New Bejeweled® scratch-off game has $50,000 top prize

6:00 AM


The new Bejeweled® Money Multiplier game gives lottery players and fans of the popular puzzle game the chance to win one of four $50,000 top prizes. Starting Tuesday, Sept. 18, tickets for the game are available for $3 each at lottery retailers across the state.

Players of the online series of Bejeweled games will recognize the colorful gem stone design of the ticket. A player has ten chances to scratch the gem stones to reveal three of the same symbol on one line and win the prize shown. The game begins with more than $6 million in total prizes and 1 in 3.85 overall odds of winning.

The Bonus Box on a Bejeweled Money Multiplier ticket reveals an online code that can be entered at This gives everyone who plays the instant scratch-off game the opportunity to experience the lottery’s Bejeweled play-for-fun game online. (As you probably know, under North Carolina law, a person must be 18 years or older to buy lottery tickets.)

A special Facebook promotion for the game gives Bejeweled fans even more chances to win. By “liking” the lottery on Facebook, you can enter for a chance to win premium game download packages valued at $399 each. Individuals 18 years or older must be logged into Facebook in order to view the lottery’s fan page and participate in the promotion.

Each week for eight weeks, the lottery will conduct a random drawing where five lucky winners will win 20 PopCap© downloadable games. When you enter, you will automatically be included in all of the remaining drawings. Results of the drawings will be posted online and winners will be contacted by email. Those winners will receive 20 codes from that are redeemable for their choice of PopCap© downloadable games.

We wish all our players the best of luck playing Bejeweled Money Multiplier. If you’re reading this blog but haven’t joined the Lucke-Zone yet, register today to become part of the N.C. Education Lottery’s official players’ club.


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On 9/26/2012 05:02, Deep1 said

Give me cash and I will buy my own house and vehicle.

On 9/26/2012 11:21, Lucke-Zone said

@ PUNGOCREEKER - We have winners from all parts of the state every week. You can read some recent winner stories by copying & pasting this link:

On 9/25/2012 04:38, PungoCreeker said

I see very little winners of scratch offs in down eastern NC, mostly western NC where the tickets are printed.

On 9/24/2012 09:36, Lucke-Zone said

@ KIMBERLY - Also, keep in mind that with Bejeweled you could win $399 in game downloads just by "liking" us on Facebook and entering the promotion for a chance to win. Good luck!

On 9/24/2012 09:35, Lucke-Zone said

@ KIMBERLY - We've offered material prizes on different tickets before, ranging from trips to play Wheel of Fortune in Hollywood, to winning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Most of the feedback we get from players is that they would like to win cash. But we we appreciate your suggestion and you can be sure we'll offer more non-cash prizes in the future :-)

On 9/23/2012 02:40, kimberley said

My husband asked me why I don't play the lottery. I told him it was because he plays the lottery, so I don't have to. But I told him if the lottery awarded something other than money, I would play. Instead of just money, would it be possible for the North Carolina Education Lottery to have real prizes on scratch-off tickets? By "real" I mean something like: a new house, free dental or medical, a vehicle, furniture, family vacation... It would be nice to have prizes other than money awarded for scratch off prizes, too.

On 9/20/2012 02:50, mowalljr said

Moments before reading your response, I got 2 texts, one day and one evening for the 19th. 2:42 and 2:44 PM. Thanks I will do that.

On 9/20/2012 02:16, Lucke-Zone said

@ LILPATRICIA - If you're talking about the BONUS CODE on your ticket, please see our response to TWGMOM above.

On 9/20/2012 02:15, Lucke-Zone said

@ TWGMOM - The promotion on Facebook is completely separate from the BONUS CODE on your ticket. Visit our main website, click on INSTANT GAMES, and select BEJEWELED for a link to where you enter the code.

On 9/20/2012 02:14, Lucke-Zone said

@ MOWALLJR - Please send a message through the "SUPPORT" area of the Lucke-Zone:

On 9/20/2012 02:12, Lucke-Zone said

@ AUBREY - Often, $3 games are "extended play" style games, so some folks enjoy them. But we offer a whole range of games to choose from so that players like you have options.

On 9/20/2012 11:22, aubrey said

i don't really buy and play any the $3 s.o. tickets never like the odds. cash cow for lottery but not so good for us player!!!

On 9/20/2012 08:08, mowalljr said

By the way,,, what's up with the custom notifications?? I used to get texts for both draws and the first part of the month they were really quick after the draw. Now since the 11th I only get them sporadically. One or none! I rec'vd 9/18 E, 9/16 D, 9/15 D, 9/13 & 14 both. On 9/13 I received the draws in this order,,,9/11 E, 9/12 E, 9/11 D, 9/12 D, 9/13 D and E. Only got one 9/15, 16 and 18.. Did not get 17 1nd 19 at all. I've checked all my info at least 3 times and it is correct, obviously, or I would get nothing. Is there a known problem???

On 9/19/2012 10:27, twgmom said

did like on facebook but dont understand how to put the bonus in and play???????????????

On 9/19/2012 04:57, lilpatricia said

Where do I enter the tickets at

On 9/19/2012 02:46, Lucke-Zone said

@ MOWALLJR - As you pointed out, there are a variety of games for players with different preferences. We're glad that some of the games have features and prizes that you enjoy playing for.

On 9/19/2012 10:44, mowalljr said

Lately these $3 games have a had a scrawny second tier of prizes. This one drops to $500. Used to be the second level was 10K, 5K or 1K. I don't see me buying these when other games have a better chance or offering of a larger prize if one doesn't hit one of the 4 big ones. Simply dressing it up a game or using a popular phone/video game as a draw is not why I play. I play based on the prizes available and not how the game looks.

On 9/18/2012 10:26, Player said

sound like fun,will give it a try!

On 9/18/2012 09:19, Luv said

Good Game

On 9/18/2012 07:25, meema47 said

Good Luck to everyone!!

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