Big Cash 5 jackpots this week, 'Bonus Bucks' starts Sunday

5:25 PM


Dale Strickland of Ocean Isle Beach is the winner of a $661,409 Cash 5 jackpot – the largest Cash 5 jackpot awarded to a single winner this year. Strickland, who has worked for 35 years as a wood yard technician, beat odds of 1 in 575,757 to win the jackpot on Saturday, Sept. 1. He kept his good luck a secret until Tuesday evening when he mentioned another recent lottery win in the area to his wife, Beth, who is a retired teacher.

A couple from Southport won $100,000,” he said to her. “Tell me ten things you would do with $100,000.” The first few items on her list, such as new beach chairs, sounded conservative to Dale. So he asked her to walk to the ocean with him to talk more. As they sat on the beach, Beth suspected what her husband was up to. “You won $100,000 didn’t you?” she asked him. Dale then showed her a picture of his winning ticket on his smartphone. The estimated jackpot for the drawing was printed on the ticket.

A Cash 5 ticket for the Thursday, Sept. 6 drawing is worth $226,039 but has yet to be claimed. It was sold at the Quick Shop Gas Stop on High Point Road in Greensboro. The winning numbers in the drawing were 9-20-35-36-37.

Between now and next summer, the lottery will hold five Cash 5 Bonus Bucks drawings. For each drawing, five prizes will be awarded: One $50,000 grand prize, one $5,000 prize, and three $1,000 prizes. The promotion starts on Sunday and it’s easy to be eligible to win. Click here for all the details.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. See you next time here in the Lucke-Zone.


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On 9/13/2012 12:02, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLATINUMROLLERS - Bonus Bucks entry slips are valid for the next drawing only. In order to enter another Bonus Bucks drawing, you'll need a new entry slip.

On 9/12/2012 07:57, PlatinumRollers said

After the first drawing in the Cash5 Bonus game are the entries good for the remaining drawings, or does it lock out those tickets and you have to start over?

On 9/11/2012 09:58, 1rock2king said

congrats to you,Mr and Mrs Strictland, hope my turn will come up soon. would love to be debt free and to travel some, before I die! lottery people say's it a game of luck, for entertainment. All I know is If I should win, It will be a big monetary gain for me.

On 9/10/2012 09:02, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER - Just keep in mind, whether a popular number or a less popular number combination is drawn at random, the lottery conducts the drawings the same way each and every time to make sure everyone has the same chance of winning :-)

On 9/10/2012 09:01, Lucke-Zone said

@ AFRT04 - Our last few raffles were not as popular as we would have liked. We know that some players would like to see another one, but there is not one on the calendar right now. Thanks for commenting and hopefully we have some other games you like in the meantime

On 9/10/2012 09:00, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1ROCK2KING - Sounds great!

On 9/10/2012 08:59, Lucke-Zone said

@ BETTYBOOP - Awesome! Best of luck

On 9/10/2012 08:58, Lucke-Zone said

@ VIVAIN - We're always rooting for North Carolina to win the jackpot! It's happened five times before. Good luck!

On 9/10/2012 08:58, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER - Yes, yes, yes. In order to get a Bonus Bucks entry slip, you must make a $5 Cash 5 purchase in one of the two following ways: Select five sets of numbers for one drawing on a single ticket purchase OR choose one set of numbers for five drawings on a single ticket purchase

On 9/10/2012 08:55, Lucke-Zone said

@ JOEONLINEAGAIN - Hey, congrats on your prize!

On 9/10/2012 08:54, Lucke-Zone said

@ HARLEY - That's totally up to you! :-)

On 9/10/2012 04:09, player said

such a nice website.

On 9/09/2012 09:59, caden said

That is awsome! Love it! Hope i can win some of that money.

On 9/09/2012 08:45, Player said

i would ot say that the nc lottery is the best aound. u i will say that it is very hard to i the lottey i have bn playing thelottery since it beganin 2006 i beleive an have not won more than a hundred dllar n scratch off ticket.and yes play all games weekly. i wish that i could win a coupleof hundred thousnd dollars. i need it s bad. i lost my job due to a couple of health probems last year. i have no healt insuance n i am homeless, im still going to remai hopeful that some day i will win big. here in nc.

On 9/09/2012 05:45, harley69 said

Do I let the computer pick the numbers, or can I pick my own numbers ?

On 9/09/2012 04:15, joeonlineagain said

Hey.. I just won $331.00 in Sat. Sep.8 2012 CASH5 !!

On 9/09/2012 03:54, Player said

love playing cash 5 butdo you have,to play 5 onone play slip for bonus bucks.

On 9/09/2012 03:02, Vivain said

I love this new bonus game! However, did you see the Mega Powerball and Powerball go up, it would be nice for NC to win all that money. Goldsboro is ready to get it.

On 9/09/2012 11:48, bettyboop1 said

I went this morning and bought my 5 numbers, goodluck to me. I have my entry numbers. This will be a great game. Thanks'

On 9/09/2012 06:55, 1rock2king said

cash5 bonus bucks drawings, now I buy 5 dollars worth of cash5 everyday. So that means I will get an entry slip for every 5 dollar purchase I buy for everyday? If that is the case, then I will have a bunch of entry slips that is eligible to play between now and the first drawing.

On 9/08/2012 06:48, AFRT04 said

I've asked before, but it's worth asking again. The best odds for winning a big jackpot is with the RAFFLE...any plans to bring it back? Some states have $10 raffles that might be more popular here. Would LOVE it if you brought it back! At least to reward those of us that are loyal players!!

On 9/08/2012 06:01, Player said

north carolina does the right things in bring out good number

On 9/07/2012 11:42, gjthedj said

Love it! Very nice bonus. N.C. lottery is the best around.

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