Pair of $1 million wins headline week’s biggest

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This week’s big winner wrap-up comes on Thursday, because our offices and claim centers are closed Friday. It might have been a short week, but there was no shortage of winners!

We’ll start with the winners of $1 million prizes. Durham resident Michael J. Kelly is the first player in the state to claim $1 million playing the new Powerball game. That prize amount is five times more than he would have won in the old game. Perry Greene, a resident of Lawndale in Cleveland County, plans to pay bills with the $1 million prize he scratched off on his Maximum Green ticket.

All three tickets that split the March 29 Cash 5 jackpot showed up at headquarters. Jake Pitchford, a resident of Nashville in Nash County, won two-thirds of it - $467,834 - after the numbers he played on two separate tickets matched all five winning numbers. The remaining $233,917 prize was awarded to Tim Kirby, a supervisor at a cable manufacturer in Alexander County. He told us he plans to pay off his mortgage, fund his children’s education, and purchase a convertible for his wife.

We’re still waiting to meet three of the four quarter million dollar winners from the record-breaking Mega Millions drawing on March 30. But we did get to talk to the winners of one of those $250,000 prizes - Lonnie Johnson and Lonnie Johnson Jr. of Broadway in Harnett County.

More scratch-off tickets led to big wins for lucky North Carolina players. Regina Ritter, a telecommunications coordinator from Robbins in Moore County, plans to use the $200,000 she scratched off on her Extreme Green ticket to help her family and take a vacation. Robert Wallace, a cook from Oak Island in Brunswick County, scratched off a $100,000 prize on the Bankroll Doubler ticket he purchased Friday. This was the second time his family had won a big lottery prize. His wife claimed a Powerball ticket worth $200,000 in 2011.

Instant prizes of $10,000 went to players from Wake Forest and Kinston on $200 Million Extravaganza and Carolina Gold tickets, respectively. A Fayetteville resident won $27,000 playing Electric 7’s. The first top prize in the $30,000 Taxes Paid game went to a player from Elizabeth City. A pair of players scratched-off $50,000 prizes this week: A Roanoke Rapids resident on a Loteria ticket, and a Lexington player on a Maximum Green ticket. A Silver 7’s ticket means $70,000 in prize money for a player from Robersonville.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend. See you next time here in the Lucke-Zone.


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On 4/11/2012 09:36, Lucke-Zone said

@ JIM243 - As you know, the odds of any set of numbers matching the winning numbers in a Cash 5 drawing are one in 575,757. We do not censor comments from players here in the Lucke-Zone, even when the lottery is accused of some kind of conspiracy like the one you're describing.

On 4/11/2012 09:34, Lucke-Zone said

@ JIM243 - When the gentleman came to headquarters to claim his prizes, he explained that he had written down several different sets of numbers on a piece of paper, and was copying them onto separate playslips. He accidentally copied the same set of numbers on to more than one playslip - that "accident" turned out to be the reason he had two tickets that won a share of the jackpot. Our security folks examined the whole thing to make sure it was legit.

On 4/10/2012 09:23, Jim243 said

Lucke-zone.....please tell me what the exact odds of one person in NC, out of all the other people that buys cash 5 tickets, picking out 5 numbers, and buying the same ticket with the same numbers twice are????? I would say the odds would be out of 100, 99.99999% impossible. I am so sorry I read this thread, because I will never buy another Cash 5, Pick3 or Pick4 ticket in the state of N.C. And I would greatly appreciate you posting this comment, so others will also stop wasting there money, time, and efforts in hoping to win. Please answer the question, I would love to know the odds of this happening, you know how many tickets were sold, so it should be no problem answering my question.

On 4/10/2012 08:48, Jim243 said

The Lucky Guy who won on two separate cash 5 tickets??? sounds a little to lucky.....

On 4/10/2012 06:46, Lucke-Zone said

@ PLAYER - The $1 million winner was announced:

On 4/10/2012 12:03, Player said

Where are the results for the Carolina Gold 2nd chance winners

On 4/09/2012 05:55, dnccoins said

Don't quit playing the game because people who quit no chance of winning.

On 4/08/2012 08:57, Lucke-Zone said

@ 1ROCK2KING - The winner who won on two separate Cash 5 tickets did choose his own numbers. Lucky guy!

On 4/08/2012 01:12, Nancy said

Congratulations to all

On 4/08/2012 01:10, Player said

Haven't won yet, but keep trying.

On 4/08/2012 07:40, ncrose49 said

Just waiting for my turn to win.

On 4/07/2012 11:34, stacy said

Congrats to all winners, wish I was one. Thats ok my time will come.

On 4/07/2012 08:15, Player said

whats the best scratch offs to play?

On 4/06/2012 09:14, Player said

i wish i had won something,maybe next time. congrats everyone!!!!

On 4/06/2012 10:56, Pfcjlapj3 said

I,m new to this i wont know what to say.

On 4/05/2012 11:40, 1rock2king said

winners here,winners there,sure wish it was my turn to win.did the man who won cash5 twice,was it his own numbers he picked?congrats to all of them. hope it will be my turn soon.

On 4/05/2012 05:23, Player said

I have played the Loteria every week for a long time.I pray twice each day and ask God to please let me be one of the grand prize winners.I need the money so much.I will continue to pray and I know God will answer my prayers.

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