Second ‘Bonus Bucks’ drawing $50,000 winner claims prize

8:44 PM


The $50,000 winner from the Jan. 16 Carolina Cash 5 Bonus Bucks drawing is Paul Tilley from Lexington.

He received his winning Bonus Bucks entry at the Quik Check on Old U.S. 52 in Welcome.

A total of five cash prizes are awarded in each Bonus Bucks drawing, including a top prize of $50,000, a $5,000 prize and three $1,000 prizes.

We’re still waiting to hear from the four remaining winners, including a $5,000 winning entry (#200102558) that was issued at the Food Lion on Randleman Road in Greensboro.

The three $1,000 winning entries are:
•    Entry #200743095 – Issued at the Food Lion on Hunterhill Road in Rocky Mount.
•    Entry #200736183 – Issueed at the Wilco on Yadkin Road in Fayetteville.
•    Entry #200200607 – Issued at the Kangaroo on Leonardo Drive in Durham.

Bonus Bucks entry slips issued after Jan. 9 are valid for the next drawing. Here is the schedule for the next drawing:

Draw #3 - Entry Deadline: March 13, 2013 Drawing Date: March 20, 2013

For a chance to win in the next drawing, make sure to get one or more entry slips between now and the entry deadline. It’s easy to enter, check out more info in our previous blog about Bonus Bucks.


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On 2/10/2013 01:46, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (T) - It's all a matter of random luck. You can copy & paste this link into your web browser to see info about lucky winners/tickets in Raleigh and Wake County:

On 2/09/2013 12:59, Player said

i just feel the same lil towns always wins, raleigh never have big winners.Do u pick the winners or the computer?

On 1/29/2013 02:13, Lucke-Zone said

@ HARLEY69 - If you take a look at our responses to other players who have made similar comments, you'll find that every entry made in a Lucke Rewards drawing has the same exact chance of winning. It's a matter of luck.

On 1/29/2013 10:05, harley69 said

I noticed all the second chance drawings are winners in the same area all the time. It looks like to me it's rigged.

On 1/28/2013 07:26, gorams15 said

It will do you no good to complain here, you will get the same results everytime. Every one has the same chance, you might as well give up on that one. My email only gives me the winning numbers not winnings from drawings. The lottery wins some either way it goes. This lottery can be pretty frustating, and makes you upset when you spend and don't win, but everyone is not a winner, its the odds we have to remember. I live where theirs not alot of big winners, I am close to some of the winning citites around me, Lexington, Greensboro and Winston Salem. My city is very dry.

On 1/27/2013 07:54, Lucke-Zone said

@ AP - Everyone's entries in a Bonus Bucks drawing have the same chance of being drawn at random.. the random drawing does not care what city a winning entry slip was issued in, or where the player lives. The drawings are fair to everyone, whether someone else from their city won a prize before or not. As for unclaimed prizes, its #1 the responsibility of players to keep their entry slips, and #2 when prizes go unclaimed, half the money goes back into the prize pool for future games and the other half benefits education programs.

On 1/27/2013 07:48, Lucke-Zone said

@ SANDON - The date of the Holiday Millions second chance drawing for $3 million has not been determined/announced. We'll let you know here in the Lucke-Zone as soon as there's more info

On 1/27/2013 07:35, Lucke-Zone said

@ CATBEACHGIRL - Once a Cash 5 Bonus Bucks drawing is held, and you check your entry slips to see if they match any of the winning numbers drawn, you dont need to keep the slips anymore. New entry slips, for the next drawing, should be kept until that drawing is held and you check your slips again. As for winners.. keep in mind that a majority of North Carolina lottery players live in the central part of the state and Charlotte. Players in those places have the same chance of winning as you do or anybody else does, there's just more of them. There's no geographic advantage or disadvantage to playing/winning a lottery prize.

On 1/27/2013 03:57, catbeachgirl said

LUCKE-ZONE: just how long are players supposed to keep their extra Cash 5 ticket? I've kept all of mine since the extra drawing started. and sorry, the majority of winners ARE in/around northern, central, western part of the state. very few in/around southeastern area.....

On 1/26/2013 11:59, ap said

Problem i have with the drawings is I know everybody in the state enters but how on 8 out of 10 drawings same cites wins thats not being fair. Also on the cash 5 whats up with picking number and people not claiming some so after 180 is NCSEL going to select another number for those because it the NCSEL keeps the money thats not right!

On 1/26/2013 02:30, DBOYS2014 said

when is the 2nd chance 3 mill drawing gonna take place

On 1/25/2013 07:44, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (MT) - If you take a look at comments from other players in other blog entries, you'll see that we respond to variations on your question all the time.. from players in the east, west, central, north, and south. The fact is everyone's got the same chance to win - it takes a lot of luck no matter where you live or play.

On 1/25/2013 07:42, Lucke-Zone said

@ RUBE50 - To answer both of your questions: First - the Holiday Millions drawing hasn't been scheduled yet. Stay tuned to the Lucke Zone for more info. Second - Take a look at our other blog entries and our responses to comments about winner notification in Lucke Rewards drawings, and what other players have to say about their perceptions of who wins the lottery. No region has an advantage, everyone has the same chance of winning no matter where they live or play. We wish everyone the best of luck

On 1/25/2013 07:35, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1ROCK2KING - VERY lucky! Even very unlikely things are always possible, that's part of what makes the lottery the lottery. Best of luck!

On 1/25/2013 07:34, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER (NB) - What do you mean?

On 1/25/2013 07:33, Lucke-Zone said

@ WILDSTAR - Everyone who has at least one entry in a Lucke Rewards drawing has the chance to win a prize. Past drawing results have no effect on the outcome of another drawing. For more info, take a look at our blog entry about this topic.

On 1/25/2013 07:00, Player said

According to the rules not right.can you clarify.

On 1/25/2013 05:56, 1rock2king said

SORRY, just seen the post on the two winners! how lucky can you get to win twice! I can't even win big at all!

On 1/25/2013 05:53, 1rock2king said

FIVE FOR $500 DRAWINGS WINNERS (01/16/13) $500 Tommy Wilkins :: Rural Hall, NC Jonathon Burns :: Lexington, NC Mitchell Rivenbark :: Charlotte, NC Claire Hinspeter :: Garner, NC Starr Hill :: Lexington, NC FIVE FOR $500 DRAWINGS WINNERS (01/09/13) $500 Daniel Johnson :: Lexington, NC Starr Hill :: Lexington, NC Zach Shean :: Angier, NC Claire Hinspeter :: Garner, NC Iesha McDougal :: Cameron, NC..... I think what WILDSTAR means is there was two winner on the 500 drawings winners. Claire and Starr..on two different dates.

On 1/25/2013 02:37, rube50 said

also i thought a holiday drawing would take place somewhere;;;;;; around the holidays. what up with that.

On 1/25/2013 02:34, rube50 said

all winners from east, something up. it seems strange that were so many winners from same area. it doesn,t always take a cat to smell a rat. it just seems all delay winners being announced then all from same place.

On 1/25/2013 02:17, Ilovefood said

I've been playing, haven't won nothing.

On 1/25/2013 02:16, Player said

sure hope i win...........

On 1/25/2013 01:57, Player said

why is it that most of the big winners are from the eastern part of our state?

On 1/25/2013 10:45, wildstar said

i have a complaint the 500 luckyrewards prograham someone won back to back starr from lextington won twice thaT`S NOT FARE

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