of luck to everyone!


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On 7/05/2013 11:48, Lucke-Zone said

@ SCRATCHMAN - It is true that it will always take a lot of luck to win a prize, whether its playing a scratch-off game, entering daily or multistate drawings, or entering second-chance drawings or Lucke-Rewards drawings. There are hundreds of thousands of Lucke-Zone members, and many are entering for a chance to win at no additional cost to extend their playing experience. We wish you, and all our players, the very best of luck!

On 7/04/2013 09:42, LotteryProject said

The only game I seen that's free. I enter my tickets from those that throw them away....bearer instrument until signed right. I am sure that the actual odds of winning a prize with lucke zone is fairly slim. I talked to the lottery lady who changes the game info in the store and she said that there was about 200,000 users. This was 6 months ago.

On 6/14/2013 09:09, Lucke-Zone said

@ SOPHIA - Thanks for the question. Lucke-Rewards drawings are conducted using a random number generator, always under the supervision of an auditor, according to specific security procedures :-)

On 6/13/2013 07:46, franklin said

How do you select the winner for the non-winning tickets is there a spinning wheel, or do u have a lotto pool(like balls u pull like the lottery) what?

On 5/08/2013 08:40, Lucke-Zone said

@ SANDY - The lottery encourages retailers to rotate in new tickets as promptly as possible. But there are a variety of reasons why it might take some stores longer than others. Maybe there is another store in your area that has the new tickets out already?

On 5/08/2013 08:38, Lucke-Zone said

@ DLORILIE - It looks like the new playslips will be available July 28... stay tuned to updates here in the Lucke-Zone, we'll be sharing more info

On 5/07/2013 10:19, dlorilie said

Wow, that's great! Do you have any idea when the new slips will be out?

On 5/07/2013 07:34, Sandy said

well the girl that manger of the truck stop off i-40 Sams mart on crabtree Rd N.C. wait forever to put new ones up she has some that have never been put out what the deal with that !

On 5/07/2013 09:57, Lucke-Zone said

@ DLORILIE - New Pick 3 & Pick 4 playslips coming soon WILL have SUM-IT-UP on them, just as you suggest! :-D

On 5/07/2013 01:02, dlorilie said

I don't know if this has already been discussed, but if Sum-It-Up is going to be a permanent feature, have you considered printing a slip specifically for Sum-It-Up? Very often I have requested Sum-It-Up when purchasing Pick 3 or 4, only to have the clerk print out a ticket that isn't. I always have them do it over, but it would be so much easier if there was a separate slip. Or that option could be added to the slips you now use, just like Advance Play, the draw you're playing and Multi-draw are.

On 5/06/2013 05:21, Player said

Hope there's some winners in lumberton good luck to everyone in the carolinas

On 5/06/2013 01:22, Lucke-Zone said

@ DWATKINS - If you're referring to Lucke-Rewards drawings or second-chance drawings... each individual entry has the same chance of winning a prize; the more entries you make, the more chances you have to win. But if you have even just one entry in a drawing, you've got a shot to win. It's a random drawing. Good luck!

On 5/06/2013 01:14, dwatkins said

is the price won by the numbers of entrants submit?

On 5/03/2013 02:28, Lucke-Zone said

@ LADY - No matter where you play games of chance, there is always a much better chance that you won't win a prize than that you will - that's what makes it possible to have the chance to win $100, $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, or $1 million prizes. If playing the lottery isn't fun for you, then maybe taking a break would feel better for you. Best wishes!

On 5/03/2013 02:26, Lucke-Zone said

@ VIVAIN - Exactly right, 20 winners of $5,000 per drawings. We will be sharing a blog about this next week :-)

On 5/03/2013 02:26, Lucke-Zone said

@ NAT - Would you give our player customer service number a call and tell them which stores you've visited that don't have the tickets available? To some extent, what tickets are on sale is up to a retailer to rotate in the newest ones. But we'd be interested to know: 877-962-7529

On 5/03/2013 02:24, Lucke-Zone said

@ REDROOSTER4 - Whether a store or lottery players recycle tickets is up to them. The lottery's headquarters and regional offices recycle items that are recycleable.

On 5/03/2013 02:18, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (MM) - A specific time of day is not set for the Lucke-Rewards drawings. They are conducted using a random number generator under the supervision of an auditor, according to specific security procedures. They are recorded in case there is a need for an external review.

On 5/03/2013 11:41, Player said

When do you do the Lucke Drawings (times)? Like the Tech drawing and Weekly Wed. drawings? Are they taped for the public to see how they're done?

On 5/03/2013 10:11, redell said

it is time for boone to hit

On 5/03/2013 07:35, RedRooster4 said

red, Why dont u recycle the used tickets? I do it every two weeks.The tickets never hit the landfill.

On 5/03/2013 01:40, Player said

Unemployed for 4 years now. I am capable of anything, yet no one gives me a chance. If it wasn't for the lottery I wouldn't have anything, glad I win my money back more often than not.

On 5/02/2013 11:43, nataliethomas said

i've not seen the star trek tickets yet!! i have several places to frequent during the week & no one has them in my area.

On 5/02/2013 10:04, Vivain said

On the new summer warm up game, you say 60 people will win $5,000? Is it didvided up by drawing- like the first drawing is 20 people and the next 20 people the next drawing and etc..?How does this work?

On 5/02/2013 08:50, oldlady said

just tried of not winning feel like my chance is one in a million I feel like their not enough winners in the starch off games

On 5/02/2013 07:36, MANOFGOD said

I have my hands in everything else so why not the red, white, and blue. I feel it is my time to hit the big one, so look out everybody I'm on my way to Food lion right now. Look in your rear view mirror and there I am. lol Good Luck to You !!!!

On 5/02/2013 06:29, ricky said

can we please have one winning number. meaning,when the winning number is announce on the drawing night,the next day the number is different. (confused). thanks

On 5/02/2013 05:15, Player said

still waiting to get lucky....enter about 30 tickets a day for about 3 months nothing yet...when do we here about the winners of the 2,500 wed. games,

On 5/02/2013 02:53, redcianna said

Thanks @Player for asking that question. I have a pile of lottery tickets I can now rip and throw in the trash!!! Whew, that is a relief.

On 5/02/2013 01:49, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (MB) - As far as the lottery is concerned, once you've entered a ticket for Lucke-Rewards points, you don't need to keep it or present it in order to claim a prize won in a Lucke-Rewards or second-chance drawing :-)

On 5/02/2013 01:48, Lucke-Zone said

@ VONN - The odds of winning a prize on any instant scratch-off game are for the entire printing run of the game, not for a particular string of tickets on a particular roll. Sometimes it only takes one ticket to win a prize; we are sorry to hear you didn't have better luck on those particular tickets. The odds of winning Pick 3 and Pick 4 games are the same anywhere you play them - best of luck to you on whatever games you play, wherever you play them -

On 5/02/2013 10:55, vonn said

i brought 10 of the Star Treck cards in a row and out of ten scratch offs there was no winning tickets out of 10 cards North Carolina you are getting greety and eole are driving to South Carolina and Virigina to buy scratch offs and lay lottery ick 3 and ick 4

On 5/02/2013 09:23, Player said

Do you have to save the physical ticket and scratch off card in order to redeem a prize won with luk rewards or can you discard the lotery ticket/scratch off? Just wondering, I don't want to through away a ticket only to find out I needed it to collect a prize. Thank you

On 5/02/2013 08:36, Player said

Good Luck to everyone!!!! Glad to hear of the new tickets!!

On 5/02/2013 08:30, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (DJF) - Different staff members respond to different types of questions sent to different places; if you call our player customer service, they will talk it through with you: 1-877-962-7529

On 5/02/2013 08:23, Lucke-Zone said


On 5/02/2013 08:19, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (EAC) - Please call our toll-free customer service so they can walk you through it: 1-800-201-0108

On 5/02/2013 12:08, Player said

I will try it. let get it on

On 5/01/2013 11:24, Player said

where is the code located?

On 5/01/2013 11:04, martha said


On 5/01/2013 10:50, baddcatt326 said

Love trying new tickets!

On 5/01/2013 08:38, tarheel said

Wish me luck, please.

On 5/01/2013 08:26, glen said

Yup, new games are always fun to play, best of luck to all.

On 5/01/2013 07:58, Player said

can't wait till their here

On 5/01/2013 07:39, Player said

I like the new idea

On 5/01/2013 07:38, Player said

Ready to WIN BIG

On 5/01/2013 07:09, Player said

NCEL, Did you ever get my other email? I haven't heard back from you.

On 5/01/2013 06:37, Player said

Can't wait ready for tusday

On 5/01/2013 05:58, msdaisy99 said

yes nine is a good number

On 5/01/2013 05:53, Player said

Why I cannot win the Cash5. I play everyday.

On 5/01/2013 04:17, franklin said

yes and xmas too that would be greay

On 5/01/2013 03:52, Player said

Can't wait to play & win

On 5/01/2013 12:45, freddie rogers said

hope to hit one

On 5/01/2013 12:22, artonia harper said

On my way to buy one

On 5/01/2013 11:40, Player said

Yeah can't wait.Hope I can find them in the stores where I live.

On 5/01/2013 11:14, Bev said

IDEAS FOR NEW GAMES: Birthday year round Mother's Day Father's Day Anniversary year round ETC. They are great to put into cards... Thanks for asking.

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