Luck gives racing fan a big moment at NCEL 200 at The Rock

6:35 PM


Tony Johnson of Cumberland County came to Rockingham for a weekend of fun surrounding the North Carolina Education Lottery 200 at the Rock, but his good luck with the lottery gave him his own big moment at the race Sunday.

Johnson, a maintenance mechanic from Stedman, got lucky on Friday while visiting the Education Lottery’s booth at THUNDERFEST in Rockingham. He purchased $14 in lottery tickets, won $42 in prizes, and then had his name drawn to be honorary starter.

“I’m the luckiest person this weekend,” Johnson said as he got the chance to visit the garage area of Rockingham Speedway.

Johnson was the first person to shake each driver’s hand as drivers were introduced to fans before the race, including Kyle Larson, who later won the race. The race is part of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race.

“It was great," Johnson said. "It's an experience of a lifetime. And it does get windy up there. When you have 36 or 39 trucks going by, it does get windy. But I had a blast up there."

His good luck led to Johnson getting free tickets to the NASCAR race, a $200 gift card, plus access to infield areas that many NASCAR fans never see. During the tour of the garage area, he got his NCEL 200 at the Rock T-shirt signed by racers such as Joey Logano and Ty Dillon. And he got the chance to meet one of his favorite drivers, Bill Elliott, or “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville,” as Johnson called the racer. 


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On 5/03/2013 02:15, Lucke-Zone said

@ HARLEY69 - No matter where you live, play, or enter a Lucke-Rewards drawing, each entry has the very same chance of winning. There are tens of thousands of members of the Lucke-Zone entering drawings for a chance to win. Individual players from Raleigh or any other location have no better or worse chance of winning than anyone else. Good luck to you

On 5/03/2013 12:53, harley69 said

Why is it that the drawing that you have for the promotions are always people from Raleigh or the same city's all the time. I have submited hundreds of tickets and have not won nothing.

On 4/22/2013 09:03, Lucke-Zone said

@ LADY - The abbreviation "1R2K" is a 'nickname' of sorts for Lucke-Zone member 1ROCK2KING. You will see that 1ROCK2KING is a frequent commenter here on the Lucke-Zone blog.

On 4/22/2013 04:10, lady said

what is 1R2K someone please tell me.

On 4/19/2013 05:40, Player said

keep on wining tony

On 4/19/2013 12:35, Player said

congrat' to tony, have a great time....

On 4/18/2013 09:51, Player said

so happy for you hope to win something soon.

On 4/17/2013 09:57, Player said

U go tony.... u day man.

On 4/17/2013 06:39, diane0612 said

So happy to hear you had a great time. Myself, I am a race fan & LOVE it when my husband & I get to the races. Can't wait till we make it to our next one!!!

On 4/16/2013 08:05, Queen_Alcemene said

Congrats. So Glad you had A Wonderful Time. and once again Congrats.

On 4/16/2013 07:03, Player said


On 4/16/2013 03:22, EHYOUNGSR said


On 4/16/2013 03:00, joanblondell said


On 4/16/2013 11:44, turbo said

Thanx. Even though I haven't won yet I Like the weekly drawings. I entered every weekly and monthly drawing since 10/12 and all the original true 2nd chance drawings to no avail. I'm not complaining or belly acheing. I'm havin a blast.Winners don't whine and whiners don't win :).Good day and no worries mate.

On 4/16/2013 10:14, Lucke-Zone said

@ TJ - Our team enjoyed meeting you and we're so glad you were our lucky winner! Thanks for being a part of the NCEL200!!!

On 4/16/2013 10:13, Lucke-Zone said

@ TURBO - Winning Wednesday drawings will continue next month and into the future. No worries! We'll try to mix things up from time to time to keep things interesting :-)

On 4/15/2013 05:38, netta said

congratulations I hope you had enough fun for me too

On 4/15/2013 05:14, tj said

thanks everybody!!! it was a great weekend..... me and cuz-n had a great time in the pit area....

On 4/15/2013 04:35, Player said

congrats T

On 4/15/2013 12:23, PatsyJR said

Congrats Tony.

On 4/15/2013 11:48, Playerherman said


On 4/15/2013 09:56, turbo said

I clicked on the winners tab. It looks like 4/24 will be the last Winning Wednesday drawing. Is that true ? I liked the way the Luck E Zone alternated the # of winners for the monthly and weekly drawings.

On 4/15/2013 08:48, 1rock2king said

Congrats, to My friend! I met him and his brothers in the beer garden. He and his brothers was fun to be around! We both went up to the Booth, standing beside each other. When his name was called out,he got real excited, we all picked on him, that he had connections. We all just laugh and had a good time. I'm glad he was the winner. We all had a great time at the Thunderfest. he said that Rockingham was a nice place, and said that it would be nice to have the other racing series come back to THEROCK!!!

On 4/15/2013 03:19, Player said

Congrats .I LOVE THE ROCK!!

On 4/14/2013 10:20, Neiecy20 said

Good job I hope that I some of that luck comes my way

On 4/14/2013 10:15, shanaja said

Now that's priceless!!!!

On 4/14/2013 09:56, Player said

Way to go Tony. Congrats

On 4/14/2013 09:31, Player said

way to "GO"

On 4/14/2013 08:19, Player said

happy for U

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