Entry deadline nears for $3 million second-chance drawing

10:04 AM


The clock is ticking toward the largest second-chance prize in NCEL history: $3 million. Non-winning Holiday Millions tickets must be entered here in the Lucke-Zone by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 31 for a chance to win.

So far, more than 266,330 entries have been made. The odds of winning the $3 million prize depend on the number of eligible entries received before the deadline. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, April 3. The Holiday Millions second chance drawing winner will choose to receive the $3 million prize in annual installments of $150,000 over the next 20 years, or a one-time $1.8 million lump sum payment.

We are often asked how the notification and announcement of drawing winners works. In the case of the $3 million Holiday Millions prize, the lottery will attempt to reach the winner by telephone - making multiple calls if necessary. Remember that the NCEL will never ask for your bank information on the phone, and will always invite the winner to call us back here at headquarters so that he or she can confirm that the call is legit. If phone attempts are unsuccessful, the lottery would then send a certified letter.

Once the winner has been reached successfully, the winner page here in the Lucke-Zone will state that the winner has been notified. The announcement of the winner's name, however, could still be days away at that point. Why? Because the winner must first complete the claim process here at NCEL headquarters. We understand there will be significant interest in the result of the drawing, so we hope this info helps explain the timetable.

Best of luck, and remember to enter your non-winning Holiday Millions tickets before 11:59 p.m. on March 31.


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On 5/06/2013 01:08, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER914 - Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings are conducted using a random number generator, under the supervision of an auditor, according to specific security procedures.

On 5/05/2013 09:07, player914 said

On the second chance drawings, is each entry entered in as a number & random numbers are drawn just like the pick 3, pick 4, etc? Or is it like a raffle?

On 4/12/2013 02:00, Lucke-Zone said

@ EARL2212 - With games of chance, there will always be many more non-winning than winning tickets. That's what makes it possible to have the chance to win $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, $1 million, or $100 million playing different games. That prize money is created by players taking a chance to win. We have winners every day, but it takes a lot of luck to be one of those winners whether you buy one ticket or lots of tickets.

On 4/10/2013 05:52, earl2212 said

after reading the blogs i guess i am playing against the odds of winning. i don't have that kind of money to put into this thing.i can't believe what i am reading. big time spenders. i wont every win big!! will i.

On 4/08/2013 05:39, Lucke-Zone said

@ YCANADY - It probably says something like "NC Education Lottery" .. on the rare occasion when we do call to notify someone by telephone, we'll always invite the winner to look up our number on our website and call us back so they can be sure the call is legit! :-)

On 4/05/2013 09:53, ycanady said

Out of curiousity, what number shows up on the caller ID when the lottery calls to inform you of a win?

On 4/05/2013 02:24, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1ROCK2KING - In order to enter a second-chance drawing, as you probably know, you must first be registered in the Lucke-Zone. It's not clear if the winner has participated in the community by posting on blogs :-)

On 4/05/2013 02:18, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER SKI - Yes, the $3 million winner responded to the lottery's notification.

On 4/05/2013 11:56, Player ski said

Has winner been contacted for holiday millions second chance drawing

On 4/04/2013 11:03, Playerjoann said

I put 45 entries in the 3 million holiday cash second chance draw. sure dose stink I dident win spent a lot:(

On 4/04/2013 08:31, joejohnston said

Congrats to this lucky person...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

On 4/04/2013 04:41, maggie said

Ever wonder? dream ? YES ! I am not really lucky in lotto .Can't afford 45 ticket's ,But i am Healthy ,.Good luck everyone!!!

On 4/04/2013 01:16, 1rock2king said

is it someone here in lucke-zone?

On 4/04/2013 12:45, Cowboys said

Please post how many entries the winner submitted and it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

On 4/04/2013 12:21, Lucke-Zone said

@ EVERYONE - The winner has responded to the lottery's notification. Thank you again for entering for the chance to win :-)

On 4/04/2013 12:21, Lucke-Zone said

@ LUCKYME252 - We agree with your advice to everyone to only play the lottery for fun. The odds of winning are set at the very beginning of the game, and are accurate. There will always be many more non-winning tickets than winning tickets for any instant scratch-off game no matter where you play it... that's what makes it possible to have the potential to win a prize, whether its a break-even prize, or as much as $1 million or $4 million. We wish you the very best and hope that if you play it will be in moderation.

On 4/04/2013 12:18, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (JF) - Players in western North Carolina have the same chance to win as players anywhere else. Keep in mind that there are more people living and playing the lottery in one corner of a big city than there are in some entire counties of the state. Just because somebody wins a prize in one place doesn't mean it was easier for them to do it - nobody has a better or worse chance of winning the lottery, it takes luck no matter where you live or play.

On 4/04/2013 11:48, LuckyMe252 said

I have to say, I believe if you play lotto, scratch-offs etc. it has to be because you enjoy the game or you get a rush from knowing you could finally hit the big one. Sad to say more for personal experimental reasons I have been wasting thousands of dollars on these scratchoffs mainly. I have spent well over 5k on these tickets in the past 2 months and also I have purchased the whole books of scratchoffs. Thats right 600 bucks for thewhole deck. I have done this several times with the Gold Bullion, 4m cashblowout as well as the holiday millions and sadly to say I have hit NOTHING! Not even capping back what I spent. Each bookI spent 600 dollars on Iwas lucky to get between 200-340$. This is so sad. Most of the tickets were just simple 20 dollar winners. This is truly sad. The overall odds are completely wrong 1:3. The highest ticket was a 100 winner.

On 4/04/2013 11:16, Player said

Seems as if there are never any winners from western Carolina. All winners are from big cities in Eastern state.

On 4/04/2013 11:15, jason said

We all understand its not a easy response, however most of the questions is has the winner been notified or are we still in limbo waiting

On 4/04/2013 10:46, Player said

Well I had hoped and prayed to win this just wasn't meant to be I guess. Maybe next time. I really enjoy playing and oh how exciting it will be if I ever do win big.

On 4/04/2013 10:37, baddcatt326 said

My cell broke,can't get another til June.And I didn't get an e-mail.So I'll keep on playing.

On 4/04/2013 10:01, Lucke-Zone said

@ EVERYONE - We will provide more information as soon as its available. We thank everyone for entering and for the interest in the result of the drawing.

On 4/04/2013 09:01, LBrown said

Has the winner been notified? :'-|

On 4/04/2013 07:51, Tosha C said

Who won!?

On 4/03/2013 10:12, Vivain said

Oh, well I did not win, so to the winner " Well Played and Congrates"! I had 1257 enter and still did not win, but I learned about the odds. I am still smiling and God is still the head in my life.

On 4/03/2013 09:35, william said

no one called me waiting by the phone... this maybe them.....930pm

On 4/03/2013 08:00, jason said

Has the winner been notified

On 4/03/2013 06:56, player said

how i won anything playing the lucke - zone /rewards ticket entry.

On 4/03/2013 04:31, Cowboys said

Well, I didn’t get that phone call I was dreaming of. Oh well, it was still exciting and the best second chance the NCEL has ever done. I thank them for the offering and I will remain patient and also a loyal customer. It was a fun card so thanks.

On 4/03/2013 04:14, gorams15 said

I have been waiting for my numbers to come out. Some people got big bucks to play these 10 and 20 dollar scratch offs.I will take a little just to get some of the money I put in this lottery. I live in the lower class area and these dinky retailers in my area have bad tickets and scratch offs. Winnings is bad here in the Thomasville area.

On 4/03/2013 03:41, Player said

who won the 3 million???????????????? no one called me from NC lottery

On 4/03/2013 10:20, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (RN30) - It's a much more secure process than reaching into a lottery bowl. There were tens of thousands of entries made online. The random drawing for $3 million is held under the supervision of an auditor.

On 4/03/2013 09:19, 5XChamps said

Congratulations in advance to the luckiest person in North Carolina. NCEL, you did a great job with this offering. I think it was your best work to date. Thanks so much!

On 4/03/2013 09:05, Player said

How will the drawing be done by random. Or pulled out of a lottery bowl.

On 4/03/2013 07:42, Lucke-Zone said

@ PKEYS + @ VIVAIN + @ EVERYONE - The Holiday Millions second chance drawing will be held this morning, on Wednesday, April 3 ... there are security and verification procedures that must be followed before and after the drawing. The lottery plans to attempt to contact the winner by telephone at some point this afternoon. Please see details about notification in the blog entry above. AND GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE! :-)

On 4/03/2013 07:22, Player said

we are all truly rich because the lord loves us all. But a little extra cash never hurt anyone. good luck to everyone!!!!!!

On 4/03/2013 04:42, Texasvirgo said

here come my early retirement ;)

On 4/02/2013 06:38, pkeys said

I have seen a lot of great responds to questions about the Holiday Millions Second Chance drawing but one question remains is WHAT TIME IS THE DRAWING going to take place? Thank much!

On 4/02/2013 03:49, Vivain said

I think the only question is, what time of the day is the drawing on the 3 April?

On 4/02/2013 09:33, Anderluzzi said

Ive been unemployed for 2 years. This would truly be a God send. Hope I win!

On 4/01/2013 04:42, NoLuckSchmuck said

College and weddings for my two girls would be such a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Plus I am sure a few various charities could use a few extra bucks. Luck be mine on April 3rd.

On 4/01/2013 03:57, Cowboys said

This is the most exciting NCEL offering to date! I cant wait till Thursday!

On 4/01/2013 03:03, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER1985 - Folks like you in Durham have the same chance to win as players any place else in the state... In fact, because many people live in Durham and try their luck at our games, we have quite a few Durham winner stories to share with you. Just copy & paste this link into your web browser to see some of them, and good luck!

On 4/01/2013 03:00, Lucke-Zone said

@ HARLEY69 - When you enter a total of four non-winning MONOPOLY tickets (one for each of the four versions of the game) you automatically receive a "super entry" into the $1 million second-chance drawing. Each individual ticket is also good for one entry into the next monthly second-chance drawing for that game. Pretty cool, huh?! You can see how many MONOPOLY entries you have by clicking on the "DRAWINGS" page within the Lucke-Rewards area of the Lucke-Zone. Good luck!!!

On 4/01/2013 02:56, Lucke-Zone said

@ MRSB8 - You don't have to live in North Carolina to join the Lucke-Zone or be eligible to win. You just have to buy your tickets in North Carolina :-) The final number of entries is 276,119 for the Holiday Millions second-chance drawing. GOOD LUCK!!!

On 4/01/2013 02:54, Lucke-Zone said

@ SANDON - We'll pass along your suggestion/observation. But keep in mind that we leave the information posted because, as you can see from comments/questions here on the blog... many people want to know/review the results of past drawings! :-)

On 4/01/2013 12:53, hamofaguy said

Good luck to all who play lotterys they should all win.

On 4/01/2013 05:14, mil said

Thanks for the second chance,I'm Luck-E!

On 4/01/2013 03:43, Playerjoann said


On 4/01/2013 02:44, Dee said

good luck everyone!!!!!

On 4/01/2013 01:56, DBOYS2014 said

as you enter drwaings and you notify winners when will you take that draw off the page it getting crowded. after you have a winner no need to keep that drwaing on the page

On 4/01/2013 01:21, jman1 said

I hope I can win it for my parents most of all! They are the best parents in the world!!

On 4/01/2013 12:41, Belrn said

I've claimed the $3 million and I've already won! Thank you God! ;)

On 4/01/2013 12:21, COOL CASH said

If its meant to be it will manifest! good luck to all who attempted!

On 3/31/2013 11:54, mrsb8 said

I live in georgia but un-officially I live in n.c. half of the year- I have to help my elderly mother but I am still eligible, aren't I? I have to stay with my sister and take care of mom and am in n.c. about 1/2 to more-I just haven't changed my address because husband and kids are in georgia. I still would love to win!!! (wouldn't we all?) Can someone ultimately let us know just how many total entries there are?

On 3/31/2013 11:44, baddcatt326 said

Happy Easter!!!

On 3/31/2013 11:21, Vivain said

If I don't win I hope it goes to a well deserved person. It would be a dream come true for me and family, so let's do this. Good luck too all of us!

On 3/31/2013 10:30, sweetthang said

come on baby give me the money :-)

On 3/31/2013 10:15, macnell said

I would Love to WIN to..... Good Luck To Everyone!!!!!

On 3/31/2013 09:12, Player said

It would be a blessing to win that amount of money, but it certainly would help me clear my credit so I can buy me a moblie home to go on my lot and donate to the church and our little angles that have cancer and other diseases. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!

On 3/31/2013 08:26, Player said


On 3/31/2013 08:08, Player said

I need to win in order to help a family member who can have problem walking. and to become debit free. Help to build our new church.

On 3/31/2013 08:03, Player said

good look !!!!!!!

On 3/31/2013 07:55, william said

Im claiming it in the name of our father!!!

On 3/31/2013 07:48, ganador said


On 3/31/2013 07:20, firefighter145 said

Good luck to all who entered. To be honest winning this would mean everything to me and my family and a couple of our friends also. Tyj-tyl-tyg

On 3/31/2013 06:12, Player said


On 3/31/2013 06:00, Player said

I Sure Could Used The Money Like Anyone Good Luck To All AS To Myself!

On 3/31/2013 04:10, harley69 said

What is the Monopoly super chance drawing ? I have entered my tickets but it says that I have 0 entries for the super chance drawing for the Monopoly. How do I enter the super chance ?

On 3/31/2013 03:55, cindyrn said

This is my 1st time playing lucke-rewards...hoping for beginner's luck!!!!!REALLY need this.

On 3/31/2013 02:59, jellie said

I hope i WIN!!!!!!!!!! I have been playing religiously!

On 3/31/2013 02:27, Player said

lucke me

On 3/31/2013 01:48, Player said

Happy Easter Everyone!

On 3/31/2013 01:15, Player said

I am ready !!!WIN WIN WIN Good luck to all!!!!

On 3/31/2013 01:04, miss laura said

happy Easter to all but I want the golden egg, good luck u all

On 3/31/2013 12:48, TamCharm said

I would so LOVE to win. I know who wouldn't? It's so much fun dreaming about winning...just think how much fun it would be to actually win! I have so many things I want to do. I don't know what I'd actually do first. Please take me beyond dreaming and make me a winner!!

On 3/31/2013 12:42, Vivain said

Every one has a bad event in there lifes, but I have wait for this at the beginning of this game starting and will see it out to the end. This is mine to win and I will wait by the phone. My dad is bed ridden so I can go any where any way.LOL

On 3/31/2013 12:26, mbm said


On 3/31/2013 11:38, Player said

good luck

On 3/31/2013 11:36, Player said

in jesus name i will win thanks

On 3/31/2013 11:15, Player said


On 3/31/2013 10:33, Player1985 said

Been playing for a while but not many big winners in Durham nc just saying hoping ill be the big winner of the power ball thus day imagine every time I check my numbers just my chance hope to be the next to win it my wall has been decorated with tickets my vision of winning millions becoming a millionaire over nite for my fam

On 3/31/2013 10:07, pkeys said

I pray my time has come to receive this financial blessing. Lord i am praying for the big win! I wish everyone the best of luck, but I feel it is definitely my time :)

On 3/31/2013 08:56, owen said

Good luck to all, since i'm gonna win...

On 3/31/2013 08:28, Player said

I can't win if I don't play! Win, Win, Win! Wish me luck!

On 3/31/2013 08:25, Player said

I can't win if I don't play! Win, Win, Win! Wish me luck!

On 3/31/2013 08:11, Smiling Granny said

It would truly be a blessing to win. There are so many health issues and medical bills and I am a widow with not much income. This would be a dream come true. Happy Easter and God Bless US All!

On 3/31/2013 07:56, wanttowin said

i would love to win ANYTHING !! would help family first and then help St Jude hospital. so i will keep praying and hoping and PLAYING

On 3/31/2013 01:21, Player said

Just signed up ... have to figure all this out.

On 3/31/2013 01:15, Player said

I hope and pray that I will be able to come to Raleigh and claim the big one!! I have been playing the lottery since it started! I am a single mom and it sure would be nice to finally not have to worry about my bills! You sure can't win if you don't buy a ticket!! Good luck to everyone!!

On 3/31/2013 01:11, jagit22 said

I will donate some to charities. My chances are slim, someone else will win it.

On 3/31/2013 12:54, Debbie said

This would be awesome to win. I have never won anything in my whole life. First thing I would do if I won was to make sure my mom and dad were well taken care of for the rest of their life.I hate to see them work so hard as old as they are

On 3/30/2013 11:36, Player said

I have struggle all my life and I think I deserve a big break. Also my father has struggle to raise 5 girls. He's now 86, and I would love to do something wonderful for him, like pay off all of his bills, so he can enjoy his retirement for however long he has on this earth without worry.

On 3/30/2013 10:44, Vivain said

Well, I care for my father and would get him the best care afer his stroke- and get to work on home repairs, help pay bills for some family members, and sell my home for a new one for us. I can not wait for me to win. Let do this- call me

On 3/30/2013 10:38, Lucke-Zone said

@ HORSEGRL - Understand that in order to give players the chance to win a prize amount of $1 million, the only way that is possible is if many players buy lots of tickets for a chance to win. That's why a $10 or $20 game has a larger top prize than a $2 or $5 game. If you'd rather not enter the second-chance drawing for the chance to win $1 million, then you have the choice not to do that - its an extra added benefit to you at no additional cost. We appreciate that everyone plays for a chance to win, we wish you all the best of luck!

On 3/30/2013 10:35, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (H55) - If you're talking about entering the Holiday Millions drawing, you need to enter a non-winning ticket here in the Lucke-Zone by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 31 for a chance to win. Good luck!

On 3/30/2013 10:34, Player said

hope I win

On 3/30/2013 10:24, Player said

How do I get in the one million drawing.

On 3/30/2013 09:42, Player said

Please don't use my user name for public viewing

On 3/30/2013 09:35, Player said

This is a great second chance to win

On 3/30/2013 09:11, Player said

how can i enter is contest

On 3/30/2013 08:55, Player said

what a wonerful birthday present that would be!

On 3/30/2013 07:49, Horsegrl said

Since I can't find any where on the blog about the new Monopoly games, I will post here. While I do enjoy scratch off games and I like the new Monopoly, I have to say that I am VERY disappointed in NC Lottery for coming up with the seemingly greedy rules that in order to get a " Super Prize" entry we are required to purchase nearly $20 worth of tickets (one each) Is it not enough that we purchase all these losing tickets (that pay for the games/prizes) and now we have to buy even more just to get a so slim chance at the Super prize ?? Im sorry to say that this sounds greedy !!!

On 3/30/2013 07:30, Gail said

hope i win

On 3/30/2013 04:40, J33zy said

I need to win this money, my mom just got django with cancer and my dad hip narcrosis and this has been one of the hardest years of my life, I've had to taken off work to take care of both my parents and if I could win I would donate alot of money to friends and family's in need and random people who needs a miracle could come to me, I would also pay for my mom to get the best care possible and same with my dad. Please give me luck to win :(

On 3/30/2013 04:17, william1 said

NC lottery is the best.

On 3/30/2013 03:42, Player said

Im ready.

On 3/30/2013 03:38, Cynthia said

I feel like the lucky winner I feel it

On 3/30/2013 03:23, Player said

Im ready.

On 3/30/2013 03:00, Player said

Im ready to win.

On 3/30/2013 12:27, big-d said

I really enjoy playing the second chance games. Thank-You very much. Dallas C. Eccles,Jr.

On 3/30/2013 12:21, Player said

Thanks bubba

On 3/30/2013 12:11, GARRY said


On 3/30/2013 11:58, idagal43 said


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